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The focus of this course is to introduce the learner to User Experience (UX) Design User Experience design is design that is user centered. The goal is to design artifacts that allow the users to meet their needs in the most effective efficient and satisfying manner. The course introduces the novice to a cycle of discovery and evaluation and a set of techniques that meet the user's needs. This course is geared toward the novice. It is for learners that have heard about "user experience" or "user interface" design but don't really know much about these disciplines. The course mantra is that “Design is a systematic and data driven process.” Design is systematic because it is based on a set of techniques and also on a cycle of discovery. In this course the learner is introduced to the four step user interface design cycle. Along the way learners are exposed to a set of techniques to gather information about a) what the user needs b)how to design and model interfaces based on these and then how to evaluate the design to ascertain that the user's goals are met. These techniques are tools that are used in a standardized manner and give us the data we use in our design. This means that anyone (regardless of their current training) that is willing to learn these techniques and follow the proposed cycle can be a UX designer!...

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22 oct. 2017

The best introduction classes, gives an overall idea about UI/UX. Grateful for the efforts taken by the Georgia Tech and Coursera. Looking forward to see more courses related to my career. Thank you.


4 juil. 2020

For an introductory course, this is very efficient and effective in learning terminologies and get a good high-level understanding of Process, types and common techniques used in Design process :)

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par Dinesh D

26 févr. 2021

I love the course

par Róża T

10 nov. 2016

Lack of examples.

par Yugansh G

17 avr. 2020

course was great

par A G

30 nov. 2021

O​ut dated

par Sarah

25 janv. 2022


par simran s

15 mai 2022


par Dino H

10 oct. 2021


par Arvind C

30 mai 2020


par shane d

18 juil. 2020

The video content production came across as very amateur, lines of flubbed dialogue left in, and overall just came across as unprofessional. Very little attention to detail, you can tell this was throw together in a matter of maybe a few weeks. That might be being too generous. Here's the development cycle for this course: Talking head, garbage slides, bad green screen, lazy video production, minimal information, and now lets charge money. Thankfully I just did the free version. I will say I did learn a few things and the layout of being able to save notes from the video was nice. However I would never recommend this to anyone when you can go find all this information elsewhere and with much higher quality. If any passion or care was shown to this course to get me excited then I would recommend it but as it stands right now. This is a hard pass. I can't believe you are actually charging money for this, simply stunning.

par Julia M

26 oct. 2020

it's funny that this course is all about user experience and yet it was not at all a good teaching technique. I found it boring and not at all interactive. It was very difficult to concentrate while the professor was talking and reading slides on a white artificial background. This topic involves a lot of technical terms and I feel like I was missing a lot of examples and metaphors in order to actually remember them all. I would love to see a course in an interactive video, one that not only talking but also using visual examples in order to make this or any other topic memorable and easy to learn. something similar to this but with a voice:

par Courtney B

17 févr. 2022

In this course you’re getting very basic definitions without any real world application so it creates a very general understanding. You’re pretty much listening to a lecture and viewing basic text slides, it is a challenge to stay interested and focused.

T​his course is listed as introductory but around week 3 starts speaking on topics and in specific terms without explaining them enough for someone completely new to UX to understand. Those criticisms are echoed in the discussions and forums for week 3.

The course also feels very dated, some of the resources are no longer active and some of the examples feel irrelevant.

par Veenal R D

8 juin 2021

It's a good course to get started with UX design as it just introduces you to different aspects within the field. The course however fails to go enough in depth to help someone get started within the field or feel confident about the same. There is no way to analyze your progress besides the quiz which in no way help while working in this field. The course also has a lot of reading material that helps understand topic much better than the tutor in the course.

par Benjamín V P

28 déc. 2020

El tema es muy interesante, entretenido y donde se puede aprender bastante. Pero, la presentadora es aburrida, lee todo el curso, monótona y no aporta nada, es lamantable. Este curso NO es de la experiencia del usuario ya que lo expuesto se puede aplicar en casi cualquier forma de hacer las cosas. No es un curso bueno, es un mal curso.

Gracias de todas maneras, siempre se puede aprender algo nuevo y rescatar cosas buenas de cada curso.

par Oliver F

30 avr. 2021

This course is almost entirely about how to talk to customers when looking at design which is how we end up with terrible interfaces in everything. Just because you implement what the customer says they like doesn't mean it is the optimal way to develop a UX. I was expecting at least some general concepts of what makes a good UX but it is basically just a general project management course with some UX specific terms thrown in.

par Teresa B

22 août 2020

I had no prior UX experience, this course was painfully slow and lacked content in the videos. I learned more from the reference reading material than I did the videos. The quirkiness of the lingo specific to UX is not explained well in this course. Despite being a beginner at UX, I learned very little directly from this class. I gave it two starts because at least I learned things from the reference materials.

par Andrea S

11 mai 2021

Una buena y básica introducción al mundo de diseño de experiencia de usuario, me permitió repasar los conceptos vistos en mi carrera (diseño industrial) y ahora procederé a tomar un curso más completo y especializado con las bases frescas y correctas. La verdad es que es bastante aburrido pero al menos pude acabarlo rápidamente y repasar algunos conceptos.

par Зак К

24 avr. 2022

Hello, I passed the 2nd week of this course and started solving the test. it turned out that your test gives the correct answer randomly... Especially to confirm my words, I wrote down every time I took the test at the end of the 2nd week for the same answers, your test gives completely different answers. Please correct =(

par Connor W

6 févr. 2022

This course seemed great at first, but the quality really dropped off after the first week. The mini progress questions disappeared. The transcript quality steadily dropped. More and more focus was placed on outside material. The quality and quantity of test questions by the end of the last section was frustratingly low.

par Bosa I

3 janv. 2021

Very average course... This course wasn't the best. Besides the poorly worded quiz questions, especially the Prototype and Evaluation quizes, there's way too much theory and not much practical learning. I going to have to take many more courses in order to learn UX/UI Design. Average course.

par Alexandr L

17 janv. 2018

Very basic course. Lack of practical tasks and to much of external links - instead of covering material within the lessons - made this course too short and not very involving... I get that this is Introduction, but I was hoping for more 'in depth' approach.

par Grant S

22 mai 2020

An introduction, no doubt. But almost no depth and surface level explanations. Even as a beginner I would have expected better structured quizzes and content.

par Gaelle E

26 août 2020

Okay if looking to see what user experience is about, you will need to do more courses to get a more solid foundation as it isnt enough to give you that.

par Damian D

23 août 2017

To give a glimpse and touch only the base is not enough. The course lacks exercises and more examples. I wish it would be much more practical.

par Amanda B

25 juil. 2021

T​he reader/speaker was not impressive. "Pop quiz" popups are not functional. A course overview printout would be a nice addition.

par Anders S T

13 sept. 2021

T​ypos, so many typos. And several pop-up quizzes are broken. Might be better later on, but I don't have the patience.