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In this course you will learn how organizations create, capture, and maintain value. In doing so, you’ll develop an understanding of how and why this process is fundamental for sustainable competitive advantage. You will be able to better understand value creation, and capture and learn the tools to analyze both competition and cooperation from a variety of perspectives, including the industry-level (e.g., five forces analysis) and the firm-level (e.g., business models and strategic positioning). You will be able to: - Understand how managers coordinate different functional areas, resources, and systems inside a company and align them with the external environment to enhance overall performance - Recognize strategic management tools and frameworks and apply them to real business contexts - Process diverse business and industry information to diagnose strategic issues, evaluate strategic alternatives, and formulate a coherent and actionable strategic plan This course is part of Gies College of Business’ suite of online programs, including the iMBA and iMSM. Learn more about admission into these programs and explore how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into a degree program at

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25 août 2018

I am really honored to review this course. The course and the Professor was really having a high practical approach. 4th Module was little bit confusion although it was a great time doing the course.


29 juil. 2021

I count myself priviledge to have taken the course and l enjoyed every bit of the lectures, executive opinions, and case studies. The course is very insightful, educative and practical.

Thank you.

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par Umme s

20 juil. 2020

Its my honour to review the course, it was excellent I had undergone with very good experience from this course the things i learned from this course are how sets the strategies for the business, and frame a business model by VARS frame work how the companies create competitive advantages by means of incorporating dual or integrated strategy and external analysis by means of real time examples of the companies like UBER, STARBUCKS etc, concept explanation by means different examples of the companies and also interaction with industry executives, all these helped me to have analytical skill and operations and strategy of companies

par Kyle B

12 mai 2019

I've loved this course. The lectures are concise but interesting, and I like that the professor seems to have written his own book (available as a PDF) to supplement it. Unlike in some of the other courses, the professor seems to have put a bit of thought and creativity into the way that he presents the material, and it somehow feels more personal than the other courses.

I also like the open-ended and longer-form writing assignments. It really helps see whether the other students we're grading actually UNDERSTAND the material, and from time to time I learn something from the way others have constructed their responses.

par SENAAT2735

28 avr. 2022

Excellent course for building your foundation for concepts on Business Strategy. I already had a good feel of strategy before taking on this course; but a structured oulining of the strategy in this course was so powerful that it is now permanently etched in my mind. Many Thanks for bringing up this course.

I surely have been enticed to take on the iMBA after attending this course, as it peaked my curiosity as to what more new things I could learn, but for want of funds i may not pursue. It's my bad luck.

Thanks and good luck to the Institute, Instructor and Initiative of coursera.

par Sanjay B

19 juin 2022

The teaching method , language , flow and sequence of the topics are so convincing and convenient, its a great learning. Each word provides a great indepth meaning and substence. I think, each point is applicable and useful for practical execution step by step to know status of the business, planning for better profitability, looking for an opportunity to improve business goals. In particular, 3 P Strategy - Processes, Position and Path is a great way of systematic approach for business analysis and taking decision.

par Brian T

5 janv. 2017

The best course I've taken on Coursera. Really should be considered as the epitome of how Coursera business courses are done. Extremely well laid out with excellent slides and the best transcripts I've seen. Tests and assignments are thoughtful and not full of trick questions. Writing essays as memo format another great touch. Bravo!!!

par Anton F

29 janv. 2017

outstanding course. Efficient, strategic, very well structured and, what I especially like, it feels very personal because of those additional snippets like interviews, reports from football field. Great case studies. One of the best courses I've taken. Absolutely recommend it to anyone interested in introductory business strategy questions.

par MD K Z

3 juin 2020

I appreciate the flow of the syllabus, supported by comprehensive case study for each company presented. One of the biggest learning, is the different views projected by all members in the forum, and assignments. It creates sense of knowledge adoption whether you are align with others, or totally different view. Thank you

par Judy D

18 juin 2019

Very informative. At first I wasn't looking forward to writing a paper every week, but it definitely helped to reinforce and fully understand the lessons. Professor Somay provided very clear explanations and I enjoyed his use of soccer to explain concepts. It's a great class to learn about business strategy.

par Tarek E

13 juin 2019

Amazing experience, I already studied Business Administration and Strategy as my formal high education but never was able to look at businesses and industries as a business or strategy analyst. The frameworks and tools in the module are very helpful in assessing and intervene in business and how they operate!

par yongmyoung L

11 avr. 2018

It's a really helpful course to understand corporate strategy. And it contains case studies for easy adoption of theories and interviews with C level officers what they implemented in real field. Especially EVA concept gives clear direction when I create a strategy even its concept is quite simple.

par Kibet Y

13 déc. 2019

This is a very comprehensive course and I have learned a lot, from how important it is for leaders to lay a good foundation from vision and mission, how business models determined the competitiveness of an organization and how a business can have a sustainable competitive advantage.

par Praseeda C

22 mai 2020

the expert interviews were excellent source of info on strategy in practice. the case submissions made me feel like a student again and motivated me to do a lot of analysis before submission. interesting lectures, apt examples and totally fruitful experience. Thank You.

par Roy F

8 nov. 2020

Thank you very Prof Deepak Somaya for providing us online students an opportunity to learn the different frameworks that we can use to strategically design our course of action in order for us to meet the demands not only of our company but especially of our customers.

par Fahad R M

28 août 2020

wonder full course and throughly touching all the major and important concepts of business strategy and also related to the concepts of CRM.

Loved the course and content and hats off to Somaya and his team in producing this master piece in short span of time.

par Antonio G

9 avr. 2022

Great course with very helpful information. As many introductory courses, it can feel a bit abstract or "bird's-eye-view" of topics, but I have found it to be a great way to retool your thinking and approach to many daily activities as a sole-proprietor.

par John M

11 juin 2020

Excellent Course. Especially loved the mission statement from Enron Corporation which I thought is funny in hindsight (I am old enough to remember them), the interviews, and the concrete references to companies like Starbucks and Circuit City. Great job!

par Jay H

5 déc. 2018

This is by far the best class of the specialty so far. The case studies and analysis questions are so thoughtful and thought-provoking. Thanks so much for spending the time to develop a class that is so immediately applicable to my work and career.

par Carlos S

11 oct. 2020

Excellent course , everything is good , professor lectures are clear and very easy to undersrtand are backed by very good teaching materials , the cases are very interesting and a good way to apply the theory . Summarizing : excellent again.

par Wiwik S

16 août 2020

this course is extraordinary. Professor Deepak Somaya has provided explanations with case study examples in various companies which are very good and easy to understand. This course is recommended for those who want to learn business strategy

par Avinash G

12 mai 2020

I liked the course a lot as I could relate a lot of learnings to my work and my past experiences of what has worked and not worked for me and my company. Deepak is an excellent instructor. His lectures were crisp, clear and to the point.

par Charlotta R ( b l

22 juin 2016

Fantastic course! ( always suggest to take the courses in sequence, but this one can be a stand alone course as well). I'm definately taking the next course as well! Very high quality of teaching as well as materials and other resources.

par Rafiq A

15 nov. 2019

Outstanding course. Probably the best course attended in Coursera I can say. The case studies particularly are very interesting and relevant. Kudos to professor Mr. Deepak Somaya. I hope other courses in Imba match this quality as well.

par Muhammad S S

7 févr. 2019

It was the best course in the whole Specialization course relating to Strategic Leadership & Management. Other courses were more theoretical-based but this specific course was provided with more detailed-orientated real life examples.


12 oct. 2020

I really enjoyed the classes and learnt so many things . I really thank to Professor who has given wonderful classes .. I wish I can take classes from you Face to face in near future. I really enjoyed while doing assignments as well.

par Angela L M

7 avr. 2021

It was an amazing experience! I really appreciate how all the theories and frameworks were presented in more practical ways instead of just reading and memorizing. Well done to the all the teams that worked on this course! :)