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"Quantum Computing" is among those terms that are widely discussed but often poorly understood. The reasons of this state of affairs may be numerous, but possibly the most significant among them is that it is a relatively new scientific area, and it's clear interpretations are not yet widely spread. The main obstacle here is the word "quantum", which refers to quantum mechanics - one of the most counter-intuitive ways to describe our world. But fear not! This is not a course on quantum mechanics. We will gently touch it in the beginning and then leave it apart, concentrating on the mathematical model of quantum computer, generously developed for us by physicists. This doesn't mean that the whole course is mathematics either (however there will be enough of it). We will build a simple working quantum computer with our bare hands, and we will consider some algorithms, designed for bigger quantum computers which are not yet developed. The course material is designed for those computer scientists, engineers and programmers who believe, that there's something else than just HLL programming, that will move our computing power further into infinity. Since the course is introductory, the only prerequisites are complex numbers and linear algebra. These two are required and they have to be enough. Happy learning!...

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10 mai 2020

The course was very insightful. The only problem I faced was that the concepts were not neatly explained, I had to go back in the videos many times to understand. But an amazing course overall.

23 févr. 2020

Heavily Packed course..Touched the tip of a huge iceberg named "Beauty of Mathematics" from this course..Thanks to Coursera and the team for this insightful journey of 5 weeks with you.

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par abhishek y

27 mai 2020

The course is very good if you want to start learning quantum computing.

The only problem with the instructor is that his english not that good so you might face some difficulty in understanding him.

par Saiket T

8 mai 2020

Fantastic course with a nicely structured progression. Professor Syosev went into great detail to ensure that the mathematical models behind the algorithms and filed spaces were clear.

par Pranav J

4 nov. 2019

Need more context and extra knowledge other than the course for completion. But it helped me guide as to what all I need to learn in order to move forward in the field

par Néstor G

31 mai 2020

Significant effort to land a complex subject. The learning curve is a bit high, especially in the last two weeks, where the math gets tough.

par Pratik R

23 févr. 2020

The professor was very good with his concepts but his communication is not clear...and the pre-requisites were not clear initially

par Aleksei T

23 août 2020

A highly technical course which lacks the motivation and often times does not give the intuition behind some key algorithms

par Vivek P

23 mars 2019

It was a well organized course. The assignments were challenging, but they were solvable. The Professor taught really well!

par Pablo T

4 mai 2020

the exercies are difficul to work out based on the theory. I would appreciate that the instructor solved more problems.

par Gokul S

2 sept. 2020

I enjoyed it for the very fact that it was difficult and mathematics is just mind blowing!! the course was excellent!!


13 mai 2020

The course is great and the material really blew my mind, coming from a traditional programming background.

par Yury K

8 avr. 2020

Sometimes it was difficult to follow, logical jumps between two statesments are often to big.

par Cheng-Ya, Y

24 août 2019

It's a really great course and I finally may take a peek at the field of quantum computing.

par Mark C

7 févr. 2021

Excellent starting course, esp if you already have a background in Linear Algebra.

par Garlapati S V

9 oct. 2020

Course is very good & mind-blowing and needs great understanding in mathematics .

par Vishwa P S

12 avr. 2020

Thanks Discussion forums helped in solving my errors.

par Ralf J

28 févr. 2021

Great intuitive explanations of concepts.

par Suneth J

19 mars 2020

This is good but needs more clarity.

par David W

6 sept. 2020

Challenging and enjoyable course.


par Muhammad S

6 mai 2020

A little bit Language issue

par Luca C

24 avr. 2021

I have a MSc in Physics and I was curious about this subject - I took many online courses, and my opinion is that the teacher really tries to convey the subject in a clear way, but he's not so good in it. It might be that in live lectures he comes across differently. The content is quite good for an introduction, although this might be better called "Fundamentals", because this is above and beyond an Introduction.

Of course it's good to have all the basics + the main, known, applications, but some people might prefer to just understand what it's all about. I would suggest to those that want only to take a whiff of the subject, to aim for YouTube rather. This is a full introduction, complete with the math, and you need to have a solid understanding of discrete math and linear algebra to go on successfully here. Otherwise you'll not take what you should from this course.

Sometimes it was hard to understand because I'm used to precise language and here, with his accent some word were just not understandable, even from the scripted version (which should be revised by him, I think, to at least correct the [inaudible] parts). I want to remark that I really appreciated the teacher efforts, nonetheless. Looking forward to a similar experience!

par Debasish R C

14 mai 2020

The course seems to cover the important stuff. But there are some issues with the quality of the material. The videos are chopped off in the middle of a discussion making them difficult to follow. Also, the intro part of every video is too loud compared to the rest of the material.

par Uzair J

9 mars 2020

It was difficult to even grasp the main idea of many algorithms. Involvement of some discrete mathematics made it more difficult to understand. There is a need for more simple exercises and videos.

par Leonardo S

27 févr. 2020

Good course, but it could be better, especially in terms of getting better answers from the instructor. The subject is hard to deal with and grasping some of the subtleties is difficult.

par Varsha

20 juin 2020

The lectures were quite difficult to understand and could have been simplified. The explanations given were not enough to develop a full understanding.

par Apurva T

10 avr. 2021

A good to begin with. Covers the theory of the most popular quantum algorithms.