Complex Functions

Complex analysis is the study of functions that live in the complex plane, that is, functions that have complex arguments and complex outputs. The main goal of this module is to familiarize ourselves with such functions. Ultimately we’ll want to study their smoothness properties (that is, we’ll want to differentiate complex functions of complex variables), and we therefore need to understand sequences of complex numbers as well as limits in the complex plane. We’ll use quadratic polynomials as an example in the study of complex functions and take an excursion into the beautiful field of complex dynamics by looking at the iterates of certain quadratic polynomials. This allows us to learn about the basics of the construction of Julia sets of quadratic polynomials. You'll learn everything you need to know to create your own beautiful fractal images, if you so desire. We’ll finish this module by defining and looking at the Mandelbrot set and one of the biggest outstanding conjectures in the field of complex dynamics.

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