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This course, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and taught by top-ranked faculty, will teach you the tools you'll need to understand the fundamentals of financial accounting. Concise videos, the financial records of a small business, and "your turn" activities guide you through the three most commonly used financial statements: the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, and the Statement of Cash Flows. Beyond recording transactions, you'll learn how to prepare these financial statements, and read and analyze them to draw basic conclusions about a company's financial health. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Use journal entries to record transactions - Prepare and use t-accounts to summarize transactions recorded during an accounting period - Describe the three most commonly used financial statements and how they fit together - Prepare these financial statements based on transactions recorded during an accounting period - Draw basic conclusions about a company's financial health...

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22 déc. 2019

I recommend this course to all beginners in understanding accounting , this course completely put you into your first step of the world of financial accounting , and professor luann is really amazing


4 sept. 2020

The concepts learned during this course made possible for me to present the project financials in a better way to the director. This course should be a must for all of us in the project management.

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par Javier F

2 janv. 2021

Need a lot of working. I liked more Wharton's accounting courses.

par Mo Z

31 mai 2021

Did not apply to Canadians.

par Avashen P

25 oct. 2020

Not very well explained. Could have been better simplified. See investopedia. Better class notes requried

par Ankit G

12 août 2017

No one responds to the questions asked in the discussion forum

par Anastasia M

6 mai 2020

In my opinion, this course is ideal for a beginning accountants or any specialist who would like to understand accounting basics. I especially want to note the professional way the material explained and presented. Professor Luann succeded to run the course with the most accessible and understandable clarification. I also really liked the original terms associations. The material itself fully covers all the fundamental principles of accounting. A nice addition was a practical example where there was an opportunity to work with Excel. Despite the short time the course was designed for, the teacher introduced the practical part, which is a big advantage. The only thing that could be improved, in my opinion, is the content of the tests. After studying lectures and practical materials, it is quite possible to solve tasks a little more complicated.

In general, I want to thank Professor Luann and all involved in this course.

par Sara F

12 mai 2020

This course provides the basics of financial accounting--the accounting cycle framework and the details and implications of the three financial statements--balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows--and their relationships with each other. It is taught clearly in short videos, each of which deals with a discrete concept. The professor has a nice sense of humor. Weekly quizzes can be taken numerous times and prepare the student well for the weekly exams. The lectures are the sole source of information (no textbook)--which is fine. The 5-week timeframe for the course makes this Coursera course very doable. It is empowering to understand accounting terminology and components, as well as to apply a method to sort through numbers published in annual reports.

par Charles H B

30 juil. 2020

This is an excellent introduction to accounting. Given the "easy is better" approach of modern accounting software, one may not be able to learn all these principles by pure experience. Even after six years experience in the weeds of accounting, this course has been educational for me. I have learned principles that I did not know before and have asked myself several times, "How did I get to where I am without knowing that? How much of the work I have done would have been easier if I had known that from day one? Why didn't I take Grandmother's advice to 'take an accounting course'?" In the spirit of true education, I have begun to see more clearly how much I do not know, and to understand more of what I should understand as an accountant.

par Angela C

11 janv. 2022

I have worked in the accounting area in Latin countries, so I took this course to familiarize myself with the accounting terminology in the US, and my expectations of the course were fully met. The videos are short, but with enriching content. Professor Luann Lynch explains all the concepts in a professional, simple and entertaining way, and with the practices prior to the evaluations, it is possible to put the knowledge into practice and clarify everything learned. I highly recommend the course for anyone who is interested in acquiring accounting knowledge or applying their accounting knowledge to their own company or in their workplace.

par Robert D

6 sept. 2021

A​ tremendously effective overview of fundamental accounting principles and practices. Dr. Luann Lynch is a superb instructor; she is at all times clear, concise, and easy to understand. Going into this course, I had absolutely no experience in finances, and I have to say I never felt overwhelmed by this class. Dr. Lynch guided me as a learner through the basic ideas, approaches, and strategies for recording and analyzing financial statements. I have a greater appreciation and understanding of those statements, how they were prepared, and why. Highly recommended course for beginners!

par Ziyad Y

3 janv. 2021

Absolutely Incredible Course! Professor Luann Lynch is very knowledgable, clear, and breaks everything down step-by-step. Videos are short and to the point. There is even some well-placed humour to make the experience entertaining. I never thought I'd say this, but I actually looked forward to my evenings so that I could study this course. Now, I am able to manage my small business's books far more effectively and interpret and use financial statements rather than be intimidated by them. I cannot thank the creators of this course enough -- THANK YOU!

par Timothy J O G

2 avr. 2020

This course is very helpful especially for beginners or students with limited accounting background. Professor Lynch is knowledgeable about the topics and explains thoroughly and directly the concepts that are vital to understand the course. It feels like a real classroom set-up and she makes learners feel at ease with accounting, being an objective and concrete course. I feel satisfied having refreshed my university accounting skills and I feel confident to move to more advanced accounting topics with a solid introductory course.

par Jeremy L B

5 nov. 2019

A thoughtful and essential course for navigating the initial phases of the accounting field! The course pleasantly introduces the accounting subject and then confidently guides students through accounting basics, foundational concepts, and even a little history. This course serves as a perfect beginning step for students interested in just learning the basics of accounting as well as experienced or professional individuals who desire a refresher in accounting fundamentals.

par Natalia A T M

22 mai 2020

No sabía nada de contabilidad, ni me gustaba, sin embargo tenía la curiosidad por aprender un poco más del tema. La profesora nos anima diciendo que si ese es el caso, estamos en el lugar indicado. Y tiene toda la razón. Ella te lleva paso a paso desde no saber ni un solo concepto, a dominar un Estado de resultados (Income statement) , un Balance general (Balance Sheet), y Estado de flujo de efectivo (Cash flow statement). De los cursos más útiles que he hecho.

par maytat l

31 mai 2020

This class laid down the fundamentals of accounting very well. It began with recording a single journal entry, then following to prepare financial statements. The professor was enthusiast and fun such that she motivated me to go through course material without boredom. After this course, I feel more confident to read actual corporates financial statements in stock market, knowing what's goinig on behind the scenes and better understand the business.

par Matthew F

10 janv. 2021

This course was well prepared with quality instructional videos and solid resources. Everything you needed was provided and the content was presented in a way that maximized learning and retention of material. I am very pleased to have chosen to take this course and would highly recommend it to anyone who does not have a business background but finds themselves in need of business knowledge for a new role, or starting a business. Thank you!

par Marc G

29 août 2020

This is the course that you need if you are serious about producing your financial statements and/or if you want to understand your accountant's work. The teacher is fantastic, the quizzes are challenging but have feedback so that you can learn from your mistakes. I was going in circles watching videos online and through web searches. Be smart. Learn the proper way, at the university! Highly recommended for small business owners.

par Ryan R

23 avr. 2021

Top to bottom excellent! You will go from a layperson to someone with a working knowledge of accounting. The professor is one of the best, she thoroughly explains everything in detail and you don't feel lost. The quizzes can be challenging but they make you think which is good. Overall great course and you will learn so much about accounting, business and how important the data accountants review help decision makers.

par Deb C

1 nov. 2017

Wow! This is a really great course for us beginners. The instructor is clear and really drills in the foundation of accounting with tons of practice. She is funny and keeps my interest. Thank you University of Illinois for taking the time to create this course. It's so helpful as I try to make my career change.

I am very thankful to Coursera for allowing me to audit this course before I make a commitment.

par Benjamin K

8 juil. 2022

As a data analyst without a background in accounting, this course was very helpful when I switched roles and ended up supporting the accounting department. I have no idea how helpful it might be for someone looking to be an accountant, but it did a great job at covering the accounting basics so I could understand what my new boss was talking about when she veered off into accountant-ese.

par Krishna P P

13 juin 2020

Thank you very much for such precise & to the point course. It helped me to fill the missing links with ease. I have been working in ERP space for few years. My work has been almost always on non-finance side. I always had a sense of 'incomplete understanding' on GL impact of various transactions. This course helped me to fill those missing links to good extent. Thanks again!


20 janv. 2021

The course is really great!

Professor is patient, and content of the course is very detailed, basic and easy to understand, especially with many suitable, various and interesting examples. Every part of the course shows the care of the professor and her team.

If you are searching for a course to lay a good foundation for financial accounting, this one is an excellent choice!

par Emily A

6 mars 2021

This is a wonderful and challenging overview of accounting principals focused mainly on GAAP (compare/contrast with IFRS is discussed). Would recommend to anyone with little to no financial experience looking to better understand accounting and/or as a foundation for future accounting classes. You MUST have a good grasp of fundamental math to be successful in this class.

par Devansh

19 juin 2017

I think this is definitely a great accounting course to get a flavor of the subject matter. Instead of jumping directly into the numbers aspect, Luanne focuses on explaining the implications of the subject at hand first. This method is better for people who want to really understand the what the real world applications of terms like Balance sheet equations etc.

par Connor S

30 déc. 2021

This course was extremely helpful in providing a comprehensive overview of introductory accounting without making you feel intimidated or lost (especially if you do not have the strongest quantitative background). I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about accounting or who wants to learn a new, valuable skill!

par Ramin M

13 août 2019

This course is the most comprehensive and the best practical course in getting stared with fundamental of financial accounting that I have even taken. After finishing the course I feel like I learn accounting skills which are very useful in my career and life. it is very well instructed by Dr. Lynch who is the instructor of the course.

Thank you,

Ramin Madani