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The Paradoxes of War teaches us to understand that war is not only a normal part of human existence, but is arguably one of the most important factors in making us who we are. Through this course, I hope that you will come to appreciate that war is both a natural expression of common human emotions and interactions and a constitutive part of how we cohere as groups. That is, war is paradoxically an expression of our basest animal nature and the exemplar of our most vaunted and valued civilized virtues. You will learn some basic military history and sociology in this course as a lens for the more important purpose of seeing the broader social themes and issues related to war. I want you to both learn about war, but more importantly, use it as way of understanding your everyday social world. So, for example, the discussion of war and gender will serve to start you thinking about how expectations of masculinity are created and our discussion of nationalism will make clear how easy “us-them” dichotomies can be established and (ab)used. I will suggest some readings for you to complement the class and assign some activities through which you will be able to apply the theoretical insights from the course to your observations of everyday life. At the end of the course, you will start to see war everywhere and come to appreciate how much it defines our life. All the features of this course are available for free. It does not offer a certificate upon completion....

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Mar 15, 2018

Very interesting topic and well-presented, too. Covers virtually every historic period in which there's been warfare (which, I guess, is every historic period in which there's been people).


Jan 28, 2019

Lovely course. Wonderful understanding of the Professor about War and its related implications. Thank you Professor. For the first time I fully understood the horror of holocaust.

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par Federico S

Sep 13, 2015

It´s Excellent. Congratulations to the professor.

par Alex

Jun 29, 2018

Amazing course!)

par Ivan d A V J

Feb 08, 2016

Great teacher! Very interesting lessons and material.

par Pere T

Oct 08, 2017

It's a very interesting perspective of the war.

par Patrick L

Nov 08, 2015

Very interesting and very well taught.

par Nichols J

Jun 15, 2018

Great class according to its objective, to study wars from a sociological point of view. There is perhaps a need for a deeper review from the military point of view and the eastern form of conflict, but such matters are beyond the scope of the course as the teacher says. It aroused curiosity on various subjects and will certainly help me in the masters!

par Evgenia C

Nov 11, 2015

Very interesting course. It helped me gain a more profound understanding of the methods of warmaking and the power an organised, well-coordinated action of a group of people has in general. The teaching approach of the professor Miguel Centeno has been one of the basic reasons for which this couse has been both so delightful and enriching. I would strongly recomend this course to everyone that is interested in the field of international affairs.

par Oleg V K

May 12, 2016

It very interesting MOOC and quite unique of it's kind. It's good MOOC for everyone who want to get deep vision of history, it highlight and studies wars in a unique and very interesting way.

par Christophe A M C B

Aug 25, 2015

A fantastic course if you want to realy understand what is to be a soldier.

par Ning J

Mar 29, 2016

Great lectures. The course material spans from ancient warfare and tactics all the way to modern wars that involve atomic bombs and guerrillas. He not only introduces us to the history of western warfare, but more importantly he focuses on the relationship of war and society -- on how wars arise from societal needs or conflicts as well as on how wars shape and transform society. He strikes a good balance between addressing the paradoxes of war and avoiding getting too much in politics and ideologies of war.

par William M

Oct 05, 2017

This is an outstanding course. I was not sure that I would be interested in the topic, but it turned out to be a very interesting course. It is a course about the sociology of war, but it also covers some military history, philosophy of war and psychology of war, which gives it an intriguing interdisciplinary spirit.

par Olga L

Dec 11, 2017

very interesting view and perspective on a sensitive and difficult subject

par Filippo T

Apr 29, 2016

Really good! Great teacher and very good structure and arguments.

par Johanna Y

Dec 05, 2016

Just brilliant. After this course you'll get a comprehensive idea of war, and of the society itself.

par Ricardo R I

Nov 12, 2016

It's a extended introductory course. Very useful to first understanding about war, history and sociologycal issues related.

par Savannah D

Jan 03, 2017

This is one of my favorite courses I've taken. Its very interesting and I really enjoy the lectures.

par Gilberto d S V

Jun 21, 2016

good curse

par Joan M V P

Jun 02, 2016

One of the best academic experiences I had.

As a soldier I would recomend it to my fellow soldiers and to my civillian friends so they could understand a little better the paradoxes of war.

par Tim J

Aug 29, 2015

Great teacher, very passionate. Cheers from Australia.

par Ricardo P

Jul 12, 2016

Excelente. Ofrece una gran cantidad de elementos teóricos para entender el fenómeno de la guerra. Como historiador militar me resulta muy constructivo conocer la visión sociológica que ayuda a comprender y complementar mis investigaciones.

par Daniel

Oct 04, 2015

Curso imperdível! O melhor do Coursera até agora!

par Gustavo B

Dec 22, 2015

The professor is excellent, great didactic. Good material, readings and pictures to illustrate the course.

I would only suggest to try to not repeat the content on the classes, but I understand he was repeating some topics in order to state some points.

par Joan E F

Sep 01, 2015


par Arkadeep M

Dec 13, 2015

This course has been an eye opening one, clearly giving poignant insights into the life of a soldier, the nature of war and the role of societies in it!

par Madhavi S

Jul 01, 2016