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This course provides a brief introduction to the fundamentals of finance, emphasizing their application to a wide variety of real-world situations spanning personal finance, corporate decision-making, and financial intermediation. Key concepts and applications include: time value of money, risk-return tradeoff, cost of capital, interest rates, retirement savings, mortgage financing, auto leasing, capital budgeting, asset valuation, discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, net present value, internal rate of return, hurdle rate, payback period....

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21 oct. 2016

The professor is very patient, he spends a lot of time making sense of the equations and the calculation process, which helps me comprehend the concepts and their application really a lot. Thank you!


26 sept. 2021

An excellent course overall. I really enjoyed the learning experience and look forward to more courses from Wharton. Special thanks to professor Michael Roberts for providing great value in 1 course.

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par Harsh B

9 oct. 2021

please tell me how will i get my certificate

par Manuel G

2 janv. 2016

In my opinion is too focus on mathematics.

par Blessings M

2 janv. 2019

Learnt well from a global university ;)

par Trent B

2 sept. 2017

Good refresher. Quizzes need feedback.

par vitika b

2 janv. 2017

it was informative but very difficult

par Shofi S S

2 août 2020

more explanation for exercise

par Calvin C

20 avr. 2021

a bunch of error in the quiz

par Gabriel W D

21 août 2017

Missing one week of content!

par Eshan V

16 oct. 2020

The quiz has wrong answers.

par Ishika M

29 mai 2019

Best for begginers

par 姚翔

24 janv. 2016


par Jaiwant N A

10 mars 2016


par Jaiprince

16 mai 2022


par Julian H

14 août 2020

Not a bad class, but there is room for improvement. I wouldn't say don't take this course, but if you're not doing it as part of the Business Foundation Specialization I'd recommend that, prior to enrolling, you look into other finance classes to be sure you're getting the most for your time and money. These are my thoughts about the course's strengths, weaknesses, and things to know before signing up:

Strengths: Professor Roberts does a great job explaining the basics of finance (time value of money and interest) and offers thoughtful insight into what the tools of corporate finance can (and can not) accomplish.

Weaknesses: The course does not touch on all of the things that are mentioned in the description. The later lectures feel a bit rushed and are difficult to grasp without some background knowledge of accounting and finance terminology. There are few practical examples provided in the lectures; practical examples are included in the quizzes, but there are no corresponding explanations.

Things to know before enrolling: This course is fairly equation heavy and requires a basic knowledge of algebra. If you're someone who doesn't find mathematical explanations to be intuitive or wants a more contextual understanding of the course concepts, you'll likely have to research on your own (I found Investopedia to be helpful here). There is also a lot of accounting terminology thrown around (e,g, NOPAT, depreciation, CapEx) with little explanation, and it is difficult to follow if you don't have a prior understanding of these items.

par Samuel C A

29 déc. 2021

C​ourse content in Week 1 & 2 is good, but 3 and 4 has gaps. Lecture video seems to be pre-recorded for another class, but then edited to be uploaded for this course - thus there is discrepancy in the material being taught and what I understand from the previous lesson. MAJOR ISSUE: Everyone in the discussion forum points out that there is multiple questions in the weekly quiz that have incorrect multiple choice answer (i personally notice this in week 3 and 4 aswell - not sure about week 1 and 2). This issue has persist over 9 MONTHS, no moderator, admin, or lecturer that adressed this issue. Overall, material could be more intensive, exercise questions need correction - and also variety as it is somehow haphazardly cobbled together. Would not reccomend to take this course as individual course, if you are taking specialization, this is just something to glance over and get over with - since course material is said to be for 4 Weeks, but each week only consist of videos totalling to 1h and a single quiz. Thus, i finished it in 6 days (I assume many people did too, if not faster.)

par Tamara B

19 avr. 2021

After finishing this course and solving MOST of the quiz answers through process of elimination, I am extremely disappointed in this course. I paid to take this course to educate myself as I have decided to go into marketing for my career. The fact that the professor kept mentioning practice sheets when there weren't any, bothered me. But the fact that the quizzes were not correct regarding the questions and the answers that were there vs the answers that were correct made me really angry. I should not be tested of my knowledge of the information that I have learned through process of elimination. Seriously, FIX THE QUIZZES!!! It is not fair to the those who are taking this course or who will be taking this course in the future. How many people have to express their disappointment in the way this course was done, before someone actually changes it???

par Raz C

11 juil. 2021

T​he course content is very high level, and explains concepts in a haphazard way. There are many mistakes (which are a distraction) during the presentations, which could be edited out.

I​n addition, there are no practice problems, as the lecturer often refers to them, only the quiz at the end of each week.

I​n the multiple choice quizes, some of the question present 4 wrong answers, which makes it even harder to pass the quiz.

A​ll in all - very disappointed with the level of course delivered by one of the best schools in the world.

par David R

1 août 2021

The videos are great as they are delivered by a top notch Wharton professor, but you can tell he did not make this course. It was put together by some intern at Wharton to build their online offerings. The quizzes are basic and often give you the incorrect answer when you clearly have the correct one (I triple checked via excel and calculator). All in all this is bad quality from Wharton. Although the video lectures are great as the professor is top notch and really makes you want to study the real deal MBA at Wharton.

par Eyal W

22 mai 2021

The professor explains things clearly most of the time; that's about it for the positive part. I think this was the most disappointing course I've done on Coursera: Missing material and lectures mentioned by the professor (The final lecture, part 3 of that week, ends with "in part 4 we'll discuss...") extremely low level, repetitive quizzes with some broken questions that haven't been fixed despite many complaints in the forums. In general, the course is very basic, even from someone that isn't from the field.

par Tanvir K

24 mai 2021

The lecturer was good, however there were multiple wrong answers / missing answer options all throughout the quizzes. The quizzes were very basic with many of the same types of questions repeated (especially in Quizzes 3 & 4), and therefore didn't even touch on many of the topics the lecturer had taught. Within the videos the lecturer refers to "problem sets" which aren't even available in this online course, so it is very confusing and frustrating. Plenty of room for improvement in this course.

par Le T T

29 juil. 2021

The instructor is knowledgable and patient. The explanation was quite well-presented. I did get some new understanding in this field. However, the concepts did not match together well, not greatly organized, led to confusion. The content was shallow and lack of sufficiency, I felt like this course was cropped from another full set of lesson. The problem sets were not discussed throughly, and the quizzes were awful - not relevant to the lesson and came with wrong answers and no explanation.

par Juan C M L

5 avr. 2021

A good introductory course to the subject of Corporate Finance. The teacher is very didactic and transmits the concepts clearly. The problem is that it seems that this course is "abandoned" since there are questions about the quizzes that have not been answered in months! It does not put the name and reputation of Wharton in a good place. For this reason I rate this course as I do.

par Prosparetti C

23 sept. 2018

I would say overall it was a good course. However the lecture often didnt give the information needed to complete the quiz. I would find myself doing the quizzes multiple times because there wasnt enough information to complete the quiz The lecure would say one thing but in my opion it didnt translate over to the quiz. It took twice as long for me to complete then it should have.

par Uhroo L

19 mai 2021

The course was informative and inspiring. I appreciate professor Robert's way of teaching, very concise and clear. But, as with most of the opinions on Forum, I agree there are some issues in quizzes. Because of some errors there, I couldn't make it to 100%, and honestly, I feel bad about this. I suppose this course was made open around 2012. I strongly wish it to be updated.

par Ksenia B

14 mai 2020

Very high level and brief explanations. Several parts seem to be missing (e.g. Problem Sets 5, 8 and 10-13 are missing and the Prof says that the next video will be about Cost of Capital although this video is the last one in the course and there are no other videos). Rather disappointed and do not feel that I have a clear understanding of Corporate Finance.