More on method - The Technical and Economic Processes Leading to an Equilibrium Between Supply and Demand on Electric Grids

<p>Although electric vehicles run on the same roads as thermal vehicles, they require some specific infrastructures. We will discuss here the technical and economic dimensions of these infrastructures in France, in Europe and worldwide. This analysis will lead us to take an interest in the various business models of the electric vehicle.</p><p>The course will be completed by a video <em>More on method</em> explaining the balance of supply and demand on electricity networks.</p><p>This chapter also includes two <em>Do you know that?</em>, one on the charging stations, the other on electricity storage, as well as interviews of experts from Groupe Renault to complete our knowledge of infrastructure.</p><p>As with all chapters, you will have the opportunity in the next session to test your understanding of the material through a quiz. This evaluation concerns only the videos <em>Lecture</em> and is required to obtain the certificate.</p>

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