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This course will introduce students to the basics of the Structured Query Language (SQL) as well as basic database design for storing data as part of a multi-step data gathering, analysis, and processing effort. The course will use SQLite3 as its database. We will also build web crawlers and multi-step data gathering and visualization processes. We will use the D3.js library to do basic data visualization. This course will cover Chapters 14-15 of the book “Python for Everybody”. To succeed in this course, you should be familiar with the material covered in Chapters 1-13 of the textbook and the first three courses in this specialization. This course covers Python 3....
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12 mars 2018

The course is great... You can definitely learn many things... Was kind of hard for me and i went many times back and forth through most of the lectures... However i think i learn many new things....

22 juin 2017

Wonderful course! I learnt many useful SQL statements and know how to combine database operations into python program. Dr. Chuck's lectures are always comprehensible and clear. Thank you, professor.

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5 mai 2020

assignment which was submitted has not been reset and now I am not recieving my certificate

par Justin D

8 janv. 2018

Note: I'm rating this course as an element of the Python for Everyone Specialization. This course is well done technically and Severance is a great teacher, but I don't know what they were thinking when deciding to have students who have only just recently gained a most tenuous grasp of Python start to work with databases. If a student began this as a true beginner, s/he is still just a fledgling pythonista by the time he's being completely overwhelmed by all this other new stuff. I found that when JSON, XML, and SQL were introduced, my comprehension of "what's going on" decreased from around 95% to 15%. My eyes just glazed over when looking at the code and I completed assignments by tinkering around and praying that they would work.

par Alie E A A O

22 mars 2019

i don't enjoy with this course at all. this course is not good . i don't like copying code and paste it into other place. also to explain code was written before is not good for beginner the code must be written live to understand whole code . Also the assignment wasn't clear at all. you had to search to know what they want exactly. I hope to improve it for next people who will take it

par Connor H

11 juin 2019

It's a great toy introduction to database technologies - I wish the assignments involved more than just running starter code and making a few lines of modifications.

par hari k

19 juin 2020

i finished the course 4 days back still one assignment is pending for the instructor to grade it because of their delay im not able to get the spelization certificate and my subscription ends tomorrow i dont think im going to re subscribe

par Cory A

30 juin 2020

Not necessarily a bad course, but the final assignment you wait for it to be graded. I don't know about other people, but I'm not going to pay for another month for a specialization I've already finished just to get a piece of paper that states I can figure out vague instructions. I wish I could give it a better score since I like the way the instructor explains things. Just not enough details and to many fluff videos. If you don't watch them then you will miss a question in the final capstone quiz.

par sudheer n D

7 oct. 2019

Charles Severance is one of my favourite professors. He teaches stuff in the simplest way possible. He delivers the content is in a very friendly manner. So friendly that if I meet him by chance, my first sentence might be "Hey Chuck, Wasup?"

Coming to the course content, I didn't understand why they included object oriented programming in this course. Provides good exposure to SQL. There is a week of geocoding, though he doesn't walk you through everyline of geocoding exercise, throwing it out there gives exposure and opportunity to learn more on own.

par Sarthak S

30 avr. 2020

I have submitted week 5 assignment Databases and visualization(peer graded) yesterday.In that submission i only got 70%. To pass the assignment and get the certificate i need 80%. Since, i want to resubmit my assignment there is no option to resubmit my assignment.So please check this issue and help me to resubmit my assignment and get my certificate.

Following is the note from instructor. Plz consider it for reset.

You've used an older version of geodata which is no longer applicable. You need to download the updated geodata zip file using the link given on the assignment page. Using the updated version will allow you to add a new location even when using dr. Chuck's API to complete the assignment. The new location can be a park, a museum, a cafe, university, etc., something that will set your submission apart from others.You can post a request on the forum explaining you've read the instructor note if you would like a reset. Please copy and paste this note when requesting a reset on the forum.

par Barath G

22 juin 2020

the instructor didn't rate. its pending for long time. Either delete or complete it.

par Peter B

6 sept. 2018

Instructor is engaging, conceptual overviews were excellent.

Here's what I would do to improve:

(1) I don't think it would cost you much or take you much time to add honors content. That would be helpful for anyone just brushing up on the material that wants to go a little further.

(2) The last assignment is absurdly easy. I've never had a programming assignment where the criteria is simply to run code someone else has already written. That's just lazy and it hurts the brand name of Coursera and the University of Michigan.

I'm sure some of your students ('ahem) would be happy to produce some honors concept and rework the final assignment.

par Vaughn P

29 avr. 2016

Dr. Charles Severance is by far the best Computer Science professor out there!!! I've done a significant amount of online Computer Science courses -as well as classroom courses back in college - and not one professor has been as fun and easy to understand as Chuck. He puts presents every topic in such a way that you're never scared off thinking "i'll never understand this stuff." He make computers and everything technical make sense. I've basically binge-watched almost every lecture/course he's headed up.

I never knew how vital it was to understand Database development. I also thought it would be outside of my realm of knowledge but now all i want to do is build databases to analyse. He makes it so easy to comprehend. I always thought i was Python was for wanna-be programmers but now i'm proud to say Python is my language of choice. SQL scared the hell out of me before i took this course. Now it's my first stop when i'm planning to develop a new model.

He makes learning fun and seems like he's be a really fun guy to get to hang with. Thanks Dr. Chuck for your love of teaching, you're the best!

par Jiang L

23 juin 2017

Wonderful course! I learnt many useful SQL statements and know how to combine database operations into python program. Dr. Chuck's lectures are always comprehensible and clear. Thank you, professor.

par Jesse G

17 juin 2016

This course was great! I enjoyed parsing different types of data: from documents and the web. This course is definitely (rudimentary) a must take course for anyone who wants to go into data science.

par Hao Z

18 juil. 2020

Dr. Chuck is a nice teacher but I have a very bad experience in this course, especially for the assignment of week 5. This is a very easy and simple assignment and basically just follow Dr. chuck's video. I have no ideas why we need to wait for more than one week just waiting for the teaching stuff to mark it. Otherwise we are unable to receive the certificate. This gives me a feeling that the unnecessary long marking period is just to increase your time subscribing to this course and they can earn more money!!

par 齐振

10 févr. 2019


par Miroslav M

13 mars 2018

The course is great... You can definitely learn many things... Was kind of hard for me and i went many times back and forth through most of the lectures... However i think i learn many new things....

par Muhannad D

4 oct. 2020

another course made greatly with Dr.Charles , I have never expected I will reach this far in learning programming on my own.

par Miklos L

7 sept. 2017

This Python3 course is EXTREMELY sloppy compared to the earlier Python2 version.

Chuck acts as if he is really tired of making this course.

Examples: Chuck writes on the white slide with yellow. Later with yellow pen on the yellow database icon. One has to pause, look closer.

Chuck copy pastes the SQL code. It is not provided for us as a text, so I pause the video for 15 minutes and start typing.

SQL command should be UPPERCASE, but sqlite doesn't care apparently, but this wasn't discussed.

And there are dozens of things like this.

par Jeffrey B

23 juil. 2017

instead of the previous courses, I do not really appreciate this one. The material is too broad, and we do not really have to hands on coding in python for database e implementation. Its more that you get a general overview of database management, but i miss depth. Also you dont really have to write much code, because it has been done for you. This really makes the excersises too easy, and deprives you of learning opportunities.

par Michael K

6 févr. 2020

Far too simplistic assignments

par Thomas T

16 mai 2019

Assignment for week 5 is very poorly instructed and very confused . Spending more time on the assignment than the course. The assignment should said add a new address to the end of file or beginning of file or should say something about highlighting or editing an image. I don't have image editor on my new Mac computer and had to download it for this class.

par Saman M A M

9 avr. 2020

This course helped me to understand the basics of databases, in this case, sqllite, then I learned how to create Table in a database using python programming, then Dr.chuck taught us as how to use our previously learned material in a practical example. How to read a file from the internet, then parse it in json and then creating a database and finally visualize the data.

I strongly recommend this course and its amazing instructor.


6 mars 2019

This course is well designed to get fast launching in programming & talking to data with python. As the name suggests " Python For Everybody ", courses in this specialization really signifies that.

par Yash J

4 mai 2020

Nice course...!!

I really loved the course structure designed and the coding standards/approaches used.Teaching style of the Instructor is really Nice.

I just want to suggest that week 5 videos are not up to mark and should be updated as per new Google API and the Instructor must explain how we can add our own desired location from Google maps and See it on the Map of where.html File used in the Assignment because I spent too much time in Week 5 assignment but still was not able to understand the code.

I think Some more explanation can be included on Normalization as how we can create relational tables more precisely as it was used in code example and also on how to use Primary and Foreign key in Databases table with Working example and demonstration.

par Matthew B

25 avr. 2016

The course was informative and some of the material regarding databases will be useful towards my current job. However, I felt that in classes 3 and 4, Python was really an after thought. I believe I could have completed this course without ever taking the first two classes because the assignments only required slight modifications to existing code. I was more analyzing patterns rather then truly understanding the code. I would rather see the course continue to expand upon basic programing knowledge so that I can write the code by myself instead of seeking examples to cut/paste all the time.