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You use the Internet through your PC (Personal Computer), laptop, tablet, smartpad, and smartphone every day in everything you do. Through your own PC/laptop, you can easily learn everything about the Internet, and that is what this course is focused on. In this course ‘Introduction to TCP/IP,’ you will learn the operational functions of Internet technologies (which include IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, addressing, routing, domain names, etc.) and your PC/laptop's security and gateway Internet setup and basic principles. In addition, through a simple Wireshark experiment, you will see the TCP/IP packets and security systems in action that are serving your PC/laptop, that serves you....

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20 mars 2021

Very good class, not difficult, doesn't take long and doesn't require any background knowledge. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about how the Internet and their computers work.

23 août 2021

Fantastic introductory course to the fundamentals in TCP/IP. Great course for those new to computer networks and would like to gain a high-level to intermediate overview of how the Internet works.

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par Raju D

18 nov. 2017

This course is just the cornerstone towards networking advanced concepts . All lectures are simplified to be understood ,Hence i enjoyed the course through having essentials concepts .

par Курышев Р Э

29 déc. 2018

Awesome course that sheded a light on communication technology. The lectures are quite involving but given at straightforward language avoiding use of hard technical terms. I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to prof. Jong-Moon Chung for the job he has done. Highly recommend the course to all newbies at the telecommunication area.

par Gerald V

22 mai 2020

This is a very good course for beginners and intermediate computer users. It introduces the basics of TCP/IP and many such protocols in a clear and crisp format. The trainer Jong Moon Chung was excellent and his accent, presentation deserves praise. I recommend this course for beginners and experienced personnel alike. Thanks Coursera for offering this Free of charge.

par Navid R E

14 mars 2019

It could be more specific and detailed. His accent was really good though.

par Chris M

25 mars 2020

I had a basic understanding of the TCP/IP, but this intro course was a little more in-depth than expected! It definitely gave me a better foundation to build on. Module 5 could use some improvement. The tutorial on downloading Wireshark was fine, but the follow-on lessons on Wireshark employment left quite a bit to be desired. Overall, I recommend this course. The professor seemed knowledgeable and easily related the material.

par Manish k j

8 juil. 2018

Awesome course, though the questions could have been better and the high level details on protocols and all could have been highlighted in a better manner. Non the less, its an awesome course.

par Japneet S C

18 juin 2019

This course is just a bunch of random networking videos, without any structure. Also there were couple of mistakes in the videos of first week and Last weeks assignment was a joke.

par Lian A

5 oct. 2018

Being very new to networking, new concepts were, in general, slowly and logically introduced, with tangible, real world examples/metaphors for abstract concepts. My only criticism is that a lot of information is introduced in the first week's lecture, without reassurance that in-depth, previous knowledge of these concepts is not necessary, so I spent a lot of time researching what would eventually be covered anyway.


17 mars 2018

I really enjoyed taking the class, was a lot of information about TC/IP protocol. Very well explained by the professor, well organized, details, and assignment were about the topic of the course. I Highly recommend this course for a beginner into the IT major. Good luck for everyone taking this class

par Michael R

25 févr. 2020

Explained the basics of TCP/IP in a well structured and understandable manner. Recommend the course to anyone looking how a simple connection to internet ( for example) or a ssh to hostname / ip address works and the what the gateway, router, subnet means. Thank you Professor.

par Sue G

8 mai 2020

Very interesting course. It was somewhat compact and many topics were introduced. Although I finished the modules, I am planning to revisit lectures again. It gave me a great foundation while introducing me to many new concepts such as hashing Vs. encryption & Wireshark project

par Jonas B

24 nov. 2020

its a great course for those who want to learn about networks. It's a bit fast paced and suggest to read on the reference provided at the conclusion of each module to understand further the module lecture especially to those who have no or very limited knowledge about networks.

par zaki h d

25 nov. 2017

its an amazing course, now i have a good understanding of what tcp/ip is and how data is recieved and transmitted also internet attacks and how to prevent them. thank you to coursera younsie university and professor jon-moon chung for making this course availabe

par Martin E

16 oct. 2019

Great introductory course in TCP/IP networking, also included a lot of interesting extra reading through the recommendations for each lesson. So after every lesson you could learn more and dig deeper. Wireshark lesson was especially interesting and fun.

par Eslamhafez

30 oct. 2017

Before this course, I had many doubts of my understanding about how the transmission is happening from one point to another.

This course gives high level and low level definitions about protocols and networking for beginners.

I high recommend this course.

par Mohamed M L M

30 mai 2020

It is a very interesting and useful course and I will nominate it for my friends so that they can benefit from it and the lectures are also a simple and easy explanation and the scientific material is excellent and I wish more courses in the CCNP

par Terence J M

12 mai 2018

A good introduction for those of us who are new to the world of internet protocols. Very informative lectures with clear explanations that don't go too deep into detail as to lose you. Just enough to whet the appetite for more...thank you!

par Saddam A Y A

29 avr. 2018

the course is very interesting and the way of teaching the subject more interesting

and easy i understand this subject now better than when i studied it before back in collage

and the way of explaining with videos if very good

par Irving F C P

29 mars 2020

Curso bien estructurado, inicias con conceptos básicos de tu propia computadora, estudias los diferentes prototipos de comunicación y finalmente analizas los paquetes recibidos de un servidor en un ejercicio practico.

par Dustin B

27 mai 2020

For the price I expected much more information.

par Roselyn

26 juil. 2020

The instructor was superb. I took this course as a refresher for an upcoming job interview related to cybersecurity and it helped me a lot to understand the foundations of networking concepts in a clear and concise way. This course probably left me a lot more knowledge and understanding of the topic than my paid college courses.

par Nathan W

2 oct. 2020

I feel like some of the videos could be broken up a bit as there were kinda long sometimes. But overall, everything was very clear and explained well. Jong-moon Chung has a good accent which helps when learning about complicated subjects such as Networking. Recommended it to anyone who wants the fundamentals of Networking down.

par Arthur C

6 mars 2018

This course is a very comprehensive, intensive and precise introductory networking course. The course materials are well designed to the extent that every screen worth memorize and every sentence of professor's lecture google for further information. I have never come across a course as precise but well-structured as this.

par Akila W

5 déc. 2020

I am very grateful to learn this course by financial aid. The course was refreshing, interactive, and interesting. a good mixture of practical and theory with enough time to discuss issues. Enjoyed the course! I learned many new things. Thanks for the opportunity and the experience as well.

par Gabriel A

25 avr. 2021

I have being struggling to understand TCP IP, however Prof Jong-Moon Chung made it extremely easy to understand what TCP IP is. Im more confident to move forward and learn more about Networking and its Certification

Thank you

Yonsei University

and a Huge Thumb Up to Prof Jong-Moon Chung