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People analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work. For the first time in history, business leaders can make decisions about their people based on deep analysis of data rather than the traditional methods of personal relationships, decision making based on experience, and risk avoidance. In this brand new course, three of Wharton’s top professors, all pioneers in the field of people analytics, will explore the state-of-the-art techniques used to recruit and retain great people, and demonstrate how these techniques are used at cutting-edge companies. They’ll explain how data and sophisticated analysis is brought to bear on people-related issues, such as recruiting, performance evaluation, leadership, hiring and promotion, job design, compensation, and collaboration. This course is an introduction to the theory of people analytics, and is not intended to prepare learners to perform complex talent management data analysis. By the end of this course, you’ll understand how and when hard data is used to make soft-skill decisions about hiring and talent development, so that you can position yourself as a strategic partner in your company’s talent management decisions. This course is intended to introduced you to Organizations flourish when the people who work in them flourish. Analytics can help make both happen. This course in People Analytics is designed to help you flourish in your career, too....

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13 juil. 2021

Thank you respected instructors & the instituiton for creating such a knowlegeable course. I hope to use the knowlegde gained to the utopian ideas you shared:)

Best Regards,

Ankur Jain, India


21 déc. 2018

Thank you so much for this very helpful module! I hope you continue to inspire HR professionals around the world to use HR Analytics as an important means to drive organizational-related decisions.

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par Jigisha T

13 déc. 2018

Too theoretical. I did not find data or analytics in the sessions at all. I was expecting use of people data and carrying out analytics on the same. Examples taken by the trainers were also irrelevant for business analytics.

par Sheryar P

28 mars 2016

The Capstone project has been getting delayed since Jan

Dont expect yourself to complete the specialization

par Amanpreet K

25 juin 2020

The course site not working

par Vibhooti C

7 mars 2018

Not good content.


10 mai 2018

Very informative. However, optimizing outcomes for every one in an organization does not necessarily work everywhere. For example, in Government companies, where ownership is intangible and the management has a free hand to conduct the affairs in return for a trade off with corrupt Government officials. Not only do they get a free hand to get away without maximizing stakeholders' value, they also retain powers to chalk out a succession plan, which will help perpetuate the system. If you do a study, you will find that that the lower and mid levels of management are better educated and more talented than the top rung, because this system is crucial to maintaining the organizational mediocrity, which helps a few influential people. Algorithms may be the answer here, with supervisors having to explain in detail, why particular machine recommendations had to be overruled

par Cristina S

10 avr. 2022

Great course! It helped me to refresh and reflect on part of my Human Resources experiences and knowledge, in many situations I feel that we (the organizations I have worked for) combine the intuitive with hard data in the decision-making process, and I share the opinion that both complemented I would like to continue the journey to learn more about how to develop robust models with a very practical approach. There is no doubt about the great Organizational Challenges that we have to face, but the benefits that we can get are worth it. The Collaboration Networks seem to me to be very useful however at the same time there is a high difficulty to get accurate data, especially in large organizations. Thank you very much for sharing all your enthusiasm, experiment, and experience in this field

par Ezzat

21 nov. 2016

It was an extraordinary privilege to take this course. I liked the professors so much. Each of whom has his own rhythm of delivering information. I am very thankful for their effort and their valuable contributions that they have made for their audience. I just want them to grant more chances for seekers like myself to get the certificate for free wherein, I am not able to pay the expenses of it. I am from Egypt and when I tried to collect money to pay, the Egyptian pound has devalued against the dollar so, it's really expensive to pay. I will very grateful if you released for me the certificate as per my financial position that is broken totally, but otherwise the overall course was great I will rate it as 5 and will share the content with whom are concerned. Thanks

par Noureddine Y

6 juin 2021

It is an excellent course for people who want to get insights in People Analytics and into the key questions relating to it as well as its present state and its future potential. The course is well structured and the teachers combine competency with a good sense of creating an agreable ambiente. Potential for improvement: Please don't assume that all students are english native speakers. 1. One teacher speaks definitely too fast. I would have the same difficulty in my mother language if somebody would speak that fast about a topic that is supposed to be new to me. 2. The quiz questions are formulated in a way that very often let you think a long time about their meaning. They could be a little more explicite (for instance, many questions contain two negations).

par Deborah L

10 juin 2017

Very interesting courses when we are reaching a certain management level and have our own teams, without being in the HR field.

It helps also seeing how to improve the organization, get it more structured for better efficiency, effectiveness, motivation of teams and overall company performances.

The 3 Professors have a different approach and personality, and I really enjoyed all videos and courses for the dynamism, the content neither too light nor too heavy, and the very well structured academic directions.

A Course well worth taking as it teaches a lot on both technical skills and how to become a better manager for an ever-adjusting improved organization.

par Celeste D W

15 mars 2017

I do love this course since now. It make me well prepared for my career. Several months ago when I picked up this course, I never imagined that today I would do something related to talent management staffs. When applying the course content into practice, I think it gives me great advice and suggestions on how to provide a great IT system to the corporate HRs, managers, team leaders and employees themselves to do better people management. Do recommend this course to those people who want to take a closer look into Human Resource Management and how can data analytics assist talent management in various ways.

par Siti A F

25 févr. 2019

A great introductory lesson on people analytics. Short but quite detailed. I was awed several times by this lesson when I linked the knowledge with my personal case (I hopped between jobs in my younger years and now I want to settle for long lasting job having found field that I enjoy the most, and now I know it's not a "millenial trend"). One thing as a suggestion: the last two videos (ones that are group of the lecturers) need better audio quality. The individual lectures were fine. Thank you UPenn, thank you Coursera for giving me the opportunity to learn from experts in the field.

par Shiuh H N 旭

8 févr. 2021

Enlightening course that breakdowns performance management into various parts. The course highlight the need to take into account situational difficulty, working under different team/leader and others to give performance review a balance favour. I love the parts the course dissect into one of US major games, how commonly held beliefs do not stand up to simple scrutiny of statistics, how teams even winning teams do not consistently draft the right players. In short, even in highly scrutinized games, skills are not consistently identified. Highly recommended.

par Anwesha

7 août 2020

It was a very interesting course. it was an outstanding course with really stimulating and insightful lectures on how people analytics matters, especially in the age of everything taking place virtually . With roles of technology and the major importance was focused on the role in which people work, connect, and interact, as well as how businesses operates, it makes sense to revisit our perceptions and reassess their validity. It would be really nice if i could get the hardcopy of this course

par Maja S

10 mai 2021

It is a very detail and an eye opening course in relation to performance evaluation, staffing, talent analysis and data. It is a conceptual approach. There is no references as to what technical tools can be used nor to the statistical models. The student is advised to take up these courses separately, what is from one side understandable/as if these were to be included, this course would be much longer. I was at first a bit disappointed, as I was looking more for the holistic approach.

par Verónica T

24 avr. 2020

If you have no clue of People Analytics and want to have a solid start point, I really recomend this course. It will introduce you to imporant stadistics and behaviors that will be needed in your career ir you want to focus on People Analytics. You shouldn't be expecting deeper and to-do-the-analysis information. If you have already a basic background of analytics and people analytics, I'm not sure this is the best course for you, but if you are in blank it will be great to start.

par Vic

12 juil. 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. If you're interested in People Analytics this course is great. The course does not focus on the statistical component, and I'll admit that was what I was looking for. However, the research and models shared is way more insightful then learning how to crunch the numbers. This course is great no matter if you're experienced with using data (as it provides contextual application) or if you're brand new. Many thanks, Massey, Haas, Bidwell!

par Rajesh W

2 mai 2017

People Analytics is still getting evolved. Three professors have done a great job in giving an appropriate introduction and lot of stimulation for anyone who wishes to develop more and more knowledge as well as skills in this particular area. The job has to be lead by an I/O psychologists or an HR practitioner and not by a statistician. Therefore, sooner the HR domain experts gain more and more confidence about the analytics better would it be for the HR profession.

par Vasty N S

10 juil. 2022

This course has allowed me to brush up on many notions that I had forgotten after taking my Statistics courses in college. It has also given me a satisfactory introduction to People Analytics and the conundrum faced by firms, in general, when hiring employees but also the steps that could be taken in order for firms to retain their workforce. It has also taught me how "chance" is a factor that is greatly underestimated both in people analytics and in life as well.

par Anuj K

24 sept. 2019

It's the 1st time I've completed a course! I really enjoyed the course and I learned a lot about the fundamental concepts of People Analytics. I would like to take this new learning and introduce it in my own organization. It will be an interesting challenge to implement it in our unique setup.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the faculty for extending their wisdom and insights to the larger population through this online course.

par Luis C

11 nov. 2019

The profesors are really good at the people analytics field, having a lot of experience and examples of big companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. All the information they gave makes you uderstand how this branch of science can be used in all types of companies, from sport teams to law firms and how they can improve the productivity of the employees.

I recomment this course for all begginers that want to get in this field.

par Shelley D

20 déc. 2016

An outstanding course with really stimulating and insightful lectures on how people analytics matters, especially in the age of everything going digital and perceptional. With roles of technology platying a larger role in the way people work, connect, and interact, as well as how businesses operate, it makes sense to revisit our perceptions and reassess their validity. Development matters over selection and assessment!

par Chris Z

30 mai 2020

By far my most favorite course in this specialization! This course really gave me the sense that everything taught thus far in the program is all leading toward my objectives of taking this specialization. I found the lessons to be very relevant and informative. While the material was at a high level, the instructors did a great job of instilling the educational curiosity needed to advance my knowledge in the field.

par Nchedolisa A

19 mai 2018

Gives alot of theoretical insight on the kinds of organizational contexts where people analytics can be applied. Its very forward thinking and I am grateful for that because it gets me thinking about how best to utilize the most valuable assets of any organization; people. I enjoyed all three professors, it was very evident that they were passionate of their own unique niches within people analytics.

par Pulkesh M

11 mai 2018

Excellent course to begin understanding people analytics. Dwells more on correct and appropriate thought process required to perform accurate data analysis beneficial for organisations. Course is structured very systematically. Network analysis and performance evaluation were covered excellently with loads of practical examples. Sports examples were frequently cited which helped improve understanding.


19 avr. 2016

The chapter I love most is Collaboration Networking (Week 3) because it inspired me a lot, like a trigger, gave me a banch of imagination and practices to the applications of Collaboration Networking, such as training, recruitment, and performance rating.

Plus, the other parts helped me to shape the ground of people analysis as well.

If you want to be a people analyst, you can't miss this course!