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In this course, creative nonfiction writers will explore traditional storytelling methods, especially those which overlap between fiction and memoir. By looking at examples from a wide range of genres, including film, song, painting—even the theme music for Jaws!—we’ll practice exercising the creative muscle that sees ourselves as characters and the experiences we’ve had as tales. We’ll focus on critical elements, like how to begin a story, what makes for worthy content, the essential use of detail, the strengths and limits of dialogue, the power of the white space. The ultimate goal is for us to become aware of an “audience” when we write, so that the documentation of our lives will begin to resemble a “performance” crafted onto paper rather than a private entry in a journal....

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25 janv. 2021

Very interesting and engaging! I learnt a lot about writing about myself, which is actually very difficult. This course provide a great start for someone who are looking for something like this.

7 août 2020

Certain other activities like phrasing and use of vocabulary while writing memoirs can be included in this course. It was a fantastic course

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par Racquel P

14 janv. 2019

While I enjoyed the instructor, lessons and exercises of this course, I was very disappointed in how it was conducted. There was little to no interaction on the forums during the class, so pertinent questions went unanswered and there were many instances where I was simply left to assume or guess in order to continue with the course. The help center was only so helpful, no fault I suppose of their own, but instead how Coursera is set up. Certain vital links were missing, links that were necessary to lessons and assignments but the most frustrating aspect of the experience was that each assignment rested heavily on peer evaluation amongst the class-- and not only did I receive little to no feedback from fellow students, but I was unable to meet the requirement of completing three peer evaluations for each assignment because there were not enough submissions. This is either because there were not enough students enrolled in the course, or because those enrolled did not submit or there was something blocking the communication between us. Whatever the reason why the issue occurred, it did have a large impact on the enjoyment of the class and what I took away from it. I would like to continue with Coursera and am reaching out to you with the hopes that something can be done to remedy this unfortunate and, I'm hoping, rare instance of the Coursera experience. Thanks so much for any consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Racquel Postiglione

par silvia s

23 avr. 2020

Mr Sayrafiezadeh is missing in action, I will probably not receive my Certificate within the four weeks of the course, despite I submitted my assignments in two and did my peer-reviews in three!

I would like to have your help and avoid I pay for a second month of tuition.

Mr Sayrafiezadeh has never taken part to any discussion, never moderated nor replied to any of the forum requests/questions (I encourage you to scroll down the comments on the forum in the last five/six months. Not once, Mr Sayrafiezadeh has replied to anyone reaching out for him), links or documents he mentions in his videos are in facts not attached to the materials provided for the course. No email/contact other than his personal website is available on the course.

Moderating the Forum is crucial to keep people engaged and have the course at pace. Even more, when the final grade depends upon the peer-reviews. I am dissatisfied.

par Rosslyn D

23 juin 2020

The course instructor is fine and provides good exercises to improve writing however, two of the sessions relied on a pdf that was missing so those 2 sessions were more or less worthless. Despite the poor quality, I was motivated to write and I learned something so all is not lost, hence the two stars. However, for a paid course, I expect better. It should also be made clear that the only reviews a learner will receive are peer reviews - there is absolutely no tutor/learner interaction. There is also a major issue with having to complete 3 peer reviews when the learner is told repeatedly that there are no reviews available! Very frustrating. Finally, although I enjoyed this course and learned something, Coursera needs to be aware that there are many other excellent sources of online learning and if they want to maintain their reputation (or improve it!) they need to up their game and improve the content quality and accuracy. I did complain about the transcript errors and was told someone would reply to me in 24 hours. That was a month ago so I'm not optimistic that anyone even read the complaint let alone dealt with it. Contact with Coursera is extremely difficult, a deliberate strategy no doubt.

par Dave S

1 mai 2020

Great course! I loved the idea of approaching story-telling as filmmaking. The background of the teacher distilled into the lessons, and I felt I learned a lot of stuff from a refreshing point of view. The only downside was all the interviews with Amy Bloom, whom I find tedious. Other than that, excellent course!

par Kat

10 déc. 2018

Interesting way to look at memoire writing and I enjoyed the interviews. But there was something that I was missing. Can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe the psychological angle.

par John E P

13 nov. 2019

This was a most useful course. I particularly liked "What can we learn from Fiction?", "The most important person...", I want to know what happens next", Judging a Story by its Opening Line and second line", "The Joys and Pitfalls of Dialogue" and what we lose when we only speak aloud". Of course Amy Bloom has very helpful suggestions also.

I expect to be reading these pearls of wisdom quite often. I joined this Specialization to help me with my first book which is a memoir that I hope will help others. This Specialization has really helped me.

par Simone D

2 déc. 2020

I have successfully completed 16 writing assignments over the past four months. I have had to stretch my mind, my memories, my skills beyond what I thought possible at the age of 80! The professors were able to inspire my imagination in ways that no other writing course has ever done. Bravo and thank you.

par R F

23 déc. 2018

Instructor was great! His approach, based on his background in acting, was very helpful. The way he used examples from students and other writers was really useful in making his points. My mind usually wanders during online courses, but didn't here.

par Liliane M

20 juil. 2019

Again the instructor Said Sayrafiezadeh, did a great job. I enjoyed the course tremendously.

Coursera again, gets no stars, as they are not living up to their end of the bargain. Happy to take the money, but not to provide the neccessary framework.


6 nov. 2019

Said Sayrafiezadeh speaks about writing to 'sell' the book to the casual visitor at the bookstore. My acid test for a great book is indeed the opening line of the book. It is good to learn that this is a skill that authors must master.

par Janet W

28 janv. 2019

I really enjoy taking the course that Coursera offers. This is the second creative writing course that I have taken with them. The instructors are great. I'm sure to walk away with valuable tools that I can use in the future.

par Punnawit T

26 janv. 2021

Very interesting and engaging! I learnt a lot about writing about myself, which is actually very difficult. This course provide a great start for someone who are looking for something like this.

par Samartha p

7 août 2020

Certain other activities like phrasing and use of vocabulary while writing memoirs can be included in this course. It was a fantastic course

par Regina O L

21 janv. 2019

This class series was clearly presented and I learned a great deal that I will take with me and continue to used to improve my writing.

par Ann R

22 juin 2020

Wonderful Assignments

Creative and enriching. I now think I can learn how to write. Before the class I felt I would never be a writer.

par John P B

26 nov. 2020

Muy dinámico y entretenido para poder desarrollar nuestras capacidades como escritor.

par Mark G W

18 févr. 2019

Said is an incredible teacher. He speaks with such insight and passion. Inspiring.


18 juin 2019

It is a good course. I learnt many simple yet valuable lessons on writing.

par Orjuwan M A J A

16 août 2020

Thank you for professor Saiid for such a wonderful course

par Mare

15 juin 2020

Got some good insights about the subject

par Maurice C

8 sept. 2019

Excellent Class!!!

par Stefanie L

6 oct. 2019

Great instructor!

par Sharra F

30 janv. 2021

great course

par Pamela J

21 oct. 2020

Great Course

par Victoria R

15 oct. 2020

Once again I have to take away a star not for course content, which was great as it has been throughout this specialization, but for course mechanics. The peer-review process tends to be ineffective at best. While some reviewers really but thought into it and offer genuinely constructive critiques, too many just type random characters into the rubric just so the computer will mark them as having done the required reviews. The algorithms assigning things to be reviewed are equally flawed. Unfortunately these flaws detract from the quality of the course experience, even tho the instructors, content, and some reviewers are excellent.