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Self-determination theory (SDT) is an empirically based theory of motivation and psychological development that is especially focused on the basic psychological needs that promote high quality motivation and wellness, and how they are supported in social contexts. SDT details how the styles and strategies of motivators such as parents, teachers, coaches, managers, and health-care professionals can promote or undermine engagement and the positive consequences that follow from it. In this course, Professor Richard Ryan, co-founder of the theory, will provide an overview of SDT with special emphasis on how autonomy, competence, and relatedness supports and facilitates behavioral persistence, quality of relationships, and healthy developmental processes, among other topics. He will also discuss the convergence of behavioral phenomenological and neuropsychological aspects of autonomy within SDT research. In addition, he will illustrate practical applications of SDT, with emphasis on educational, work, sport, healthcare and psychotherapy settings....

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3 févr. 2022

My very first online course and I never expected that this would be of high quality teaching. The professor knows very well what he is talking about and can clearly convey the idea of SDT. Splendid!


19 déc. 2020

Amazing course to learn about human motivation, development and wellnes. Also, for getting to know about research and resourses to promote them in different settings like education, sport or work.

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par Silviu U

7 avr. 2021

The understanding of the course was a bit complicated and the introductions of to many studies. Furthermore the test were too complicated.

par Richard S

9 oct. 2020

I absolutely loved the course and would like to have finished it.

Biggest problem- you can't take the tests if you are auditing- or at least submit them. And, because you didn't submit them, the course doesn't think you have completed the module. It essentially kicked me out.

Unfortunately, I had work that kept me away for a week when I was on the last module. The system had me re-enroll in a new course because my group had moved on. All fine. Then it would not let me start back where I left off even though it still showed me as completing those modules. The problem was that I did not pay for the quizzes- I'm auditing the course.

Which also pissed me off because Each time I did the quizzes and came to that button where it would not let me submit my answers- well, aggravating. They should tell you in advance so you don't waste your time. The quizzes are hard and I still went through them but didn't bother to mark answers after a while.

So now I'm unable to advance to the last module where I left off, effectively ending the course for me.

And, add to that, even though the Coursera claims to have a chat function- there are no phone numbers or email addresses you can use to contact as a student-the place where they tell you to go chat with someone is just Help Articles.

So: Course Good, Coursera Bad, but-

Having taken many Coursera classes, this is the first one where I was so completely screwed. Every other class has allowed me to take the quizzes and get feedback and I've never had issues with being allowed to re-enter my course where I left off.

par Oliver K

21 févr. 2022

Great contents. The didactics are not so helpful, though:

- The video visuals mostly consist of stock photographs, some headings, and the occasional first page of some paper. So the visuals are mostly decorative and do not contain much helpful content. There are no slides for download and for review after the course. This makes studying for the quizzes really hard.

- The officially required reading are 50-100 pages of papers per week. This is too much (compared to what is checked in the quizzes), and also not a good format to use for studying for the quizzes.

- The quizzes often use negated questions ("Which of the following is NOT an example of …"), which is completely irrelevant for checking whether the student has understood the material, but it increases the chances of getting the answer wrong by accident.

- The feedback to the incorrectly answered quiz questions only shows which questions the student got wrong, but not which option was wrong and which would have been correct. This is very unhelpful for reading the feedback and learning from it.

All in all, not a good course for learning about this topic. The time would be better spend reading the recommended book. (And I really would have expected a professor of psychology to exhibit better didactic skills. After all, how learning works and what a teacher can do to support this is part of the field of psychology.)

par Lina

27 mai 2021

Repetitive. Autonomy is key.

par Sepidehsadat S

27 janv. 2022

Such an excellent course! I took this course only out of curiosity, and I enjoyed every minute of it. It helped me understand myself and how what I've been through in life affected my personality. What I've learned in this course sounds very logical and intelligent, and hopefully, I can use the content to improve the quality of my life.

par Kirti A

19 janv. 2022

The course had great structure and an even better tutor! The best thing was that we were taught about the theory by one of the founders of the theory himself. Big thanks to Professor Ryan. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about SDT and am now motivated to delve deeper into this comprehensive theory.

par Abhay S A

28 avr. 2022

amazing course really an different to deal with problems in our daily life it was so helpful that even by taking this course I was felling that I am ganing true knowledge. REALLY NOTHING WAS REPEATED EVERY SESSION WAS SOMETHING NEW I JUST LOVED IT.

par Arturo I H J

7 mars 2022

SDT is one the best ways to explain how motivation works for the human race.

Definitely it has apported to the psychology field and we should know it if we are trying to understand a little more the human behavior.


par Mary H A

4 févr. 2022

My very first online course and I never expected that this would be of high quality teaching. The professor knows very well what he is talking about and can clearly convey the idea of SDT. Splendid!


6 nov. 2022

Made me recognize and reevaluate the way I was motivated in doing things, and realize why I was motivated that way. Really a great course towards understanding both your environment and yourself.

par Hemanth H

24 juin 2022

Great course that reflect on Self determination, Intrinsic motivation that lead to one's development and wellness as well.

par Carola M R

3 févr. 2022

Great introduction to the theory, gives you a overview with great examples, angles and the studies are very interesting.

par Carol L M H

19 févr. 2022

Very enlightening! This really explains a lot concerning motivation of individuals and how it can be enhanced.

par Helta A

27 sept. 2022

This course gives me a new insight to SDT theory on motivation. I feel satisfied. Thank you.

par Stephen C S

27 déc. 2022

I wish I had taken this class at the start of my teaching career and before I had children.

par Roopali S

4 mai 2022

This course was well expalined with backed researches and papaers to prove their theories.

par John R

30 janv. 2022

Enjoyable, I learnt a lot and it was very clear. Interesting.

par Shashvat S

9 mai 2022

Really boosted my motivation level. Thanks

par Sara. G

24 nov. 2022

Thanks Dr. Richard M. Ryan

par Kartavya O

20 juin 2022


par pranav b

2 mai 2022

It was great course!

par SAER t

9 mai 2022

very very good

par Rudra T

22 avr. 2022

Great learning

par Ataa T

20 janv. 2022

I loved it