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This is yet one more introductory course on quantum computing. Here I concentrate more on how the mathematical model of quantum computing grows out from physics and experiment, while omitting most of the formulas (when possible) and rigorous proofs. On the first week I try to explain in simple language (I hope) where the computational power of a quantum computer comes from, and why it is so hard to implement it. To understand the materials of this week you don't need math above the school level. Second and third weeks are about the mathematical model of quantum computing, and how it is justified experimentally. Some more math is required here. I introduce the notion of a linear vector space, discuss some simple differential equations and use complex numbers. The forth week is dedicated to the mathematical language of quantum mechanics. You might need this if you want to dig deeper into subject, however I touch only the tip of the iceberg here. On the week 5 I finally introduce some simple quantum algorithms for cryptography and teleportation....

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25 sept. 2021

Loved the course and recommend for all, especially for those who are just starting their journey in quantum computing or those who just wonder how weird the quantum world really is.

10 déc. 2020

I like everything about this course except the title, there are many formulas. But really well explained, I enjoyed it a lot and I think I learned something. I recommend it.

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par Edgar A J P

20 mars 2021

Buen curso, vale la pena seguirlo, el instructor enseña bien.

par shadiEA60

22 déc. 2020

Thanks for very good and conceptual course. [Shadi, PhD]

par Julien T

28 janv. 2021

Great introduction to Quantum Computing

par Clinton L

9 déc. 2021

Very good introduction to the subject.

par Thomas O

5 nov. 2021

V​ery accessible and interesting.


18 août 2021

Too good and full of explanation.

par Ben A

29 oct. 2021

Very true to it's promises

par Rituraj N

24 nov. 2021

Very clear exposition

par Amy X

4 avr. 2021

absolutely brilliant

par Rúben A B

12 sept. 2021

Great materials!

par Nimrita K

5 juil. 2021

Excellent Course

par Laura A

21 juin 2021

Great clarity!


8 mars 2021

I am 48 years old and i have a major degree in Physics. Although i have studied Quanto physics back then, i wanted to recall some basic things about it since now i am a software programmer. This course is very comprehensive and i would like to congractulate the proffesor since i believe it is very difficult, almost impossible for such Knowledge to be conveyed especially to people who have no background in physics or maths. An excellent effort , congractulations again. I am looking forward to take the intermediate course for quantum computing.


par Emmanuel P

6 déc. 2021

Really nice approach to limit mathematics, though mathemeatics is required in quantum computing, so can't escape it, but really helped to follow the Introduction to Quantum Computing degree

par Kalyan G D

16 janv. 2022

Its an interesting course, but you should have some backgrounds on quantum physics, matrices and logic gates to enjoy the entire course.


6 oct. 2021

It was a great opportunity for me to take this course online! I really loved the ideas discussed in this course.Thanks to coursera.

par Arghya M

16 janv. 2022

Engish subtitle is full of mistakes, for example basis is often written buses

par Mayank S

25 nov. 2021

Nice introduction to the quantum world.

par Marc S R

13 déc. 2021

I would find useful to reason more why it is needed each of the topics explained. Also, it would be clearer to explain the formulations step by step; sometimes it is difficult to put together the image and the voice.

par Tracy R

19 avr. 2021

Presentation of material is extremely dry without any effort to make it interesting or appealing. Instructor has a very heavy accent which makes him difficult to understand at times.