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Today innovation is everyone's business. Whether you are a manager in a global corporation, an entrepreneur starting up, in a government role, or a teacher in an elementary school, everyone is expected to get lean – to do better with less. And that is why we all need design thinking. At every level in every kind of organization, design thinking provides the tools you need to become an innovative thinker and uncover creative opportunities that are there – you're just not seeing them yet. In this course, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and taught by top-ranked faculty, we provide an overview of design thinking and work with a model containing four key questions and several tools to help you understand design thinking as a problem solving approach. We also look at several stories from different organizations that used design thinking to uncover compelling solutions....

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30 août 2018

This is very good course for every body whatever your background, your education & your job role position. I highly recommend to get this training to change, gain & create your mindset for innovation.

14 sept. 2020

Very well explained with lots of practical examples - would highly recommend this course to anyone looking at getting an initial understanding of design thinking and how it can be applied practically.

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par Nilabh U

8 sept. 2018

There are many approaches to problem solving and as its a vague and non conventional process often, it leads to directionless hard work and in turn deviates from the expected results. That is where Design Thinking comes in, and this course has helped me learn the structure of problem solving which can be applied universally regardless of what the problems are. I learnt that the approach to innovation is as important than the actual ideas itself and I am amazed at how much I have changed after completing this course. Results are of course rewarding but I am enjoying the process just as much.

I am thankful to Prof. Jeanne Liedtka and others for building this course and I hope I'll keep learning more and more in time to come.

par Aaron P

11 oct. 2020

Gracias por la forma en la que está construido el curso, realmente tener ejemplos reales en donde se aplica la metodología hace fácil de incluirla en nuestro quehacer diario, si bien esta metodología se ha desarrollado desde hace mucho tiempo, los abordajes de cada persona e institución varían, y al conocerlos, agregan valor para implementarlos dentro de los proyectos de niveles económicos, sociales, políticos y tecnológicos que se pueden desarrollar en nuestra institución. Si bien un servidor ya había tenido algún tipo de capacitación en esta metodología, la que presentan aquí tiene nuevas formas de aplicación. Agradezco a los instructores por su entusiasmo y compromiso con este tipo de iniciativas. Gracias.

par Pinaki B

1 août 2019

This empowers the though process end to end. This provided the style to approach any new or existing problem to think through by the means of its core pain point. Then the transition towards solution quadrant in correspondence to each pain point before sketching the High Level picture of any Design topic. This makes the design mind map discrete per step, visibility of approach becomes distinct. Visualization approach has been followed to make the traversal of whole path end to end with less chances of disputes at later point of time; and the same provides a wider spectrum to think deeper with more features and facilities to get adopted. Thank you so much for constructing this course so nicely!

par Tanguy D L

10 mai 2019

This course should be mandatory in the unlearning process of 20st century management habits that no longer fit to the current societal challenges . It took me over 1,5 year to 'process' the course; I dived in the videos, listened to them in the car and during holidays back and forth, got lost, rescheduled, gave up, and finally came back in a focused way, what a journey, I am very proud of. The insights have changed my way of viewing the world challenges, have made me discover new patters, and provided my both a peace of mind between left and right brain thinking (you have to trust and be 'in the moment') as well as reconnecting to this random childhood creativity.

par Alcibiades E R D

1 août 2020

Muy buen curso, da una explicación general pero bastante completa de los conceptos fundamentales de Design Thinking. Todas las explicaciones hacen uso de ejemplos de casos reales para complementar las clases. Además de esto se enseñan herramientas prácticas, relacionadas con el tema pero que tienen aplicación en cualquier tipo de negocio./Very good course, it gives a general but quite complete explanation of the fundamental concepts of Design Thinking. All the explanations make use of real case examples to complement the classes. In addition to this, practical tools are taught, related to the subject but that have application in any type of business.

par Chak M A Y

10 oct. 2020

I have gone through quite a lot of design thinking training both online and in person. I have to say the Design Thinking for Innovation course by Jeanne is by far the most practical and relatable process to apply at a normal workplace where processes and working are dominated by conventional business analysis driven approaches. The 4-question framework brings design down to earth for the rest of us and I especially recommend the discussions on learning launches in Week 4. It is something that everyone can practice at a manageable scale without the need to part the Red Sea.

par Rashmi L

12 juil. 2018

Design thinking for Innovation tool is excellent and it has absoultely gained with me the all different aspects of design thinking, Course is very well presented, explained with fanstastic examples.Those who really wish to have a deep knowledge/want to improve thier design thinking skills should opt for this course. The lectures and the materials used adds a valuable input to our knowledge base.Thanks to Jeanne Liedtka,all instructors and co-ordinator for thier efforts to present this topic and for sharing thier experience.

par Troy E

15 déc. 2019

This was my first-ever course on design thinking. A great introduction. I didn't realise how much design thinking I was sort of doing in my day-to-day job. Taking this course and applying the tools and skills to one my current projects, I was able to critically reflect & evaluate with a new set of tools and vocabulary that gave me more specific & focused feedback I would not have gotten otherwise. This means, I am more informed moving forward on the next project. I'm going to look into more courses like this.

par Luigi P

13 oct. 2020

This course was the first I attended with Coursera and was very interesting. The design thinking approach gives you a new approach to problem analisys and solving. The professor uses a plain english and so lessons are very clear. I appreciated the interaction with other students with forum and above all peer to peer correction to enhance learners autonomy, cooperation, interaction and involvement. The result was not only a certification but also the possibility to use what I learned in my daily activities.

par Maheshkumar M

2 mai 2020

The Design Thinking for Innovation course has helped me in implementing many tools which are useful in our day to day activities and has given me insights to the principles of Design Thinking. These tools have helped me in executing my office meetings to discuss and gather information on overcoming problem's through innovation.

Thanks a lot for the Instructors for making the subject crystal clear and simple to understand. Thanks Coursera for providing world wide programs within reach of everyone.

par Pilar D

29 nov. 2020

Design Thinking for Innovation Course is full of useful tools; includes a powerful methodology to accomplish human-center projects engulfed in uncertainty; study case that helped me to ground the concepts and; taught by professor Liedtka who uses her profound knowledge of the matter to present concepts and methodologies in a comprehensive way that make the learning process more effective, combined with her enthusiastic and energetic personality that keeps you very motivated from the beginning.

par Biju

4 févr. 2018

In today's competitive world its all the more important to update our knowledge and skill sets to compete against the Young & dynamic next generation managers likely to take over from us..I strongly believe that this platform would help us to learn many new things, ideas, solutions, skills & knowledge which were not been possible in the past.. Its a fantastic opportunity given to me to by our organisation to re brush our ideas and skill set to be learned to be relevant in the job market.

par gemi h

17 sept. 2019

This is such an amazing course. I can't get enough of this. Apparently, I have been doing versions of this throughout my career and work. I have championed the essence of this but didn't know how to put into an understandable framework for those who couldn't see it. Yes, I hope to take the full course offered by UVA this coming January 2020 :) Thank you Professor Liedtka. Thank you for the work you do and how you teach us to think and reflect on these different yet simple frameworks.

par Ioana C

5 mars 2018

It gives a theoretical base for innovation in companies and organizations. I think managers can take a lot of value from this course expecially in knowing how to present the need of innovation and innovative ideas. It is great for people who think they are not creative as you can learn to be creative. I liked a lot that it was clear and short (4/5 weeks) and it gave a good overview over the design thinking process. I can recommend it for anyone working in marketing or development.

par Joël N

9 déc. 2015

Thanks a lot Jeanne for making available this course on Design Thinking.

It was a clear materialisation of the process for exploring opportunities for innovation.

i also love the slides with great formalisations of some concepts.

Maybe one more thing, it was very useful to have a short overview of previous week at the beginning of a new module. it is coherent with how we manage our MOOC learning behavior, with sometime a lack of time and long periods away from tje course.


par Marika J

22 juin 2020

Great course! This course provided so many tools for future projects. It will provide lasting impact to the way I approach teamwork and innovation. I purchased the recommended project guide and management book. It is amazing the diversity of application of knowledge gained in this course. Cannot wait to apply the principles. Thank you for untangling complex issues and creating such an easy way to digest the content. This course will be very useful to my daily work.

par Alexander C C L

12 juil. 2020

An excellent course that you can complete at your own pace; within the deadline. The trainers are top of the line where the use of stories/case studies help in comprehension and linking the topics to the real-world applications.

My appreciation and use of Design Thinking has developed further upon completing this course; much appreciation goes to the University of Virginia, Darden Business School & the staff involved. It has been a memorable and enriching experience :)

par Camilo A M R

1 août 2020

Amazing. I was truly touched by the effort put into this course. I've done other online courses but this one is by far the best one. For me, it was very clear that the tools shared in the learning process were also used in its creation. It made me feel uncomfortable as the new knowledge confronted the old one. Every example had many insights and more. Well, I could go on and on. Then again, thank you very much. Looking forward to learn more.

par Sonia B

13 janv. 2020

The subject matter is not only interesting, but also very pertinent to our times. The video lectures were engaging and of just the right length. Stories were used to illustrate concepts, which made them easy to understand. Finally, the assignment was very challenging. I have had to work hard at it, revisiting the lectures and the suggested reading. It was worth my time and effort. I am really happy and proud to have earned this certificate.

par Beatriz N

25 août 2020

I absolutely loved this course. I am a PhD student in Organizational Communication and I loved getting my feet wet with Design Thinking concepts. I think the course was very straight-forward, very application-based, with little fluff, while still being very entertained. I am very picky with the Coursera courses I choose, but this was definitely a winner, and I will be looking forward to more courses by this program and this Professor.

par Kristian H

5 mars 2020

Insightful and relatively concise course that puts the issue of design thinking in a nutshell. The process is explained in a way that is easy to understand and to apply as well. The assessment is indeed helpful in applying all the different tools effectively. I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of work submitted by peers for review, and I actually learned from their experience as innovation consultants as well. Recommended.

par José T

30 déc. 2020

Un gran curso para principiantes en el mundo de Design Thinking, lleno de ejemplos y templates para empezar a resolver problemas usando Design Thinking de inmediato. Pero la verdad es que la mejor parte ha sido ver los de relatos de otras personas que han tomado el curso sobre cómo han utilizado algunas de las técnicas del diseño centrado en personas para crear soluciones de forma colaborativa dentro de todo tipo de organizaciones.

par Jayesh R

15 juin 2020

I knew bits about the tools used, but I didn't know there is a complete approach called design thinking which makes taking up challenges exciting and helps you become solution-oriented. I have been in an organization where managers are all about mitigating risks rather than being innovative. I got to learn a lot about the potential of design thinking through case studies. Will definitely refer Prof. Jeanne's books in the future.

par Abhay S

19 juin 2021

G​reat Course. Loved doing the course. The whole concept of Design Thinking puts the Customer at the centre and helps you look at a problem from the Customer's perspective. Asking the 4 questions What is? What if? What wows and What works helps map the customer journey and generates innovative ideas. Jeanne is a great story teller. Explaining the concepts through the medium of stories helped me to understand them better.


7 avr. 2020

This course gave me extraordinary tools for the idea generation process; it helped me understand what a real brainstorming session is and, more importantly, it changed my mindset for the way I look at things in my Organization. I will take the tools this course has given me throughout my professional life, and I am sure I will be able to apply them pretty much everywhere. A big THANK YOU to Coursera for making this possible!