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This course is the first of a series that aims to prepare you for a role as an entry-level IT Support Specialist. In this course, you’ll be introduced to the world of Information Technology, or IT. You’ll learn about the different facets of Information Technology, like computer hardware, the Internet, computer software, troubleshooting, and customer service. This course covers a wide variety of topics in IT that are designed to give you an overview of what’s to come in this certificate program. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: ● understand how the binary system works ● assemble a computer from scratch ● choose and install an operating system on a computer ● understand what the Internet is, how it works, and the impact it has in the modern world ● learn how applications are created and how they work under the hood of a computer ● utilize common problem-solving methodologies and soft skills in an Information Technology setting...

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Mar 10, 2018

An excellent introductory course. The all around material was well presented, the instructors are doing a great job passing on their knowledge. The weekly assignments were interesting and fun to take.


Apr 09, 2020

Well made and simple to understand, had previous experience and it was dead on. Great for beginners and a great refresher for people trying to get a cert for their resume or to expand their knowledge.

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par Susana M

Jan 29, 2020

Worthwhile course for anyone interested in the IT field. Whether you leave here feeling this is the path you want to pursue or not, it definitely gives you an insight on what to expect. It also prepares anyone who doesn't have any IT background on what they need to work on. I really enjoyed it and leaving this course hungry for more!

par Margarita M G

Mar 29, 2020

I loved every moment of this course. I really enjoyed how the instructors were thorough with the information given. The only thing I would change is during the videos, when the instructor says something wrong and the bubble pops up to correct the mistake, just have the instructor "act" out that part again. It is kind of distracting.

par Muhammad B Y

Mar 19, 2020

It is really the amazing content to kickstart your career in the most demanding IT field. It will not only open the opportunities doors for you but it will increase the productivity and new word requirement that will shape the planet in new ways. Thank you, Coursera and Google for giving me the opportunity to learn this new content.

par Ai K

Apr 21, 2020

The instructors were very good at explaining the material very intuitively . How the course is design helps the learning process very smooth and easy. Through text, in person video, hearing. And on top of that it allows you to revisit the material that helps the material stick. The visuals were very helpful too. Thank you Google!!

par Dametw W

May 07, 2020

Technical Support Fundamentals Courses a foundation for Technical support specialist Job, Thank you Very much Google giving me this opportunity. I Appreciate so much. I want to continue to improve my skill through more details training. i am looking forward to continue my education to get more leverage in competitive job markets.

par Paige W

Apr 16, 2020

Very helpful in breaking down concepts for someone who has never heard them. I appreciate the pace at which the course goes. The only suggestion I have is to use supplemental reading sources that are easier to digest for someone new to the IT field. The wikipedia pages are quite long and detailed, making them difficult to digest.

par buck n

Mar 18, 2019

Gives detailed scenario-based concepts on ways to get to the core of an issue while communicating with non-technical users. Most users call frustrated and/or upset. This course guides future specialists to not aggravate a possibly volatile situation by suggesting passive, empathetic and non-condescending communication techniques.

par Sharon N

Dec 02, 2019

I very much enjoyed taking this course. I recently became an IT Support Specialist in my School District, and the course really helped me to get the additional training I needed to feel more confident in my position. The trainer videos were well made and seemed to cover the most important aspects of IT. Well done. Thank you.

par Enevy L

Mar 02, 2018

Great instructors! The content is easy to understand and follow, I love the videos, it makes it so much easier to learn than if I had to read all the material. And is just the perfect amount of information to learn each week, at least for somebody like me with a full time job, is not too much that I could not keep up. I love it!

par Russell W

Mar 25, 2020

Great care is taken to give you the information you need and not overwhelm you with unfamiliar terminology or concepts. Much of this may be unfamiliar territory for some, but you can go back and review material or retake labs and quizzes. There is no one and done assignments, which was a big help for me. Definitely recommended.

par IAN W

Nov 21, 2019

This course was awesome as an introduction into the world of an IT support professional. The modules were well presented and they had very useful advice for the students even beyond the technical details. This experience only leaves me hungrier for more and exploring a career in IT thanks to the talented team at Google. Wohoo!


Mar 06, 2020

When I have started this course I was very excited and now happy to learn new things especially the practical labs which motivate me to do more, I have acquired different skills and now using that knowledge in my practical life to enhance it to the next level. I would recommend this course to everyone to acquire these skills.

par Robert A L

Mar 21, 2019

good intro course to all things IT. went into areas like customer service and job searching too. As someone who works with sick and angry customers on a daily basis I forget sometimes that other people have not been in those same situations and can use a good primer on what to expect. thank you Google and keep up the good work

par Denis V

Oct 08, 2018

One of the best course for development your own skills. Every lesson you learn something new. The task more harder at one lesson to next. I hope the google corporation continue this education expiriment in future and give new opportunities for all people who addicted IT technology. :)

Thanks for Course

Best wishes

Denis Vashchuk

par Brian W

Mar 29, 2020

This course has been an excellent way to set the foundation for learning about computers and how they're connected. It felt like we went at a good speed, and all the information was presented and explained in a manner where assumptions weren't made about prior knowledge. Looking forward to the next classes in the certificate.

par Saideep S

Oct 04, 2019

The best course I've attended till now and looking forward to complete all the IT support courses as well.I am an Automobile engineering student and currently pursuing my final year in BTech. I've wanted to work for technology and this course provides me the confidence whether i'm suitable for the job role or not.

Thank You!!!

par Joseph S

Apr 19, 2018

Really good start, and I for one LOVE the fact that you guys put corrections in the video as opposed to just reshooting or editing those mistakes out. Increases comfort level of the student by showing not everyone is perfect, and it also points out those errors and makes the student pay attention to that particular point more

par Shyam S

Apr 08, 2018

Great course to get your feet with Technical Support Fundamentals. Honestly, the information here is enough for the average lay person. But I want to be more than a lay person. I want to have the knowledge to be a IT support specialist. This is what motivates me to complete the rest of the courses in this certificate program.

par Zaheer K

May 26, 2020

This has been a great learning experience for me. Assembling components of a computer, learning about how the parts of computers work together to give the output, the open source - linux operating system, networking and troubleshooting... it has been fascinating and I am hungry to learn more...

Thanks for putting it together.

par Saksham S

May 22, 2020

A World Of Opportunities opened for me when i took this course , its way of making you know and learn new things is INCREDIBLE . GOOGLE has done a phenomenal job of taking diversity of people in mind and introducing them to the vast world of IT . I really enjoyed this ride of learning and i hope you too learn something new .

par Jerry J W

May 17, 2020

This was a good course to get the basic understand of our daily use of the internet and network at our workplaces, did breakdown the layers of what goes behind the user interface when we log-in and use work applications, not noticing the operating systems and networks. It does give me a renew appreciation for the IT workers.

par Nish K

May 11, 2020

The technical support fundamentals was one of the best course i have ever experienced as i experienced hands on procedures about installing, updating, and uninstalling software with a well guided course and also learnt some of the few basics about a CPU of the computer, and also networking components and internet revolution.

par Zsolt T

Nov 22, 2019

Very useful and good course for Support guys. I found only two issues: the Windows 10 lab guidance isn't reflecting completely for the upgraded version of the tool; the client related materials made by a high content girl for a high content audience, so as a low content guy I had hard times to choose the right answers there.

par Kevin S

Jul 02, 2018

Very good overview of basic technology fundamentals. I knew a lot of the material before hand, but still learned quite a bit as well. The material was laid out in a very orderly fashion, and although some of the jokes were a bit corny, the instructors were precise and easy to understand in their explanation of the materials.

par Semenov V

Nov 11, 2019

The course covers the basics of information technology quite extensively. A very large amount of information is presented in short and clear videos. By cons I can include only some “water” videos that are not related to the profession, but they help to be motivated and move on. I really liked the approach to practical work.