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How can we govern consumption and the sharing economy in our cities? This course explores cities, consumption and the sharing economy in Europe and around the world. We connect together the key themes of the sharing economy, cities, governance, consumption and urban sustainability. We explore how the sharing economy can contribute to increasing social, environmental and economic sustainability. And we argue that it is imperative that the sharing economy is shaped and designed to advance urban sustainability. This course was launched in May 2020, and it was updated in September 2021 with new podcasts, films and publications. This course is produced by Lund University in cooperation with partners from Sharing Cities Sweden – a national program for the sharing economy in cities with a focus on governance and sustainability. It features researchers, practitioners and entrepreneurs from a range organisations....

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25 oct. 2020

The course is dynamic and very useful. Expanded my knowledge about sharing economy with interesting videos, podcasts and readings. I'm fascinated for what I've learned here! Thanks Lund University!

19 août 2020

I thank the instructors for keeping the videos entertaining while assuring that the learner has greater insight into sustainability.

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par David R

26 mai 2020

Great course. Good instructors, good format and easy to learn, excellent content. What could be improved: The platform was not always easy to navigate, a few times I got logged out and could not log back in easily. Some of the questions were not worded right For example they said select three answers when there were only two, or it asked what are the two factors and then asked to select three. As a person from an english speaking country, I didn't like that some of the videos were only in swedish with no subtitles. I think subtitles would have been a minimum before using the videos and preferably an english translation.

par Nicole M

15 mai 2020

All of the Lund Univ. MOOCs have been great - I wish they had more online MS programs :)

par Vanessa G

20 juin 2020

I enjoyed this course a lot. It is such an interesting topic and I liked that a huge variety of concrete examples, actors, and real-life success stories were presented. The course material was high quality and visually appealing. The only down-side was that the main lecturer was very hard to understand (I started reading the transcript instead of watching their videos). The language of the written material in general is incredibly convoluted and academic which might stem from having been translated to English.

par Tamara K

20 juin 2020

The course opened my eyes to the current urban issues of substantial importance. Sharing Economy is the future of human socioeconomic development that will eventually reach every single community on the Earth. This is the very form of capitalistic Socialism, next-step Nordic model. Human beings are coming back to the ancient patterns of behaviour, but this time with new strength, highly advanced technologies, deep knowledge and great consciousness. You will be led trough really interesting living examples of Sharing Economy not only in Sweden, but also in Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona. I bet you will be surprised by the variety of possible solutions to connect citizens to each other with or without the help of government and business. What is more important, this approach is an essential measure in a way to saving our planet though the decrease of consumption, making our cities more sustainable, green and efficient, also with less harm to the environment. I thank Lund University for the opportunity to participate in this course and I am looking forward to learn more about Sharing Economy.

par Tithi S

31 déc. 2020

informative course with to the point examples and case studies. It was easy to understand the concepts as they were explained in the form of a documentary. The sharing economy is an interesting concept I found it implementable in small as well as large cities based on the learnings for the five cities explained as a case in the course. The course is worth spending time and energy if one is eager to learn new concepts of sustainable practice.

par Akshat O

27 déc. 2020

Its not just a course- it was an experience to different viewpoints and ideas. Beautifully constructed and orchestrated.

Just 1 suggestion: Maybe more emphasis on challenges. Sharing cities are a part of what decision makers call "Wicked Problems" meaning the solutions can have not expected (intuitive outcomes). Need to appreciate those complexities more deeply.

par Felipe F T d S

2 févr. 2021

A whole new world of possibilites opened up to me once i had access to the knowledge of different sharing initiatives and structures. It would be fantastic to have other courses to go deeper into business models, to provide even more tools towards creating viable projects. Well done!

par Rosemary O M E

24 mai 2020

I really enjoyed the course and it has broaden my knowledge concerning Sharing Cities, Governance and Urban Sustainability. But some quiz questions like Week 5 Quiz question 1 was asked to select two but after selecting two correct answers. I was told I did not select all.

par María A J P

24 mai 2020

Gracias al curso conocí como la economía compartida puede fomentar un crecimiento sostenible en la ciudades. Muy recomendado.

par Sim N

4 déc. 2020

Lovely resource to find out about sharing intiatives around the world. I found it very interesting and inspiring

par SYED A H

31 mai 2020

i am planning to study in europe and now malmo or other scandinavian cities might be one of my locations to mov

par Kapu T

21 mai 2020

It was a very good experience i have learned so many things and iam greatful to b a part of Coursera course.

par Joachim H K

14 juil. 2020

Good course to give a general overview of sharing initiatives and what role they can play in reaching sustainability targets in cities. More details on what exactly cities are doing, what type of regulations and negotiations they are undertaking to support sharing initiatives would have been good.

par Philipp R

10 nov. 2020

Interesting and stimulating - would be nice to receive a pdf / study with the various roles of the government - felt a bit like an ad for the professors' podcast and Western Sweden's marketing initiatives.

par Sana B

16 juin 2020

It was an extremely informative and engaging course. The lectures are well taught and explained in a layman's language making it even more interesting. the real life examples to explain the various aspects has helped in gaining better understanding. It was a great value addition!


27 mai 2020

Very educative course that prepares future sustainability leaders with the knowledge and expertise needed to be able to incorporate sustainable initiatives into urban planning which will go a long way to realizing some of the key sustainable development goals of 2030.

par Srinivasan L N

24 déc. 2020

Live examples of sharing experienced in European cities like Amsterdam, Malmo and Gothenburg have been revealing and serve as example for other similar interested cities in considering sharing resources as an effective alternative mechanism to achieve sustainability.

par Nada M A E A

2 mai 2021

While I had some problems with the language (As Swedish is a language i cannot speak or understand) I was able to understand the lessons and understand more about how to turn economy into a sharing economy and the advantages of such economies.

par Dave S

20 oct. 2021

Very Insightful, before taking this course i know nothing about sharing economy practices, but now there are many ideas in my head, similar to toy/sports/clothes library. and i hope sharing economy practices will be applied in more cities

par Patrick B

18 févr. 2021

Very interesting topic and good to see that not only cities / initiatives Sweden was taken as an example.

I have a much better understanding of sharing economy and its drivers as well as challenge for urban sharing and governance.

par Dámaris E

14 nov. 2020

I loved this course, I feel like I have gotten so much new knowledge and have clarified many questions I used to have. I am glad I chose it and I am hundred percent sure this will have so many positive results on my career.

par riri r

6 août 2021

This course is very useful for me to see more broadly about the sharing economy in various places, besides that I can also explore this material well. The media and materials provided are also very good and easy to reach.

par Dahlen S

26 oct. 2020

The course is dynamic and very useful. Expanded my knowledge about sharing economy with interesting videos, podcasts and readings. I'm fascinated for what I've learned here! Thanks Lund University!

par Daniel E F C

17 juin 2020

I learned a lot about the governance challenges and opportunities behind sharing economy initiatives, as well as, the interesting projects currently taking place in Europe.

par Mohammad D A

20 août 2020

I thank the instructors for keeping the videos entertaining while assuring that the learner has greater insight into sustainability.