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Self-determination theory (SDT) is an empirically based theory of motivation and psychological development that is especially focused on the basic psychological needs that promote high quality motivation and wellness, and how they are supported in social contexts. SDT details how the styles and strategies of motivators such as parents, teachers, coaches, managers, and health-care professionals can promote or undermine engagement and the positive consequences that follow from it. In this course, Professor Richard Ryan, co-founder of the theory, will provide an overview of SDT with special emphasis on how autonomy, competence, and relatedness supports and facilitates behavioral persistence, quality of relationships, and healthy developmental processes, among other topics. He will also discuss the convergence of behavioral phenomenological and neuropsychological aspects of autonomy within SDT research. In addition, he will illustrate practical applications of SDT, with emphasis on educational, work, sport, healthcare and psychotherapy settings....

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3 févr. 2022

My very first online course and I never expected that this would be of high quality teaching. The professor knows very well what he is talking about and can clearly convey the idea of SDT. Splendid!


19 déc. 2020

Amazing course to learn about human motivation, development and wellnes. Also, for getting to know about research and resourses to promote them in different settings like education, sport or work.

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27 déc. 2020

Professor Ryan was a great lecturer. His approach to delivering good example for the many topics discussed, the variable for success or failure in self motivation were enlightening. My vision has widened in understanding the challenges to being able to be happy, achieving specific goals and the kind of support needed overall. Knowledge is empowering to me and I feel greater satisfaction after completing the course.

Thanks Professor Ryan

par Maia B

23 août 2021

Dr. Ryan is an exemplary lecturer. This course is clearly based on extensive research highlighting SDT's scope as well as currency. The pace is very comfortable, and the readings offer a feel of the evolving and expansive applicability of the SDT theory. It can't get much better than having an opportunity to learn from one of the originating SDT theorists (Richard Ryan and Edward Deci) in this introductory course.

par Tamara S

15 févr. 2021

I loved hearing professor Ryan talking about the Self-Determination Theory, the theory, the researches and the references to our own lifes. This is a good course to learn the basics of SDT, but also interesting for people who already got the basics but want to hear and read about some researches. The course is not going very deep into the subject, is is an introduction but it motivates me to get deeper into SDT.

par Dawn M

27 mai 2021

A​ good deal of content but well worth the effort. Given what the content so ably reveals, it leads a person to wonder why societies don't give this area more attention and sustained effort given the potential for multitudes of improvements across disciplines and societal arenas. Mental health, generally, doesn't seem to be a high enough priority for many societies and that is tragic for humanity overall.

par Muliani D

16 sept. 2020

This is definitely one of the best course I have ever taken online. The presenter presents the content in a very clear and simple manner. Not just that, the visual aids and notes provided help me to better connect with the material and resources. The links/reference shared are high quality and detailed, I definitely will keep them for future reference and knowledge sharing.

par Ann M

2 août 2021

I found this course to be challenging and informative. The professor was very clear and introduced a lot of scientific studies -- which he did well, emphasizing major points. I will be able to use this information personally as well as in my teaching and relationships with others. I highly recommend this course for any who are concerned about motivating others.

par Brendan M

14 sept. 2020

I loved this course. I think to fully appreciate it you need to buy the book on SDT that they recommend that accompanies it. It seems very simplistic at the start but when you read the text book you get an insight into the robust and important nature of the findings and also how it respects and integrates the other great psychological theories. Thanks!!

par William K

23 sept. 2021

It is a honor to participate in this course designed by Dr. Richard Ryan, a pioneer in studying SDT, and hear him talk about all his researches and findings about SDT over the years. I learn so much from this theory and feel even more validating to apply autonomy to my clients and my practice as a clinical psychologist which I have been doing.

par Marcia S

22 févr. 2021

Great course that helps you better understand motivation and how to use it. However, the Quiz were not perfectly laid out and caused quite some confusion with the answers being all over the page. Definitely learned a lot about motivation and wat drives people to excel and succeed when others support and encourage them

par Scott W

10 janv. 2022

I have a technology background so this course was outside my usual choice of course comfort zone. I'm very glad I completed it. This introductory course on SDT has increased my awareness of different ways people are motived. It has already had an affect on how I interact with family, friends, and coworkers.

par Jenni M

12 août 2021

I took this course to prepare for a public education session on self-determination of older adults who are connected with family or hired caregivers. This class is a helpful resource, and I plan to refer to the research throughout my presentation.

par Aedrian A

18 janv. 2021

This course elegantly presented the science behind the Self-Determination Theory by no less than one of its pioneers. The contents of this course and its implications have great potential for application in several settings to improve productivity.

par juan S

31 mars 2021

A thoroughly enjoyable, useful and rewarding course to study. Just the right balance between video and reading. I will apply this new motivation theory in my workplace as the Learning and Development Manager in a large charity organisation.

par Cleydyr A

28 sept. 2020

Interesting introduction to SDT by one of the proposers and most prominent researchers on the theory. Good amount of examples and applications. Also, every lesson has links to rich material to deepen the understanding of the topic.

par Victor P

30 mars 2021

An excellent introduction to Self-Determination Theory. Professor Ryan's videos are informative, insightful and well-organized. You'll want to read the corresponding chapters in the text to get the most out of this course however.

par Anderson B

28 juil. 2021

Um dos melhores cursos que já tive oportunidade de aprender, irei assistir novamente várias e várias vezes ainda. (One of the best courses I've ever had the opportunity to learn, I'll watch it again and again.)

par Aleksandra C

3 avr. 2021

Not an easy course, requires 100 % of attention, but this is how strong competiotion of knowledge is built. As not native English person I needed more time for week as predicted ( approx. one hour more).

par Andrés Z

20 déc. 2020

Amazing course to learn about human motivation, development and wellnes. Also, for getting to know about research and resourses to promote them in different settings like education, sport or work.

par Sara A

18 nov. 2021

B​rilliant course! one of the most amazing coursed I've completed in my entire life! Excellent professor and the material is beyong informative and exciting

par ChinMeng K

20 mai 2021

I got interested in the SDT and decided on this course. Enjoyed every bit of it, and am still learning how to practice SDT in various life circumstances.

par Sridevi K

9 mai 2021

This course is absolutely interesting and very informative! Everyone should know more about this theory and apply it in their everyday life :)

par Richard H

16 sept. 2020

An outstanding course, well designed and well presented. Recommended especially to anyone in the coaching profession. Dr. Ryan is the best.

par Natalya K

17 oct. 2021

Well-structured and interesting course that provides an introduction to SDT and offers useful materials for further study.

par Eva H

8 avr. 2021

A real eye-opening and very rewarding course. Thanks to Dr. Ryan for teaching it and making it available on Coursera.

par Artemisa M O

4 déc. 2020

Great course, so completed, well explained and provided structural bases to continue learning about SDT. I loved it