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You can't understand the world today if you don't understand corruption. Every day, we see high-level government officials resigning, governments changing, hundreds of thousands of people standing in squares, holding up signs, and often risking their lives to protest the corruption in the world. It's critically important to the health of our societies to understand what people are protesting against. We want to understand corruption. This course is designed to teach you about what corruption is, what causes corruption, the effects of corruption, and how to control corruption. We'll be talking about this from a global perspective using examples from all over the world. We'll also be talking about corruption from the perspective of countries, governments, businesses, citizens, and the people within these entities. At the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of why the world is changing according to the path of corruption. If you're in a position to make changes within your respective entity, to make decisions about corruption, you'll be able to make better decisions....

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15 août 2018

I loved this course. It helped me to get a greater view at the real issue behind corruption. The last assignment really made me think about the subject and dive in to give it my best. Thank you!

4 déc. 2017

Superb course. I learned about the cause and the effects of corruption. As a forensic investigator, this helps me in understanding the causes of corruption and financial crimes. Thank you.

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par Terry L L

18 oct. 2016

Interesting course that focused on the corruption of public officials that made society a victim. Other forms of corruption such as white-collar crime are also part of the corruption mix. The lectures were very informative, but a reading list would have been helpful as well. I have completed 50 MOOCs (about two thirds edX and one third Coursera, and this course ranks among the best. Nice job!

par Eugene B O

18 sept. 2017

I enjoyed the course. Its shocking to see that corruption has such a huge impact all over the world. I hope our fight to eradicate corruption will not be in vain

par Ivan Z

30 janv. 2017

I really enjoyed taking this course. I would recommend it both to those with limited knowledge about anti-corruption and compliance, but also to those who already have some experience and would like to get an overview of this complex phenomenon.

par Arslan B

4 déc. 2016

"Corruption" is one of the best online courses ever. I learned big time about the plague that torments countries and societies worldwide. A big thumbs up to the University of Pennsylvania for such an amazing, informative educational initiative.

par 刘峰

8 févr. 2019

This course taught me about the trends and severity of corruption in the world. At the same time, I learned a lot of ways and means to identify and analyze corruption. Very helpful for work and corporate governance!

par Alvinder K

20 mai 2020

A very interesting and thought-provoking course, quite comprehensive in its broad coverage, I learnt a lot and it's a great foundation on which to build further. Thanks.

par Amy S

23 juin 2020

Great overview and introduction to the subject. Professor Nichols doesn't shy away from mentioning his expertise and experience, making for particularly interesting and engaging lecture content. Throughout the course, I was provided with direction and tools for further reading and analysis going forward. The peer-reviewed project at the end of the course encouraged a deep look into the subject as applied to an incident of the students choosing. This ended up being a wonderful exposure to unique impacts of corruption all around the world, as peers submitted incidents of personal and local importance to them and their communities.

par Jonhny G G R

8 févr. 2021

Honestly, it was an amazing introductory-level course about corruption. It was SO clarifying to know some basic things on the topic that I really should've enrolled in before. The professor? SUPER charismatic and calm - I love this approach. He really seems to master the topic being discussed and convey the certainty that this is a problem that has a solution. The only thing I would like to improve would be more technical data, more books, more sources, more images, and graphs... I really missed those.

par GUY C A

11 sept. 2016

As as Social Scientist and professional eradicator of Corruption, this course is a must because you learn about the philosophical roots of the problem. However, the analysis by region or continent is incomplete because in the United States, we do have a big problem of corruption as well as Africa or Asia e.g. , the amount of money legally given by donors into politics and or the use of lobbyists are evidence that our system is one of the worsts.

par Vidar Ö

8 juin 2020

Professor Phil was a great instructor who gave a very summarized and coherent introduction to the study of corruption, and perhaps more importantly, why studying corruption and working to eliminate it is so important. I appreciated the professor's enthusiasm, and his passion for the subject was clearly reflected through the screen. I thank you for this opportunity to learn more about corruption!

par Alexandro G

18 août 2017

Explicaciones muy didácticas y correctas por el profesor a través de sus vídeos. El curso ayuda a entender mejor los orígenes de las corrupción en la sociedad, y además plantea casos reales ocurridos en la historia para ver que vías se tomaron para reducir la corrupción.

El curso tiene una duración de 4 semanas, pero en 2 (si se tiene tiempo para un intensivo) se puede realizar sin problemas.

par Marianne

29 mars 2017

Very interesting approach of corruption issues. The level of this course is appropriate for every students from everywhere. This course allow us to have a wide view of corruption including the different steps and policies to fight these illegal actions and behaviors. Thanks to Philip Nichols and the University of Pennsylvania.

par Saim S

2 juin 2018

Awesome course! Should have been a little more detailed, maybe dealing with some case studies, and intersection of corruption with law and jurisprudence in particular. It does make you realize that the field needs a lot of theoretical work to be done and there is significant space for original contribution.

par Ka L L

29 août 2019

It is the most in-depth study about corruption and covers from definition to impact as well as from local economy to global landscape. Professor is definitely the most knowledgable expert in the field and I am very pleased to see how he made the understanding of corruption with the country's context.

par Sudhanshu M

29 mars 2018

Amazing, simple yet intricate, this course is an excellent overview of the problem of corruption. As a high school student, I strongly recommend it for anyone willing to put in the effort - the content is not extremely complex. There are some really good examples and opportunities to learn more!

par nikitha r

11 oct. 2017

Thanks to this course, I was able to organize my thoughts on corruption properly. I termed it impossible to not be corrupt but after the course I realized that the main idea is to reduce corruption first, and not give up, and that it is not as difficult as imagined. Thank you for the course!

par Zoe E

8 juil. 2020

Coming from an endemically corrupt country, this course allowed me to have a better grasp on the roots of systemic corruption, how it is perpetuated, and how an institution or government could minimize it. I am eager to apply my learnings to that of my individual context.

par Ga Y L

8 déc. 2016

I really enjoyed the course and thank you so much for providing me with good information related to the corruption. In addition to the course "Managerial Ethics" that I am taking in my university, these two lecture made synergy effect to made me understand the materials.

par Shawnee L

18 avr. 2017

Thank You Professor Phillip Nichols. This was one of my very favorite classes. I too know that corruption is a danger to humanity and Mother Earth. I also believe we can eliminate it together, 'Good People'!


Shawnee Love HHD, PhD

par Mayibongwe T N

20 mai 2020

I enjoyed taking this course, the more lecture videos I watched the more curious I became. The way corruption was described and discussed as more than just taking a bribe and how it affects the society is certainly an eye opener.

par Richard G

1 juin 2020

Professor Nichols has put together and successfully communicated a vast amount of eye/opening material. I am very fortunate to have been able to participate and regard this course as potentially life altering in its effect.

par Elke R

24 sept. 2020

Excellent introductory course on corruption! Gives a very good and broad first understanding of the many important aspects related to corruption and corruption control. Thank you, Prof. Nichols!

par Monica A

16 août 2018

I loved this course. It helped me to get a greater view at the real issue behind corruption. The last assignment really made me think about the subject and dive in to give it my best. Thank you!

par Lalith B

5 déc. 2017

Superb course. I learned about the cause and the effects of corruption. As a forensic investigator, this helps me in understanding the causes of corruption and financial crimes. Thank you.

par Nory P S

2 oct. 2021

Paul is incredible! I have no words to express my thankfulness to you for sharing your knowledge in such an objetive way, which made it powerful. You are a gift to the world!