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<p>Welcome to our class! We are glad that you decided to join us.</p><p>In this class, we will consider the following two central biological&nbsp;questions (the computational approaches needed to solve them are shown in parentheses):</p><ol><li>How Do We Locate Disease-Causing Mutations? (<em>Combinatorial Pattern Matching</em>)</li><li>Why Have Biologists Still Not Developed an HIV Vaccine?&nbsp;(<em>Hidden Markov Models</em>)</li></ol><p>As in previous courses, each of these two chapters is accompanied by a Bioinformatics Cartoon created by talented artist Randall Christopher and serving as a chapter header in the Specialization's bestselling <a href="http://bioinformaticsalgorithms.com" target="_blank">print companion</a>. You can find the first chapter's cartoon at the bottom of this message. </p><p><img src="https://stepic.org/media/attachments/lessons/292/chapter7_cropped.jpg" title="Image: https://stepic.org/media/attachments/lessons/292/chapter7_cropped.jpg" width="528"></p>

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