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Today innovation is everyone's business. Whether you are a manager in a global corporation, an entrepreneur starting up, in a government role, or a teacher in an elementary school, everyone is expected to get lean – to do better with less. And that is why we all need design thinking. At every level in every kind of organization, design thinking provides the tools you need to become an innovative thinker and uncover creative opportunities that are there – you're just not seeing them yet. In this course, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and taught by top-ranked faculty, we provide an overview of design thinking and work with a model containing four key questions and several tools to help you understand design thinking as a problem solving approach. We also look at several stories from different organizations that used design thinking to uncover compelling solutions....

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30 août 2018

This is very good course for every body whatever your background, your education & your job role position. I highly recommend to get this training to change, gain & create your mindset for innovation.

15 août 2020

Excellent program to learn lots of tools towards Design Thinking !! Thanks a lot! Very interactive and the last activity of completing the assignment was very thought provoking !! thanks to all pears!

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par Aditya V

5 févr. 2016

This course is for me because innovation is my concern.

par Sundaresan M R

29 janv. 2021


par Alexandra R

19 déc. 2018

Excelente aprendizaje!


27 oct. 2020

Fantastic Course

par Salvador M H

8 sept. 2016

Great course!

par Jeffrey I

18 févr. 2021

The final assignment's instructions weren't clear and weren't placed appropriate enough for me to understand what the criteria was in time to provide a compelling final project. Please move instructions into week 4 and not week 5. Very confusing and has affected my final grade.

par Joel S

8 déc. 2020

Very good teacher and material. Only flaw: The assignment is a joke since your peers will most likely give you a passing score and dont even bother to read your reflection. Which downgrades the credibility of this course imo.

par Paul M

23 sept. 2019

I'd like to see a lot more content and sequential assignments rather than just one at the end. Getting peer reviews was difficult and I would also appreciate at least one tutor review to add greater credibility to my score.

par Shashank J

9 avr. 2020

Looks more theoretical.

Overall image seems outdated in terms of video quality.

slides along with running text sync with audio can be more appreciated.

Overall good learning.

par Erick A R A d l S

8 janv. 2018

In the videos you should apply the visualization tool to explain ideas further, they are purely verbal and can get to be boring. There should be an assignment for each concept to fully understand the design thinking tools.

It is too vague ; The lack of interaction and assignments don't help.

par James K

27 déc. 2018

Lecturer is un-engaging, very little emotion shown and monotonous, just your run off the mill reading-off teleprompter with a poor background.

Slides look like they were created in one of the earlier version of powerpoint so not engaging

par Sean S

15 nov. 2017

Could have been better. I learned some of the basics of Design Thinking. The best parts were the Case Studies that were presented. They were interesting and showed the benefit of using Design Thinking. The parts with the most opportunity for improvement were the final exam and cutting out some of the pontificating guests speakers from industry or other schools that really added nothing to the course.

The final exam was not clear to me on the expectations and is really not practical. It was unclear to me whether we were supposed to use a Design Thinking Tool on a problem we were facing, or to share where we used it in the past, or to reflect on how we could have used in the past? Using on a current problem isn't practical, would take too much time, and it would need to be dumbed down to the point no confidential details are being shared. If the assignment was to share where we used in the past, I wouldn't be taking the course as I would already have experience with Design Thinking Tools. I chose to reflect on how I could have used DT tools on a past problem for the final exam. Clarifying the approach in the final exam or changing it completely is recommended.

par Christopher S

12 déc. 2019

Compared to other classes, it felt like this course never really got off the ground. Each week there was a series of videos- some of them kind of fluff- had senior speakers from top firms but some of the dialog was a bit rudderless and off the cuff or casual. If these speakers are trying to make a point it should be more concise and possibly, where applicable, linked o the course content from that week. It was clear that they wanted us to buy the book. I think the course should have been more hands on and had an activity / task to lose out the week.

par Tyler A

15 sept. 2016

I can't say I really enjoyed this 5 week course. The flow itself was more like "food for thought" where a bunch of ideas are presented as sort of an intellectual gymnastics exercise with no point really. By week 5 you are just plain bored. The content wasn't concise enough. It could have easily been a 4 week course or even shorter had they not tried to belabor each topic. It all was too high level and never really got down enough to earth. I have done other courses on the same topic which were better put together.

par Yahya S

29 mai 2020

The course is lower than expectations for me for multiple reasons , I will share the positives and negatives:

positives: the course length is very reasonable ,the course concept is excellent and the instructor language is clear with under stable accent.

negatives: the link between stories and the course contents is weak , the course dose not explain the points clearly and the submission need some work before submitting it which was not mentioned at the beginning of the course.

par Dawn J

26 mai 2020

Pros: Real life examples of design thinking applied globally.

Cons: I signed up for the course expecting practical frameworks of how to apply design thinking but unfortunately did not receive that as a takeaway. The course materials also failed to define the term design thinking in a succinct way, which alone tells me that the rest of the course is going to be vague and barely sweeping the surface of real-life applications.

par Federico C

14 août 2019

Good Step description, poor description of tools, no testing at all.

It should be more hands on, and may be more practical. Some videos were too long. No quizzes for following up and capstone was really poor.

Reading the book is way more useful than attending this course.

Week 4 learning launch class was the best one.

par sami h

21 juil. 2017

I needed good knowledge in deep of the different phases tools and workshops to be able to run them myself. This course is only an introduction + companies examples that sometimes are not bringing value to the course. A bit disappointed !

par Mahdi J

30 sept. 2019

I think the course material needs a more innovative approach. it was kinda boring to just listen to a solo speaker talks about innovation. this course definitely can use some of the material covered here to improve the flow of lectures.

par Stefano F

18 févr. 2020

Good course, overall, but quite superficial. I would have liked some more in-depth explanation on some of the tools (like personas, brainstorming or rapid-prototyping)

par Atefeh H

23 mars 2020

Content of the course is so basic comparing to the final work that is expected from the student.

par Axel K

3 févr. 2021

Confused .. I thought this is a good course in design thinking methods … but it is a long series of boaring videos .. the final assignment counted 100% … hence in the peer reviews I was confronted with 3 (!) submissions which had nothing to do with the assignment, but where just uploaded PDFs of "something" which might or might not have "something" to do with Design Thinking … This course clearly needs improvement … was it a waste of time … mainly !

par Felipe S d B

9 nov. 2016

muito bla bla bla, pouco resultado, pouca comprovacão de funcionamento.

par Louis S D

11 nov. 2017

This is a wonderful course and I applaud Prof Liedtka on her teaching methodology combining structure with creativity. Each of the tools listed are really useful in expressing the design thought process in action and every one of the experts have lent their unique perspectives, which have been really helpful in outlining the idea that Design Thinking tries to convey. My only gripe if any would be the assignment rubric, which shackles the author within a very walled framework and defeats the purpose of thinking out of the box. While it offers a precious guideline for the peer to evaluate, it more or less mandates the author to stick within this and it applies some sort of unwritten pressure on the peer to rate only on those defined yardsticks, which again effectively brings down the scope for the writer of the reflection to bring in fresh approaches into their piece. Design Thinking in spirit has to involve a level of creative thinking within a structured framework, but if the structure takes precedence, then in all probability creativity would take an uncomplimentary second position. Please take this for what it is, but be sure that the course and the material have been totally outstanding, and I commend the Darden team for putting this out on Coursera.

par Anirban S

20 mai 2020

We made a practice to have a design thinking session for most of our new projects and started engaging our work partners and other stakeholders. Our business partners are also keen on participating in these design thinking sessions. We learn from each other’s and came up with some innovative solutions

We have reduced the risk of heavy investment by using test and learn and prototype. We are open to out of box ideas and getting support from business partners and management

We have now started thinking more like an end customer or end users which defiantly enhances the quality of our solution and brings innovations. With a test and learn and developing prototypes we have reduced the risk of huge investment.

Customer co-creation and celebrating our success through story-telling is in best used and ensuring substance of the approach and product. Our story is simple but effective, It’s easy to replicate.

Team is motivated, Work partners are happy and being part of the management team, I am enjoying the journey.

Thank you.