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Learners will be introduced to the problems that vision faces, using perception as a guide. The course will consider how what we see is generated by the visual system, what the central problem for vision is, and what visual perception indicates about how the brain works. The evidence will be drawn from neuroscience, psychology, the history of vision science and what philosophy has contributed. Although the discussions will be informed by visual system anatomy and physiology, the focus is on perception. We see the physical world in a strange way, and goal is to understand why....

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Feb 29, 2020

I am currently undertaking a PhD in visual inspection techniques for aircraft maintenance tasks and i found this course excellent. Dale is a wealth of knowledge and delivered an excellent course.


Apr 04, 2017

Very interesting MOOC. The instructor is very knowledgeable in the area and uses interesting examples to explain the content.

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par Patrick C

Feb 29, 2020

I am currently undertaking a PhD in visual inspection techniques for aircraft maintenance tasks and i found this course excellent. Dale is a wealth of knowledge and delivered an excellent course.

par Xue K

May 29, 2018

A very insightful course. Super straightforward. A perfect choice as an introductory course.

par Anna J

Feb 18, 2017

The course introduces new information gradually, within a known context, as well as exploring the use of images (of the brain, for example). These procedures facilitate learning. I was not able to keep up with the course at the pace of the class (on the dates stipulated) because I am learning English in parallel. But that is a deficiency of mine and I did not give course. Congratulations to the Coursera, Duke University, the organizers of the Visual Perception and the Brain course, and especially to Professor PhD Dale Purves, for excellent content quality, approach, theme, and the opportunity to democratize knowledge to anyone in the world. Thank you!!

par Karthik S K

Sep 19, 2016

Amazing course by Dr. Dale Purvez! This is my second course from Duke University and i absolutely loved it all! This course was very unique in itself ! i.e It involved much more than just assignments. The final test which involved writing an essay which had to be peer reviewed was a good experience. Also reviewing the work done by fellow students have to be noted for it would be an amazing experience for anyone taking this course! I am very much looking for ward for such courses in future. Thank You Dr.Purves, Coursera and Duke University for this course!

par Clare H

Jan 13, 2018

Starts you off in the weeds of the anatomy and physiology of vision, but quickly gets to the heart of the philosophical problem of connecting subjective visual perception to objective external physical properties of the world. I found the problem very well defined, the argument organized and compelling, and the material engaging. I appreciated the relative rigor of the quizzes and the fact that the material was presented in a way I thought was accessible and interesting to both beginners and mid-level students alike. It gave me a new perspective.

par Mustafa S Y

Apr 15, 2017

The course is excellently done with well-ordered sequence of lectures that explains visual perception in a new and very interesting way. The instructor speaks in an easily understood English, and his presentation of the material is very well done. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in psychology, vision, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology.

par Angel A A M

Sep 05, 2016

It is a genial..debo course congratulate Dr. Dale Purves, I'm from Ecuador and have followed their texts and articles for 7 years, I have trained as a doctor and I have been fascinated by the nervous system through its bastos knowledge and way of express theories from a simple way to complex ..

Thank you for making these courses ..

par Dan L V

Aug 14, 2016

is a excellent course, I´m a neurosurgeon and I think Dr. Dale Purves, as my teacher. this is amazing topic, and full the basic them of neuroscience, is an accuracy understand of world. the most enigmatic facts explained by amazing master of battlefield of neuroscience.

par Salman M

Nov 11, 2017

An absolute pleasure of a course. Most of the stuff is well-explained, even for people outside of Neuroscience. As a person working in Machine Learning, this course also broadened my views about how vision and the brain works.

par Alexander S

Aug 08, 2016

whished there would have been MORE material. nice Course, even tough the Speaker speaks a bit slow and some explanations would have been much quicker to understand by Videos instead of verbal/textual explanations..

par Stevanus L

Jul 31, 2019

It's really useful to learn this as someone who is starting to learn 3D Animation as it really evokes my thinking as see everyday visual things into more detail and not be fooled by our visual systems.

par 梁楠

Sep 09, 2016

Very helpful in understanding the difference between visual perception and real physical world. This also shed light onto how the brain works during our decision-making process.

par Elena T

Jul 16, 2016

Very interesting course! I also liked to listen to the lecturer, his voice and manner of speaking makes learning easy and pleasant. Thank you so much!

par Deleted A

Jul 09, 2016

Amazing Course Structure. I completely lost track of the fact that I am, originally a Mathematics Student!

par Julia Z

Jul 02, 2017

Ótimo curso! O professor é excelente, explica muito bem, tornando todas as aulas muito interessantes.

par Aleksandr V

Nov 03, 2016

Carefully listen to "About the Course" video, so your expectations won't be deceived

par Donald L G

Oct 07, 2017

Very professional and easy to follow lecture side by side with a presentation.

par Eric W

Jan 23, 2017

An awesome course to get familiar with the mechanism of visual perception.

par Joseph T

Nov 16, 2017

Excellent course. Did a lot to change my views of perception and reality.

par Vicky K

Jul 28, 2016

Really intresting course, simple but educational lectures! Very helpful.

par Yusun L

Apr 29, 2017

Hard topics but easy explained or illustrated.

par Guillermo U O G

Feb 23, 2018

It was a good course and very helpful

par Al-Rashid J

Dec 27, 2017

Interesting and thought provocative

par Ange A

Sep 12, 2019

I have enjoyed every bit of it !!!

par FENG Z

Oct 06, 2016

this course is very interesting