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What makes a successful arts and cultural organization? Led by DeVos Institute Chairman Michael M. Kaiser and President Brett Egan, this course will introduce you to a management theory called the Cycle which supports thriving arts and cultural organizations. Learning from our work with managers from over 80 countries around the world, the DeVos Institute developed the Cycle as a simple, but powerful tool to assist managers in their effort to respond to an increasingly complex environment and propel their institutions to excellence. The Cycle explains how great art and strong marketing can create a family of supporters, who in turn help the organization produce the revenue required to support even more great art the next year. The Institute has seen the Cycle work in performing and presenting organizations, as well as museums, arts schools, and other nonprofit endeavors like service organizations, historical societies, public libraries, university programs, advocacy organizations, botanical gardens, and zoos. By taking this course, you will learn: • the importance of bold, exciting, and mission-driven programming in an organization; • how long-term artistic planning can help an organization produce this work; • how an organization can aggressively market that programming and the institution behind it to develop a family of supporters - including ticket buyers, board members, donors, trustees and volunteers; • how an organization can cultivate and steward this family to build a healthy base of earned and contributed income; and • how an organization can reinvest that income into increasingly ambitious programming year after year. All course material is available upon enrollment for self-paced learners. New scheduled sessions begin each month. For more information about the DeVos Institute's work, visit

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19 mai 2018

The Cycle was an eye-opener in many ways. I always thought Arts Management required more artistic intuition than management knowledge, but this framework gave me a whole new perspective.


1 sept. 2018

This course is really useful for people related to Art and Culture Management fields, it provides with useful techniques and ideas, particularly regarding marketing and fundraising.

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par Denese E

22 oct. 2020

This course was a big help when I was preparing to assume the new role as Co-Director with the Belize National Dance Company in 2014. We were able to transition the company very well. Additionallly,, we were able to build a strong, cohesive team in a short period of time despite limited resources.

par Miguel P G

14 oct. 2019

Excellent opportunity to learn essential and very useful concepts in Management of Cultural Organizations. Totally recomendable.

Un curso dinámico, práctico y muy aplicable en la gestión de organizaciones culturales en todo el mundo. Muy recomendable por su contenido, duración y materiales.

par Frank J J

26 janv. 2018

I wish I had met Michael Kaiser several years ago. He is a fantastic inspiring, committed, humorous teacher / interpreter, and he manages to convey his message in the best possible way. Thank you very much Michael, you are indeed a great man who houses a great personality.

par Samantha C

24 sept. 2020

I highly recommend this course to any non-profit arts organization board members who don't know where to start, or employees of small non-profit arts organizations who are struggling to make things happen, or even people considering a career in non-profit arts management.

par Ervin J D P

27 août 2020

Very insightful and specific due to the abundance of case studies/testimonies given by many organizations around the world. Even as a college student running a non-profit cultural organization, I was able to learn a lot of things I could apply to my organization as well.

par Victoria B

19 avr. 2020

This amazingly crafted course, filled with valueble insights is like a book I didn't want to put down. Every lesson filled me with excitement and inspiration to put this priceless knowledge into practice. Great thanks to the DeVos Institute for making this course!

par Cera S

2 sept. 2018

Excellent course! I've been looking for a marketing course with a specific nonprofit focus without much luck. Though this course looks at other aspects of managing an arts nonprofit, it does touch heavily on the marketing aspect, and was incredibly useful.

par Megan S

9 avr. 2019

This course was insightful, inspiring and enlightening. I look forward to applying all of the tools that I have now obtained in The Cycle to enhance my practices in Arts Management. I highly recommend this course to anyone working in the arts industry!

par Angela K

10 déc. 2020

Micheal is a great manager and mind. I loved his approach in teaching things that we do not pay attention for. I am an artist and I really understood organization better now. I recommend this course to everyone who is curious, manager, artist.

par Eric K

18 sept. 2020

Very well put together course that gives an overview of arts management. Mr. Kaiser uses real world examples to back up his lectures, and that enables the viewer to truly see how they can implement it in their own organization.

par Mancito J T

20 janv. 2022

It's short and to the point but it does change your mindset concerning arts organizations and those related to creativity in any way. I am a hip hop artist and this gave me some insight on what I can do to make things greater.

par M. F C

8 sept. 2020

The course was very informative and relevant. It draws on a lot of examples of real arts organizations that have made successful use of the Cycle in their marketing, fundraising, growing their family, and making great art.

par Said H A A

2 juil. 2021

Offers to me a new vision about the management of art and cultural organizations with a really practical aproach to be succesful. It need to be adapted to my context, but still it's very usefull for big or small projects.

par Diwas A

9 juin 2019

I am from a poor family, however I am a student l need to work to run family. so, to get the job i need a online certificate so please provide me a certicitate of Management of Successful Arts and Cultural Organizations .

par Fernando G C

9 avr. 2020

Esse curso é sensacional, a metodologia usada para ensinar e também o conteúdo são fantásticos, se você possui uma organização que precisa de fundraising ou que é uma instituição que trabalha com artes ;Faça este curso!

par andrea g

23 juin 2022

It was well structured, the lecturer was clearly an expert in the field yet he felt close an compelling. I would like to had a case study more similar to the project im working on, but still most of them were usefull.

par Pablo F V

8 janv. 2017

This was a very good introduction to a very interesting arts management tool. The practice cases with organisations from different countries and sectors were particularly useful to illustrate the theory in the course.

par Asya B

30 déc. 2017

The couse is useful. A fresh look on arts management. Some case studies were slightly repeating each other or were too vague. Liked concrete examples. The course leaders articulate materials in a great passionate way

par Penélope A

9 juil. 2021

Excelente curso, una visión de la gerencia cultural diferente a lo que se maneja en algunos países latinos. Un método más directo y práctico. Agradezco mucho la oportunidad de haber podido cursar estos contenidos.

par Martin P

23 janv. 2017

Great course with a lot of hands on and practical information. I would not mind going into bigger detail. It will be a big effort to implement it in the company, but it will be worth it. Thanks for the course!


27 avr. 2020

Excelente, fue un muy buena forma de obtener una metodología integral y funcional a cerca de como podemos administrar nuestras organizaciones colocando nuestros objetivos de forma clara y organizadamente.

par Caterina I

12 avr. 2021

Great course on arts and cultural management. I found the readings (the blog posts and the Kaiser's ten rules) particularly interesting.

I gained specific knowledge in fundraising and cultural marketing.

par Erell G

23 déc. 2020

What a wonderful class ! Amazing in all its aspects, and build hope and consideration about the future of art and cultural organizations (especially in these pandemic-related hard times).

par Danielle G

18 févr. 2019

I really enjoyed the setup of this course. From the short videos to the the reading and assignments. Everything felt as though it was setup with the success of the student in mind.

par John S

17 janv. 2020

Practical course related to running an arts or cultural organization. The main speaker, Michael, is very experienced and provides excellent examples. The quizzes are reasonable.