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  • Jogesh K. Muppala

    Enseigné par :    Jogesh K. Muppala, Associate Professor

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
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Engagement8 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/week
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Travail en cours

Chaque cours fonctionne comme un manuel interactif en proposant des vidéos préenregistrées, des quiz et des projets.

Aide de la part de vos pairs
Aide de la part de vos pairs

Connectez-vous à des milliers d'autres étudiants et débattez sur des idées, discutez le contenu du cours et obtenez de l'aide pour en maîtriser les concepts.


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Note moyenne 4.5 sur 5 sur 83 notes

Very good course specialization. You can learn a lot if following closely. They gonna have to modify the course using Angular 2 in order to be relevant to the newest/modern framework.

It's very time consuming, but it's worth it!

It's when you put all the concepts learned in the previous courses, and with this, the bugs also come altogether.

A tip: Scale down your idea, because the time may not be enough!

Dear Instructors;

Thank you for the excellent course and the great sessions you provided. Keeping a combination of technology, professionalism and humor in your sessions was always a great experience and brought smile to my face when following your instructions. I believe keeping this spirit in your courses will be of great help and fun for all students.

Wish you well in your future teachings and online courses and hope to follow more of them in the future.

Kind regards;


Great overall experience. I found it quite flattering that someone who's final submission I had to grade sent in the exact same paper I sent in and provided the same links I provided to an API on (which is a domain I own) as well as links to repositories in my bitbucket account (which I now have made private). The only thing that would upset me is this person getting a better grade than I did.