5. Folk tales of ageing

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It is a common sentiment that we all want to live longer, but we don't want to get older...These seemingly conflicting thoughts reflect some of the ideas Associate Professor Briony Dow and Dr Dominique Martin will cover in Week 5. This week takes a thoughtful approach on the broad societal issues and ethical questions involved in what means to 'age well.' Briony begins the week with perceptions of ageing and how they are changing, especially as we continue to live longer. For example, is 60 the new 40? What do these changes in perception of ageing mean for intergenerational relationships and how we value older people? Dominique includes in her video lectures a series of folk tales from around the world that include strong imagery describing how we treat and value older people. She concludes with a common dilemma for older people in regards to deciding where to live and the ethical issues involved with that decision. The provocative questions raised by Briony and Dominique culminate in an overarching idea they would like you to consider, 'How ought we to live and act in order to age well and sustainably as individuals and together?'

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