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This free 6 week course is for anyone who wants to make a difference. Whether you are already familiar with the field of social innovation or social entrepreneurship, working for an organization that wants to increase its social impact, or just starting out, this course will take you on a journey of exploring the complex problems that surround us and how to start thinking about solutions. We will debunk common assumptions around what resources are needed to begin acting as a social innovator. We will learn from the numerous examples of social innovations happening all over the world. You will be challenged to get out of your comfort zone and start engaging with the diverse spaces around you. By the end of the course, you will have formed your own approach to social innovation, and you will have begun to develop the concepts, mindset, skills, and relationships that will enable you to start and evolve as a changemaker. You will be able to purchase a Verified Certificate if you wish to show evidence of your achievements, but this is optional, and you may apply for Financial Aid if you are unable to pay the certificate fee. The Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship co-created this course with RLabs, a social movement ‘born-and-bred’ in Bridgetown, Cape Town that is now active in 22 countries. The movement empowers youth through innovative and disruptive technology by teaching them vital skills and providing much needed support and a sense of community. Advocating and supporting initiatives such as RLabs forms part of the Bertha Centre’s mandate. The Centre is a specialised unit at University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business, and is the first academic centre in Africa dedicated to advancing social innovation and entrepreneurship. You can view the course trailer at Tweet about this course using the hashtag #socinnMOOC...

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10 févr. 2018

Highly recommended for the change agents who have no background in social entrepreneurship. This course will walk you through step by step into changing the system for the better of humanity habitats.


2 juil. 2020

This course was great! I learned a lot through discussion and project submissions. I have not only learned how to create change in my community but I have taken the first steps to make it a reality.

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18 mai 2020


par Kariyawasam T M S

16 mai 2020


par SAI J

12 mai 2020


par Sanjay J

26 avr. 2020



10 mai 2020


par Anuradha

9 janv. 2022


par Thomas D

29 juin 2018


par Kenneth. C A

24 août 2020

Its a great course no doubt and I am thankful for it. However, there were some challenges I encountered. Firstly, I had to re-do the course twice for some unknown reasons because it woukd not show my previous week's work or allow me continue in the present week. Perhaps it was a glitch I don't know. Secondly, the week 6 had all the instructions of what to do in the "optional" assignment but didn't say exactly where to submit the assignment and did not give a portal to submit. This made me stranded after I finished the assignment. So technically I did not submit the optional assignment although I did all other required assignments. And lastly, there were no readily avaliable assistance to help deal with issues. No email to wrote and get a response quick enough resolve a problem before your assignment is due etc. Only pre-arranged questions and aswers in the Help sections. Which were valid but not entirely cover all the problems. Besides these small difficulties I learned alot from my course and was really inspired to go out and implement my ideas.

par Lebohang

30 mai 2020

The course was great, informative, relevant, streched me and challenged me for the better!

The peer review method is good, however it would also have been good if 1 or 2 of the weeks assessments/assignments could be "moderated" by the lecturers. There were a number of instances where the peers who reviewed me and those that I reviewed did not submit anything in their commentary and the system did not pick it up (i.e. they just typed alphabets in the text boxes and submitted). This robs those who are committed to the course from receiving meaningful feedback.

Overall will continue to recommend the course to everyone!

par supriya

28 juin 2020

When you motivate people around the world for being creative to plan something realistic t through this course then R lab must take a step ahead to help people with their Ideas to get implemented and support them Its like gathering all the items required for s recipe and you awarding certificate of best chef of the word even before cooking starts. Its disappointing.

I am looking forward for Rlab teams to get in touch with me to set up the idea in real life, alone i may not succeed but with a group of experienced people I certainly will. Thank you

par Shameka G

23 juin 2020

This was an eye opening and challenging course. Throughout the world ordinary people are doing extraordinary things to change people lives for the better. It allowed me to get close and personal with challenges in my community. It has help build courage and commitment to find solutions to issues near and dear to my heart. Taught me ways to critically think about the various stakeholders who/how are impacted by status quo and need of disruptive changes. The feedback given and received from others trying to make a difference was also uplifting.

par Evelien V

12 mai 2020

The videos are short and to the point. Because the took one example Rlab, which is a great social innovation, everything becomes more clear and concrete. The exercises help really to reflect on your idea. It is also great to read the different social innovation ideas of people all over the world, this encourages to go further with your own idea.

par Lauren L

8 mai 2020

The course is really informative, it's nice to learn what we can do as we often get taught in aid what not to do, for instance don't teach in a school abroad if you're unqualified and wouldn't be able to do it in your own country. It's nice to lay down some foundations of ways to achieve positive impacts.

par Enes U

17 août 2019

It was really helpful course to start your own social innovation and to be a changemaker. But there was just one missing thing: there were not enough example of social innovation from real world. I wanted to learn the other examples and how they became like this. Thank you for all your cooperation...

par Sidra I

30 août 2020

Excellent course. I really valued this course- a lot of new concepts to think about and engage with to help improve communities and lives. I really look forward to using the practical knowledge, skills and framework learnt on this course when I start working in the NGO/charity sector!

par Konwaba

5 déc. 2020

I have learned a lot on the course,a lot I did not know I could utilize in my community to bring about positive change but now I do, and I will take advantage of the rich opportunities I have noticed during working on this and after completing the course in and around my community.

par Madimetja A M

25 janv. 2018

A great introductory course on social innovation and how to solve complex / wicked problems that are prevalent within our communities. Learnt a lot on how I can take my ideas and turn them into sustainable social enteprises.

par Claire S

12 mai 2020

Great content, some areas were a little buggy (tech) but overall GREAT CONTENT AND COURSE LEADERS! Feeling very inspired and equipped with great knowledge to take my social innovation ideas forward

par Nuala S

16 janv. 2019

Thought provoking course. The weekly videos give a broad outline of the topic and the suggested reading / videos give learners a chance to dive deeper into the subject.

par Tamsin N

10 sept. 2017

A great introduction to Social Innovation to get you started on your big ideas. I hope that a second course may be created that teaches you to go from idea to business.

par Bushra A

18 juil. 2017

I have learned a lot from this course and it has helped to open my mind to solutions which are already existent within environment rather than inventing something new.

par Nkosikhona M

15 mai 2020

A well-structured course and the information provided is very helpful. Good examples provided well done to all the stakeholders who are involved in the course.

par Barwa J

6 juil. 2020

This is a wonderful course to take. I learnt to identify hidden resources and think of how to channel them to solve the social problems in my community

par Desire P

14 avr. 2020

This course was exceptional as it broaden my knowledge on becoming a change maker and learning new skills. It also helped me get out of my comfort zone

par Dorsa B

1 avr. 2022

If you want to start and inititative or start -up if you have an NGO and wish to be more impactful if you care about imapct enjoy this AMAZING course.