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The main goal of this class are to gain an introductory exposure to the nature of the psychiatric disorder known as schizophrenia as revealed by the scientific method. We will discuss a broad range of findings from the scientific investigation of biological and psychological factors related to schizophrenia and its treatment. More specifically we will learn about: (1) key symptomatic features through discussion and enactments of interviews with actors portraying many of the cardinal features of the illness, (2) what brain imaging studies (MRI and fMRI) and neurochemistry have taught us about the neuroscience of the disorder, (3) scientific psychological data and theories concerning cognition, emotion and behavior in schizophrenia, and (4) current, evidence-based somatic and psychosocial approaches to treatment. A brief historical overview of the recent emergence of the psychiatric category of schizophrenia will be presented as well....

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Nov 17, 2017



Jul 10, 2018

Excellent short course. The course gives video case studies of symptoms and the content is presented in a factual and informative way, bot of which aid learning.

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par John W

Dec 24, 2018

Ideas clearly enunciated by a Professor who clearly has a deep passion fro this subject. It is also helpful that this presenter, Dr, Matt Kurtz, is personable and uses layman's language. Matt comes across as a friendly and knowledgeable advisor.

This is one of the best MOOCs I have undertaken.

par Beirong L

Jul 19, 2019

I leant so many treatments for schizophrenia, very amazing course journey!

par Praisy P

Jul 16, 2019

Never thought I would learn so much about Schizophrenia. I thank Prof for making an excellent course which is easily accessible and understandable.

par Beatriz d N W

Jun 20, 2019

I sincerely enjoyed this course. It has helped me to understand the illness and learn about it , so with some knowledge and understanding I feel better equipped to contribute to ameliorate their situation in the society.

I like to thank professor Matts Kurtz and the staff for the course.

par Chesley L

Jun 16, 2019

This course is very helpful, especially for those doing researches on schizophrenia. It provides basic models that are extremely useful. I would come back to take notes when necessary.

par Megan B

May 11, 2019

I enjoyed this course very much. I am an occupational therapist working in mental health who also lives with the experience of mental illness. This course breaks down complex subjects well and the videos are short enough to be memorable but detailed enough that one feels that one has learned something. I liked having the ability to read transcripts as the video played because my learning preference is definitely reader-writer over auditory. I would recommend this course for any nurse or allied health professional who is entering or relatively new to the mental health field, or who works regularly with people with schizophrenia in other ways.

par Imjad H M

May 07, 2019

It is indeed an amazing course on neuropsychological aspects of Schizophrenia, rarely discusssd as treatment options offered to patients in a psychopharmacology driven mental health modelof patient care.

par Aankhi B

May 06, 2019

thank you for the wide knowledge and illustrations. you made my life so easy.

par Zaryab F

Apr 02, 2019

It is a very extensive course about schizophrenia.

par Tinavasova A A

Mar 06, 2019

I"m so grateful!

par Inés A R

Feb 26, 2019

Very intersting course to get to understand schizophrenia better! :)

par Altug k

Feb 20, 2019

In the lectures there might be more information about different types of schizofrenia, various other causes like child development, genetics etc. Besides some subtypes of schizofrenia and differential diagnosis from other diseases like mania, drugs etc.

I liked the videos. I liked to course instructors pace. Thank you.

I made many mistakes in my attempts due to my own concentration problems. Overall I liked the course very much.


Feb 10, 2019

delicate attitude

par Gabriela X

Feb 06, 2019

Un aprendizaje básico pero el conocimiento de bastante sustento.

par Elaine W

Feb 01, 2019

I've learned in depth about schizophrenia. It has taught me a lot of things that AP Psychololgy doesn't cover. So it basically expanded my horizen on abnormal psych, and i'm pretty sure I'm gonna take clinical psychology as a major. Great course!

par Lupita R

Jan 09, 2019

I really liked this course, it is a an excellent way to get an overview of Schizophrenia, from theories about etiology to different approaches in treatment. I liked how the neurology was explained and kept on target.

par petya

Dec 29, 2018

OK, but rather superficial

par Rob L

Dec 20, 2018

Excellent overview of the disorder - learned a lot.

par Fahad A N

Dec 14, 2018

This course has helped me greatly in my employment in mental health. There is much information & references to follow up on. The lecturer's presentation is effective & interesting. There is a variety methods of delivering the information through video, slides, role play & discussion boards. This has helped me pass both quizzes first time and at a high score.

par Mihaela T

Dec 02, 2018

Great class, well structured and presented!

par Graham P T

Nov 13, 2018

Very difficult to stay engaged when the presenter is always saying "um um ah ah ah ah um um"

par Naomi F

Oct 10, 2018

I wish it could have gone more in depth.

par Haider A S

Oct 02, 2018

Amazing, I am learning so much. A big thank you to the professor.

par huda k

Sep 20, 2018

I currently study Psychology at A level, and this has covered not only the fundamentals we need but also context and history of the disorder which I found very intriguing to discover. thank you for this opportunity!!

par Michael B K

Sep 11, 2018

Could have been more comprehensive and more with indivigual case histories.