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For most of the last century, critical advances in technology were happening inside large, well-funded industrial R&D machines that dotted the Western world. Today’s landscape, however, is very different. Even the largest and most sophisticated corporate leaders can no longer dominate their fields or dictate the pace of development. With companies across sectors seeking to harness the transformative potential of blockchain technologies, the blockchain ecosystem is an exemplar of new models of industry collaboration. In this course you will learn about various stakeholders in the blockchain ecosystem and the leadership roles they need to play in order to steward the blockchain revolution in global commerce. You will discuss various organizational models and best practices for industry consortia and will explore several examples of consortium projects that are at the forefront of the blockchain ecosystem. You will also explore the themes of standardization and interoperability—two major challenge areas concerning the scalability and throughput limitations inhibiting mainstream enterprise adoption of blockchain in global commerce. Development of this course was made possible thanks to the generous support of FedEx. Dale Chrystie, Business Fellow & Blockchain Strategist at FedEx, delivers three of the course videos, bringing a real-world industry perspective to the course. The scripts for these videos have been written and/or reviewed by the Blockchain Research Institute and approved by INSEAD to ensure that this content is pedagogically sound, unbiased, and academically rigorous....
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