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Our course on the basics of thermodynamics targeting a wide audience includes only what is absolutely necessary, focusing on the most basic issues, excluding less important specialized topics. However, you will learn about unusual phenomena such as stretched liquid and see interesting experiments. A future competent specialist, whose work should be at least somehow connected with physical phenomena, will find this course in thermodynamics useful and necessary. We tried to explain the basic concepts as clearly and consistently as possible and at the same time remain at a serious physical level. As a result, in a relatively short time, you will receive a core of knowledge that will allow you to easily supplement it with appropriate special tasks in the future. In addition, such an ultra-short extract of the essentials often allows you to look at the course differently: to cover it as a whole, to see the interconnection of the parts. So, it may be of interest even to those who have already studied thermodynamics....
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par Dr. J Z

22 août 2021

Excellent learning and excellent opportunity

par Simon L

5 févr. 2021

The video are well done with good effort put into animations. Unfortunately the accent of the lecturers is very heavy, so that they are difficult to understand. The calculated exercises somehow do not accept the correct answers, which is very frustrating. I quit the course because of it. Also the forum is not active which is supposed to provide help. In general quite disappointing :/

par Gregory M

8 mai 2021

The first three weeks are really very basic. The fourth week is a bit more interesting. The fifth week is OK. Unfortunately, there are a lot of obvious mistakes and missed data in quizzes. I tried to raise some of the issues with moderators but they never bothered to reply. Overall, I would avoid this course.

par Scott M

24 déc. 2021

T​his was the worst class I have ever taken on Coursera. First off, it was clearly not meant to be a virtual class. With 0 study aides, no content besides quizzes and lectures, and an empty discussion board, the class is impossible to take without looking for outside help from better made study aides such as Crash Course or Khan Academy. Second, the lectures in no way prepare you for the quizzes. You should not be seeing this for the first time in a quiz. Third, quality control. The subtitles are a mess, and are impossible to understand which makes the concepts even more difficult. Fourth, and finally, this class is not a basics level class.

I​ don't want to speak ill of the professors. They were interesting, and when they actually did experiements (in week 4) the lectures became a little more fun. However, it is a terrible online experience and one that was nearly impossible to do. I'd have to plug multiple variations of an answer because many of the questions they aren't clear about what they want. I want to give this class a 0, but instead I'll give it a 1.

par Tharun K

12 mai 2021