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The Dalai Lama has said that Buddhism and science are deeply compatible and has encouraged Western scholars to critically examine both the meditative practice and Buddhist ideas about the human mind. A number of scientists and philosophers have taken up this challenge. There have been brain scans of meditators and philosophical examinations of Buddhist doctrines. There have even been discussions of Darwin and the Buddha: Do early Buddhist descriptions of the mind, and of the human condition, make particular sense in light of evolutionary psychology? This course will examine how Buddhism is faring under this scrutiny. Are neuroscientists starting to understand how meditation “works”? Would such an understanding validate meditation—or might physical explanations of meditation undermine the spiritual significance attributed to it? And how are some of the basic Buddhist claims about the human mind holding up? We’ll pay special attention to some highly counterintuitive doctrines: that the self doesn’t exist, and that much of perceived reality is in some sense illusory. Do these claims, radical as they sound, make a certain kind of sense in light of modern psychology? And what are the implications of all this for how we should live our lives? Can meditation make us not just happier, but better people? All the features of this course are available for free. It does not offer a certificate upon completion....

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2 mars 2016

Engaging content and excellent pace. While the level is introductory (I'd have liked a bit more depth), I would expect this from a lower-division/breadth course—and even more so from a MOOC like this.

25 oct. 2020

I thought this was a great introduction to both modern Buddhist thought and evolutionary psychology. Professor Wright is an excellent lecturer, and his office hours are informative as well as amusing.

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par Monica S

9 oct. 2020

The content was captivating and fascinating. However the videos were too long, 20mns-30mns videos are too long to watch in one sitting. In addition, not being able to access the videos from my mobile phone was inconvenient so I couldn't listen when I was out and about. More flexibility in the way to consume the content would be more aligned with my learning preferences.

par Asia T

13 janv. 2021

I found the beginning very interesting with good argument and some material to progress.

After especially regarding the self issue, there is a process to intellectualized the questions and come with some hypothetical theory , which become simply too long.

Psychology is a soft science , so it is better to synthesis. Too much talk and not enough interview or summary .

par Osman V

9 févr. 2017

Great lectures. I really enjoy discovering the world of the teacher and friends. I'll give it 3 stars since it doesn't arrive at an awe inspiring conclusion or life changing experience as somebody interesting into these subject would expect. The part where our own importance is challenge is enlightening. Cheers to the good professor.

par James B

24 mars 2016

An interesting class but left me wanting more. I realize that this is an overview but the field of secular Buddhism seems very shallow. After going through this class and reading three of Steven Batchelor's books I have the distint feeling that I may have reached the end of the subject.

par Triana B

15 juin 2020

The course is somewhat interesting, unfortunately the way to provide the information is disengaging. Even though the professor clearly posses a lot of knowledge, he has a hard time landing the information.

par German G S

4 mai 2020

Very interesting material, however, I found that the lectures are sometimes difficult to follow due to the lack of visual slides or schemes. It would help tremendously to the lectures imo!

par Deleted A

13 déc. 2016

The beginning is well prepared, interesting and informative, the end is undercooked, subjective and repetitive. Be it 2 separate courses, I would rate them 5 and 2.

par Marni S

2 oct. 2016

I enjoyed the course material and the idea behind linking Buddhist concepts with psychology; I just found some of the videos a little dry.

par Abhishek S

25 mai 2020

The contents are in too much details if compared to the other courses of coursera,,only thing it should be made little precise

par Krishna S

17 avr. 2020

Good course. It was informative and gave me information from the perspective of Evolutionary Psychology

par Emil

4 févr. 2021

Strange course or maybe I find it strange, because I am not a buddhist.

par Pavankumar B

22 mars 2020

A unique course that has encouraged a fresh approach to theology.


26 mai 2020

Could provide certificate. As of now no certificate provided

par Riya B

13 sept. 2020

There is no certificate for this course so don't join in

par Beatriz S

6 juil. 2017

Excellent! Pity there is no certificate for this course.

par Darleen M

13 juin 2016

Loved the professor. Do not like essay questions.

par Beatriz C

7 févr. 2019

good but not what i expected, too boring

par Kamala .

4 oct. 2020

Nice course more information its give

par Srinivasan

29 avr. 2020

Actually i have learnt most

par Francisco J L M

23 avr. 2020


par Жураева М

28 août 2020


par Guillermina E E A

14 juil. 2020

I finished the Buddhism and Modern Psychology course, I liked it but it has no certificate. However, I think that they should grant a proof of studies or diploma, even if it is not official, due to the effort and time invested.

I was excited that Princeton University offers the course, in fact it was one of the reasons why I signed up.

I would have liked to be able to say that I did these studies with the support of the knowledge offered by the University. Believe me, otherwise it's like I've read books and wikipedia.

par Georgiana S

23 oct. 2020

There is no diploma at the end of the course! You invest your time for nothing! If I wanted ONLY information about Buddhism I would have read A BOOK! But I wanted A COURSE! With a DIPLOMA at the end! Please create a diploma for this course, there are LOTS of other people complaining on the forums about this too.

par Jo P

16 nov. 2016

I was attracted to this course because it offered the science behind Buddhism and I am studying neuro-science. I have abandoned it as it is yet an other exposition of Buddhism. Neglible science, neglible evidence - just stuff I already knew from non-scientific Buddhist sources.

par Andrea P R C

5 avr. 2020

Los cuestionarios estan en ingles por lo que es difícil resolver aunque el curso tienen subtítulos y la resolución de dudas me pareció muy informal debido a los perros que muestra y habla de ellos