Video 1 - Xavier and Logan in: Long-term customers relationship

Welcome to Customer Centered Selling module.In this module, the focus is on the concepts that contribute to the connection between sales and strategy. One of the top issues in sales planning is the integration to the strategic guidelines of the company. And this module brings a methodological approach of practical methods that contribute to the planning process.How do we do it? By discussing prescriptions and recommendations that apply to methods, tools, and techniques that typically are involved when analyzing strategy. The discussions on the topics related to the strategy go through the lessons of this module, with a sales perspective on sight, which contributes to building the awareness on how to apply the methods to converge sales analyses to strategy analyses. And this academic development is the core focus that supports the integrative approach to sales planning and corporate strategy. The methods discussed in this module relate to the intelligence analysis, which is (or should be) applied in strategy analysis and formulation. Applying these methods with a sales standpoint contributes to the establishment of strategic sales guidelines, and these guidelines support the sales planning process.

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