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Welcome! You are beginning a very important journey on your path to a meaningful and successful career. This course is designed to help you launch a new career or jump start an existing career. This course, and your team of instructors, will guide you from making that first impression, to networking your way to an interview, through the stages of interview preparation, mastering the interview, and following up with the perfect Thank You note. We will work with you on generating a social media strategy and guide you through evaluating job offers when they are received. We will ask you to work with us as you move through the course, job searching and preparing as you go. We'll ask you to share your experiences and your success stories, as we offer you our best guidance in launching your career. Let's begin with making a first impression! By the end of this module, you will be able to: (1) Identify ways to make a great first impression, (2) Distinguish between best and worst practice when first meeting a new professional contact, (3) Differentiate between promoting yourself and promoting what you believe in, (4) Practice tasteful self-promotion, & (5) Create self promotional opportunities through an Elevator Pitch

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