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The Dalai Lama has said that Buddhism and science are deeply compatible and has encouraged Western scholars to critically examine both the meditative practice and Buddhist ideas about the human mind. A number of scientists and philosophers have taken up this challenge. There have been brain scans of meditators and philosophical examinations of Buddhist doctrines. There have even been discussions of Darwin and the Buddha: Do early Buddhist descriptions of the mind, and of the human condition, make particular sense in light of evolutionary psychology? This course will examine how Buddhism is faring under this scrutiny. Are neuroscientists starting to understand how meditation “works”? Would such an understanding validate meditation—or might physical explanations of meditation undermine the spiritual significance attributed to it? And how are some of the basic Buddhist claims about the human mind holding up? We’ll pay special attention to some highly counterintuitive doctrines: that the self doesn’t exist, and that much of perceived reality is in some sense illusory. Do these claims, radical as they sound, make a certain kind of sense in light of modern psychology? And what are the implications of all this for how we should live our lives? Can meditation make us not just happier, but better people? All the features of this course are available for free. It does not offer a certificate upon completion....

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Mar 03, 2016

Engaging content and excellent pace. While the level is introductory (I'd have liked a bit more depth), I would expect this from a lower-division/breadth course—and even more so from a MOOC like this.


Nov 16, 2015

I have been practicing meditation for two years already.In so far I have attended all Deepak Chopra meditation experiences which I found very helpful but not as helpful this course provided me so far.

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par Mateo P J

Jul 26, 2020

Un curso que te muestra de forma practica la conexión que existe entre la ciencia moderna y el camino Budista, y te invita a una sencilla practica que en lo personal me ha servido para grandes cosas en mi vida. Te recomiendo hacer este curso con la mente abierta y el corazón dispuesto. Gracias

par Nicholas G

May 24, 2020

Thank You Robert Wright and Coursera. This is a great introductory course into the potential role Buddhist practices and teaching are relevant into today's world. While I was stumped during many lectures the more I pondered and meditated on the subject the more truth and understanding "I" see.

par Tomer T

Apr 26, 2020

Great and interesting course! I feel like there are few, although not many, new scientific evidences about material in course. Therefore, some additional modifications might be required. For example, the notion of consciousness as a "flashlight" and not as aggregate that we have no control of.

par Natalie G

Apr 16, 2020

Truly enjoyed Prof. Wright‘s lectures and office hours. Felt like I‘m actually taking part in something and not just watching somebody talk in a course over the web. It‘s a pity, it‘s over. Got attached to it. Well, I guess, I have an opportunity to apply what I learned and not to cling to it.

par Sanjeev G

Apr 13, 2020

This course, along with a Buddhist meditation app, has transformed my life for the better. Dr. Wright is a great lecturer with lots of meditation experience. I've now realized that happiness does not need to be relentlessly pursued, but can be found in the present moment by just being mindful.

par Odile D

Nov 14, 2015

Brilliant and full of hope for humankind !

The teaching is great because it is easily understandable on a cognitive point of view, the reamaining inner path is up to you ! Let's rebel angainst our incomplete thus efficient human nature ! and benefit of the last discoveries of modern psychology

par Kanad k

Mar 11, 2020

Absolutely fantastic experience learning about Buddhism principles and theories of evolutionary psychology explaining how our mind functions. Robert Wright has put so much effort into making this course a charm to navigate and comprehend. I know so much about 'myself' and people around me.

par Jennifer

May 13, 2020

I appreciate Professor Wright's gentle tone and personal aspects that he incorporates. I also like the fact that it's more than just the aspects of Buddhism and Psychology. There is a little bit of science involved as well, which I really didn't anticipate. I really enjoyed this course!

par Eduardo C

Nov 10, 2017

Excellent oportunity to learn about Buddhism under the light of moder psychology. It is "doable" with very concise and well organized lectures which make the course very enjoyable and smooth. Special mention to professor Wright and his dogs, they made the whole experience even more fun.

par Zhou H

Dec 17, 2015


par Catherine R

Aug 07, 2016

I truly adore this course. I'm an engineering student and my strict class schedule doesn't allow me to explore as I'd like. I've always been interested in Buddhism and I'm an avid meditator. This course gives me a historical and psychological framework in which to look at my practice.

par ezgi b

Jul 10, 2019

A nice combination of the scientific facts and not religious learnings of Buddhism. Sone kind of a bridge connetcs me to my own personal perceptions. It is not like a course to follow the information instead it is more like questioning with the instractor and other experts. loved it!

par Kelley C

May 14, 2020

I enjoyed this course and Professor Wright immensely. I was fairly unfamiliar with the concepts of Buddhism, and the lectures and reading material were extremely thought-provoking. Although my brain was sometimes pushed to its limits, the course was well laid out and easy to follow.


Jul 15, 2020

This has been a very nice experience, I haven't ever studied this area of the human knowledge. It's an approach to the Buddhist view from a scientific perspective that added value to such an spiritual perspective of life. Also has a lot of bibliographic and experimental references.

par Monique S

May 15, 2017

Considering its his first time, i think he's doing a great job. I like when a professor is down to earth. I can relate to him thus, me finding this course more and more interesting. I actually look forward to using the internet, logging onto this website for classes. lol Thank you

par Brook M

Dec 10, 2015

After completing this course, I have to say I'm impressed. Normally I struggle to pay attention, but I found this subject absolutely captivating. Also, the teacher was very engaged in his lectures and did a wonderful job explaining all the concepts he talked about in the lectures.

par Natasha

Jul 14, 2017

I am so glad to have enrolled for this course. I thoroughly enjoyed every lecture, it was enlightening to a whole new level. I have learnt so much about Buddhism and being a Psychology student this has surely helped me understand and learn Psychology from a different perspective.

par Emily S

Nov 06, 2015

So far, I'm having a lot of fun - and writing proper essay assignments is proving to be something I've missed terribly since being in school/college etc!

I'm really enjoying everything about this course!

It's set out beautifully, there's a brilliant tutor and it's just fantastic!

par shannon a

Jul 06, 2020

This course contains great lectures on Buddhist principles such as the not-self, impermanence and enlightenment. It also provides evidence for a transformative experience through meditation. If you're interested in eastern philosophy or psychology, you should take this class.

par Fidelia H

Apr 26, 2020

Great course! Prof. Robert Wright does not only offer objective insight into both modern psychology as well as Buddhism - he also manages to make you smile and laugh during every lecture and office hours, making any examples or references he make stay in your mind. Thank you!

par Jonas K

Nov 22, 2019

Very interesting course to get an overview about the original ideas of Buddhism and put them in a context of modern science. The course is well structured and I really enjoyed watching the lectures and to go into a deeper reflection about some of the ideas in the assignments.

par Guillermo

May 06, 2020

Great course! It has deffently helped me understand better concepts of Buddhisim and modern Psychology. Also triggerd to start meditating, not easy though :)

Thank you Robert Wright and all the team at Princenton and Coursera that made this possible, for sure it was worth it!

par Rana E

Jun 14, 2017

Very interesting, informative and stimulating course. Dr Wright is a pleasure to listen to; he is enthusiastic about the topic and has a fantastic sense of humor. I appreciate the time he put in this course and in the office hours answering students questions. Chapeau bas!

par Natalia G

May 18, 2020

I really enjoyed the course, I started without any knowledge about Buddhism or modern psychology, and now I feel I have an undertanding of the topics and how they can be linked. The course was also very easy to follow and the teacher was clear and fun to watch. Congrats!

par Gary S

Jun 02, 2020

Really like the way Robert Wright explained not-self and especially emptiness. I also liked how he discussed meditation as a therapeutic endeavor verses achieving full enlightenment. It allows one to continue exploring the topic without worrying about such a lofty goal.