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Learn about Smart Cities within the context of management of urban infrastructures. The introduction of Smart urban technologies into legacy infrastructures has resulted in numerous challenges and opportunities for contemporary cities and will continue to do so. This course will help you to understand how to make the best of these smart technologies in your cities’ legacy infrastructures. Over the past few years, advances in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have significantly challenged the traditionally stable land scape of urban infrastructure service provision. This has resulted in increasing interest from both technology vendors and public authorities in the transition of cities towards so-called “Smart Cities”. Although such “Smart technologies” can provide immense opportunities for citizens and service providers alike, the ICTs often act as disruptive innovators of urban infrastructure service provision. In this MOOC, you will gain a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with the Smart urban infrastructures, namely Smart urban transportation and Smart urban energy systems. Over the journey of this 5-week online course you will learn about the most important principles for the management of Smart urban infrastructures as well as the applications of these principles in the transportation and energy sectors. This course does not have any prerequisites. However, to take the most away from of this MOOC, we strongly encourage you to enroll in our other MOOC on the Management of Urban Infrastructures, which has been widely praised by learners. Through this course, you will: - Gain a deep understanding of the nature of disruptive innovations (smart technologies) in urban infrastructure systems; - Learn about state-of-the-art strategies for effectively managing the transition from legacy infrastructures to smart urban systems; - Study the management of the transition phase from legacy infrastructure systems to smart cities by supporting innovations while avoiding early lock-in; and - Understand potential applications of the materials learned in this course within the context of the management of smart urban transportation systems as well as smart urban energy systems....

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14 sept. 2020

Quite informative. Loved the way of instructions. It's a very simple English accent and I was able to grasp it even without subtitle. The handouts/reading material is more helpful to work on quizzes.

23 nov. 2019

Very detailed and to the point course related to the smart city projects. Transition from ordinary urbanization to smart urbanization is accurately explained. Thank you sir for this course.

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par saurabh p

5 juil. 2017

This course has the best knowledge bank regarding the True concept of Smar Cities. Ihave gathered a lot of knowledge, ideas of Digitalization, Smart URban Systems, Transition, Legacy Infrastructure, Smart Mobility. For every Practioner in the field of Urban development shoul take up this course. For Practioners from India should take this course and compare it with the Smart City Mission and Digital India mission of Our Government. We will find many simillarities and few loopholes in them.

Sugggestion from my side Part 2 of this course should come which should deal with other dimensions and other Urban Subsytems such as Smart Housing, Smart Waste and water supply, Smart Waste collecion in detail.


par Dheeraj R

8 mai 2018

All concepts in this course have been presented crisply and lucidly. There is a certain stickiness about the definitions and abstractions that makes them stay with you and shape your thinking. This makes the course very transformative in nature. After this course, I am definitely going to look at urban planning, use cases of machine learning and NLP and more, and actors in the urban infrastructure and services scene, always with the bigger picture in mind - a picture shaped by the various matrices (three layers against five dimensions) and illustrations presented in this course. The use of concepts from System Dynamics / Control Theory (feedback loops) is also very welcome and much appreciated.

par Grégoire L

22 sept. 2019

This course is exactly what I've been looking for since I had my degree in civil engineering one year ago! It is so well explained in the videos, not too long not too shorts with concrete exemples. I see it as a perfect introduction to smart cities, for a better understanding of this "new" theory of the city. It will help anybody who is interested in understanding the challenges of the smart city and whom they concern.

Thank you!

par Walid Z

1 déc. 2019

Just an excellent course.

I am amazed by the research efforts you put into this subject knowing that it is still technically thoretical.

I loved learning about the challenges that our cities will face and it gave me more motivation to find solutions and to work towards this goal of Smart City. And hopefully a Smart Earth, it will eventually happen.

Thank you very much for you dedication and for this course


par N V

6 avr. 2017

This course is well designed, vedio lectures are excellent, the professors and industry experts were explained very nicely. Over all course design, development and delivery was excellent. I have completed the course on 25/03/17. I need the certificate. I was paying the fee Rs.1948/- through online, but it was not accepting the payment...Kindly help me in this regard. Dr.N.Venkateshwarlu

par Niner H

28 mars 2018

1. Very clear on describing concepts of Smart Cities, especially pointing out the key element of digitization.

2. The transition toward Smart Cities was well addressed in terms of challenges from different aspects.

3. Background knowledge of Smart Cities and examples/interviews with people supported the learning ground of Smart Cities and management of infrastructures.

par Ramadasan A S

16 sept. 2020

I am residing in a City Corporation and an elected Representative of Corporation Council. We the Representatives are thinking how to change our city smart. The course is given to me an insight to the concept of smart cities. My vision is changed. Thanks Coursera, thanks a lot to Instructors.

par Muhammad A M

25 déc. 2017

A very interactive course to learn the overall strategic structure of smart cities and how a traditional urban infrastructure can be made smart through ICTs or data layer with two approaches shift pathway and improve pathway. Thanks EPFL, Love from Lahore, Pakistan.

par César A C H

27 mars 2021

Quite informative and eye-catching. I liked the form of the instructions. It is a very manageable and simple English accent. So I was able to understand it even without putting on the subtitles. The readings material are very helpful for the quizzes.

par Jane C

26 juin 2021

At the beginning level, this course gives solid and clear instructions. I particularly admire the way that professor Finger divides a complex issues into different layers, which help me to understand the overall scale.

par KHAN W A I

5 mai 2020

very good course to learn , learned various important aspects required for smart cities and understood the concept of digitization & various other concepts in Smart Urban Infrastructures .

par R H

9 mars 2020

It was a great and learning experience.. The whole curriculum was designed so systematically and kept me engrossed..Thoroughly learnt and the paved a new path for me. Thanks Coursera!

par Lorelyn D

13 déc. 2020

This course is very helpful for city planners and the future that are possible for all of us given the availability of digitization and technological advancement.

par Javier D F

19 mars 2021

It is an excellent and very complete course. I would like to learn more about Smart Cities, but, I wolud like to lear about Smart Cities and Sustainability

par T A

11 nov. 2020

Overall course structure and the scale of content is well-suited to the complexity of Smart Cities context. Video content is satisfactory and clear, although not fully compliant with written supportive material at all times.

Interviews are generally from global industrial players and generally very high-level. It would be very helpful if the students can hear more from urban managers and policy makers about how they actually perceive and handle current Smart City issues.

par Irene N

3 déc. 2020

Very interesting course, the real life examples-case studies provided and the interviews helped understand the subject better. I found it a bit difficult to remember all the new terms included. I suggest that the presentations be renewed with better design so that the movements used, among other graphics, do not distract the viewer from the subject.

par Magesh N

14 juin 2019

This is one of the best courses I have completed in Coursera. There are not many courses on the emerging topic of Smart Cities. Prof Mathias Finger and his team have delivered a well structured, technical content making it easily accessible. I personally learnt a lot. One of the key features of this MOOC is interviews from practitioners. They were intellectually stimulation and showing relevance of topics being discussed to Industry. Presentation by Prof Falting was very stimulation. Thank you for the entire team for making this course available in Coursera. Very much appreciate it.

par Jose A V B

6 oct. 2020

This course provide me with more knowledge on how to achieve smart city objective. As a city legislator working in the local government, this knowledge reinforces my advocacy for our city to adopt new technologies in local governance. I have come to realizes that in this era of information, data management- in particular development of the data layer is primary for an organization to compete. Thank you for this course.

par Isaline N N

18 mai 2020

Very interesting course, a bit more theoretical than I expected. I enjoyed the concepts and the reasoning with the interviews for real life situations especially. For better retention, a mandatory short answer or essay, peer reviewed, could be a good idea. Thank you for this course! I hope I can make great use of it in the next steps of my career.

par Yeshua R

2 sept. 2020

Honestly the best online course that I have enrolled in. All the lessons are relevant and of utmost importance especially in our age today of rapid urbanization and the exponential development of technologies. We must assess and manage the huge amounts of data generated across our cities and utilize it to provide a better way of life to citizens.

par Minna K

15 juil. 2017

I truly enjoyed the course and learned loads. I already had some kind of idea what IOT and digitalization mean but this course gave me a very comprehensive and hands on explanation. Additionally, I enjoyed the mobility part of the course as I bike, use public transport and would like to enhance the performance of that area in my home city.

par Alex N K

21 juin 2017

The course has provided me with broad understanding of yesterday and future cities management infrastructure problems and possible solutions to create an environmental friendly city. Though it has concentrate more on energy, it could be great to look at water as it is a very important part of our lives and going scares.

par Shefali B

23 sept. 2021

An excellent course with great insights in theory as well as practice. Provides a well rounded sense of the Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures with a specific focus on the shift in Energy and Transportation systems. Concepts are well explained that can be grasped by a novice exploring the discipline!


27 mars 2017

Cours très bien construit, complet et vivant grâce aux entretiens avec des professionnels de la ville. 5 semaines ne sont finalement pas de trop pour tout couvrir et j'ai apprécié la flexibilité pour répondre aux tests. Félicitations au Prof. Finger et a l’équipe du Lab IGLUS pour ce nouveau cours!

par Jon P

23 mars 2017

Prof. Finger does a fantastic job. This is my second course from him though his institution and about my 6th or 7th on Coursera. The class is structured nicely and IGLUS gets great speakers from relevant fields of work with great insight. Thanks for the learning experience!