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A good project schedule helps all team members’ work together to meet project objectives. A project budget with realistic cost constraints is also an essential bedrock of any project. In this course you’ll learn to plan and stick to time and cost constraints in order to ensure the success of your projects. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Identify the resource needs of the project 2. Decompose work packages into activities 3. Define what is needed to estimate activity durations 4. Define milestones and create a milestone schedule 5. Determine the critical path and calculate float 6. Describe the purpose of using leads and lags in a project schedule 7. Estimate the quantities and costs of resources required to perform project activities 8. Select one of three common cost estimating techniques to determine a project budget 9. Use a responsibility assignment matrix to assign responsibilities 10. Recognize the components of a project’s quality management plan...

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23 oct. 2016

I enjoyed this course, the mix of the video presentations and the powerpoints are well done. The instructor does an excellent job. the 'bonus videos' and 'panelist interviews' are very good as well.


5 févr. 2017

Great course going into important details on cost and budgeting. I really like the video portion which gives real-world examples that help reinforce and bring the concepts to an everyday audience.

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par NK

27 juin 2021

I currently have my PMP certification, but I needed PDUs to renew my certificate. I completed the Project Management Principles and Practices specialization from UCI to achieve the 35 PDUs, but I wasn't pleased with the course overall and had significant issues with the Capstone Project. The three courses included in the Project Management Principles and Practices specialization provide a practical introduction to Project Management. The Professors also discusses problems faced in actual prior projects (i.e. it's not theoretical), how to approach those problems and best practices, which was great.

From my perspective, however, there were a lot of problems with the course:

1​. It's not comprehensive. It glosses over a lot of items and unless you are either already familiar with project management applications and/or complete all the supplemental reading, it doesn't entirely prepare you for the capstone project.

2​. This is absolutely NOT the course to take if you are looking to understand project management principles to pass the PMP exam. Key components of the exam are only included in the slide decks - and even there are glossed over. So even though you will get the credit to sit for the exam, you will in no way be prepared for the exam. Instead, UCI encourages you to sign up for another course. This might seem like an unfair comment, but recognize that I took one $25 course on another online learning platform that provided me with 80% of what I needed to sit for the exam. I think this should be disclosed upfront in the FAQs to avoid confusion.

3​. I was infuriated by my so called peers in the Capstone Project. Of the 8 assignments I reviewed between the practice and final peer review assignments, only ONE met the criteria. There was another which provided a good high level start to the project, but was missing a lot of the details. In general, you could tell people didn't want to invest the time and effort into the capstone project. They simply wanted to complete the bare minimum (if that) in order to get the certificate. I also can't tell you how many submissions I had to flag for spam - and even outright plagirized content. You need to do the work; if you don't want to, you shouldn't take this course.

4​. I also encountered difficulty posting my certificate to the PMI (Project Management Institute) website. I wish the Provider ID were on the certificate and the name of the course exactly matched what was in their directly. I almost selected the wrong course, which would have given me fewer PDUs

A​s a result, I would not recommend this course, except to those who are curious to learn more about project management - but not necessarily wanting to sit for the exam.

par Alicia C

21 déc. 2020

The is well put together the lecturer are experienced . The course is very informative and work based experience was the best method used to explain the topic. Thank you for teaching this course.

par Justin R

8 juil. 2018

Most of the material was straight out of the PMBOK. It would have been cheaper to just purchase the PMBOK. Additionally, a lot of the important material was contained in a Flash website, and is not available as a PDF for future reference and accessibility.

par Arthur J

18 mai 2020

The course is quite shallow and I feel like this course is just intended to sell the reference book ...

par ashish d

15 janv. 2020

An excellent course with professional tutors. The course gives an insight into the Budgeting and Scheduling projects. It covers most of the basic topics in an excellent, elaborate and understandable manner. The panelist interviews covered are a gold mine as you listen to the experienced people from the project management field sharing their views.

par Utibe E I

6 mai 2020

Participating in this course has been an illuminating experience. I have gained solid theoretical background and practical application scenarios on project cost management and project schedule management. The role of strategic quality management was also emphasized and driven home. I look forward to the third course in this series. Tank you UCI.

par Victor Q

1 nov. 2020

The course was concisely presented. Valuable information gained thru online learning will be helpful for my career and personal development. Thank you very much to the instructor, Margaret Meloni, MBA,PMP. Special thanks as well to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Philippines and Coursera for this opportunity.

par MA. J T V

19 août 2020

This course is definitely worth taking as it is very detailed and all the reading materials are high-yield and highly supplemented with explanations in the videos. It did not just focus on how to budget financially but also budgeting time and resources in order to not compromise the quality of the project and the product.

par Michael J B

17 juil. 2016

Excellent course. The videos by Professor Meloni are greatly supported by follow on presentations and quizes. Great information backed up by the interviews of professionals from the field ad to the learning enviroment. I have already become an advocate for Coursera and reccomended to many of my coleagues.

par Anastasiia L

10 juin 2018

All information is presented in an accessible form. You will have to read a little and understand the charts in this course, but there are enough detailed instructions and explanations on the examples at the end of the week. So you can figure it out. Perhaps this will have to review several times videos.

par Dorothy H

2 juil. 2021

Instructor Margaret Meloni is a rock star to me! I always appreciate professors who deliver high-quality instruction. I learned how to budget and schedule projects. The concepts were at times challenging; however the videos, readings, and practice made all the difference. Thank you Margaret Meloni!

par Tim B

3 avr. 2018

First of all, many thanks to creator/instructor Mrs. Margaret Meloni who teached and shared a lot knowledge from fundamentals to advances of Resource, Budget and Schedule planning as well as management skill sets. There was a lot attractive case studies, well-organized lessons helped me to learn fast.

par Stella K

17 déc. 2020

Enjoyed this very detailed course a lot, especially the network diagram that is really useful for a beginner. Sadly, I am disappointed that we can only have access through a link for the readings. I would love to be able to download them in a PDF format in order to review again later or when needed.

par Clara C

23 mai 2021

The course really offers me a detailed insight of budgeting and scheduling. It really helps me gain the insightful perspective as a newbie in project management field. Every reading material provides lots of knowledge and details and it takes time to consume. But it's totally worth it!


18 nov. 2020


par Kshitij N

17 avr. 2020

The course highlights the key aspects of cost, time, schedule management. The course gives a good clarity of PMBOK 6th edition lessons. Miss. Margaret has done an amazing job of explaining the key terms very easily. The bonus lectures are worth watching and the case studies too.

par Suhaimi C

9 nov. 2020

Great course. Highly recommended. Prof Margaret delivered high quality materials. Really love her bonus videos that shared her challenges and pitfalls to avoid. Love the course structure. And kudos to the panelist interviews that provided insights on project management role.

par V.Vijay M B T C

4 mai 2020

The way you have paved the knowledge so systematically, it is laudable. An average student such as me- could easily grasp the spirit of How the Budgeting and Scheduling is done. Surely the panel discussion gave lots of insights in addition to the teaching by Ms. Meloni.

par Ildiko M

12 janv. 2017

The "Budgeting and Scheduling Projects" course was very useful, with lots of hands-on examples and valuable real life experience based expert tips. I also enjoyed the level of interactivity and small tasks within the course slides and the case study videos.

par Bencherki M

1 avr. 2020

enjoyed the lectures, presented in relaxed atmosphere, with easy step-by-step to understand, practice, and built project activities scheduling and assessment. I recommend even to non-Program managers, good to understand how pieces of the puzzle fit in.

par alexandre C

22 juin 2016

Thanks to this cours, you will act more confidently in your business, you will use professionnal tools and knowledge. So you will bring security. This tool will change your life because you will do it your way but in a manner understood and shared.

par Gaston L

11 mars 2020

The panelists interviews at the last week of the course is simply amazing.

I love how this course not only teaches the theory, but also the practical part of the job and the daily problems that (beginner) project managers might encounter.

par Yoga P D

7 févr. 2021

thank you so much for this course, i am sure i understand about budgeting and scheduling projects. its also has such a point that you can highlight for your knowledge. dont forget to watch the video from the lecture, it was so helpful


31 oct. 2020

The lessons were very informative, easily understood and the presentations were attractive. I would be much grateful for the lecture and support staff, for their endless endeavours to make this course a success. Thank you so much.

par Shailja P

19 juin 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed learning the key skills involved in estimating the cost and timeline of a project. The ease with which Margret has taught network diagram for activities and thereafter identifying critical path is commendable.