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This course will introduce students to the basics of the Structured Query Language (SQL) as well as basic database design for storing data as part of a multi-step data gathering, analysis, and processing effort. The course will use SQLite3 as its database. We will also build web crawlers and multi-step data gathering and visualization processes. We will use the D3.js library to do basic data visualization. This course will cover Chapters 14-15 of the book “Python for Everybody”. To succeed in this course, you should be familiar with the material covered in Chapters 1-13 of the textbook and the first three courses in this specialization. This course covers Python 3....
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Mar 13, 2018

The course is great... You can definitely learn many things... Was kind of hard for me and i went many times back and forth through most of the lectures... However i think i learn many new things....


Jan 14, 2018

It's an excellent course. Thanks for the oportunity to learn. Thanks to Coursera, to the University of Michigan and of course to Dr. Chuck, a very good an enthusiastic teacher! All the best for you!

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par Jasper A T B

Sep 15, 2020

Great learning experience. Now on my last leg of the specialization and I feel comfortable making my own programs. I started with 0 programming knowledge but advanced Excel skills. I have made various programs and made even more friends withing the PY4E community. This course has definitely helped me make the programs I want and needs. From simple to more complex web scraping and data base management personal projects this course will definitely guide you through Python 3.

par Vadim Y

Feb 21, 2016

As with the previous courses in this series, this class is excellent. It builds on what what was discussed in the preceding courses and combines it all to show students how it all comes together to create practical applications. Not only that, but you will learn about how databases work as well as best practices for building databases. Charles Severance has a way of making seemingly complex concepts very simple to understand. One of my favorite instructors thus far.

par Joseph D

Jan 28, 2016

These courses, taught by the well spoken Professor Severance, is fantastic for beginners in the Python language. I feel like I've learned more from these than any book I just picked up and started reading. Charles Severance not only explains how to work with Python but the full spectrum of W's(who, what, when, why).

I'd recommend signing up for this if you are interested in Python. In fact, I've touted its usefulness to quite a few people in conversation.

par Alexander P

Mar 05, 2016

This course does an excellent job of blending a basic introduction to relational databases and SQLite with some important tools in Python. Folks comfortable with SQL can probably skip most of the lecture in weeks 2 and 3, as the content is focused on learning SQL and using the SQLite browser as opposed to using Python with these tools. This was a great way to bring together the fundamentals from the first three courses in this specialization.

par Anastasia K

Jun 30, 2020

Since I have informed my family that I started with Python and ohhhh I will be finally programming, they kept saying "yeah that's cool but you also should learn to treat databases". I was like "what are databases? why databases?"

And after this course I will definetely go further for them! SQlight is so convenient and cool!

I like Dr Chuck's style of teaching very much and always follow him. This course is worth the highest grade ever!

par Mykhailo K

Feb 28, 2020

Great course to make students familiar with databases fundamentals, data retrieving from API and data mining concepts. Prof. Severance excellent teacher and tells about history of information technologies and about databases fundamentals in that way to interest the students.

For me it was a little bit easy class, because I'm already familiar with the databases, but the rest of the course was new for me, useful and very interesting.

par Mladen R

Dec 26, 2016

This course gives a great introduction to SQL and how it can be used inside of Python for communicating with Databases. The pace is good and the exercises are explained well, though the quizzes can be a bit more difficult. Final exercise was good, but I think it can be more challenging by giving less suggestions how to do something and by giving more independence to students. Overall, the course was awesome and I learned a lot.

par Yash B

Oct 15, 2016

This course is as awesome as the other ones in the series. I love the way things from all the courses(SQL, accessing data from web API's etc.) merges together in the end. This course complements the others and the series as a whole teaches one enough to develop some useful programs.

I wish there were more of coding exercises rather than just code completion. Overall, a great learning experience with Dr. Chuck, the Pythonista.

par Juan J C

Mar 03, 2016

The final course in the amazing Python for Everybody Specialization by UMich and Dr. Charles Severance. Really glad I took part in these series, which improved my skills in Python programming. Real hands-on approach to show the basic and essential concepts about how to interface with databases using as a tool the embedded sqlite, how to correctly define normalized tables, and how to implement important design patterns.

par Andres F A H

Oct 31, 2016

The course is amazing, the professor gives you right examples an amount of information for understanding the topics. After you finish the course you are not an expert but you have the right concepts and knowledge for developing your projects. Furthermore, the additional material (interviews) are pretty interesting. I audit the course but I did all the homework, you must do the homework to really understand the topics.

par Kaloyan A

Aug 10, 2019

I definitely recommend this course! It advances one's knowledge not only in Python - which is the purpose of the whole specialization - but also in domains such as databases, data management systems, and pretty much all the basic knowledge one needs to obtain basic understanding of a company/product data infrastructure. It' a must-take! And of course, as usual, Dr. Chuck makes the whole experience a true enjoyment.

par Brett S

Sep 26, 2018

This course provided an thorough conceptual introduction to Databases, their basic structure and function, and insight into how they can be incorporated into practical applications. A few of the problems were challenging, but worth while once the solutions became apparent. If you have already completed the first three courses in the series i would advise you give this an effort. It should prove to be beneficial.

par Clark P

Jan 03, 2017

Still absolutely awesome program. Only two comments. I understand it's probably necessary, but I didn't like relying on code I didn't understand - I don't like the "take it on faith". Other is that I liked the old video approach in which both Dr. Chuck and the code were visible simultaneously, rather than alternating between. Otherwise a really important course to make available to everybody. Thanks -

par Cornelia C

May 29, 2020

I loved the course, course material and instructor. This was one of my favourite courses in the specialisation, and loved learning about SQL - even if it is just at a very basic level. It would have been nice if we learnt a few more SQL language principles (but I realise that this is a Python course :-)) - but it has given me some food for thought - and also possibly inspired me to take a SQL course next.

par Abhijeet G

Dec 16, 2019

This course helped me understand all the fundamentals and basics of database, relational database and programming python application with Python. Thanks to Dr. Chuck and University of Michigan for this amazing course. Dr. Chuck has made the learning very easy with adding a lot fun with the study.

Last but not least, thank you Coursera for making this course available to us on this platform. Appreciate !

par Gianpietro P

May 26, 2016

Again another good course by one of your instructor, Mr. Severance.

I like to attend course where there is fun and passion and this is quite usual with him. I understand the choice of sqlite over fully fledged sql server: simple and widely available. I was tempted to give 4 stars because of it but I can see that it will add unnecessary and misleading complexity since the course is about Python mostly.

par Tong Y H

Sep 20, 2019

The 4th class I had for python with Dr Chunk

much better than last one, "Exploring Data Sources (Project)", with quite a lot arguments among the student and community

this time Dr Chunk knows there are so namy noobs like me, who need case study with lines to line intrepretation everything he do Worked Examples. It really helps in keep reminding us and understand how things works.

So, now

I know python

par Kainka

Mar 06, 2017

This was a very exciting course giving an insight into data modelling challenges, working with databases and visualization of data and showing smart ways of how Python can making our lives much easier by automating processes around databases. The course also covers the basic terminology of Object Orientated Programming making it a good liaison with what's been discussed in the previous lectures.

par Carlo C

Jun 12, 2017

This course tied in all the various uses of Python for data analysis, including data scraping, data loading, data cleansing, database design, data analysis, and visualization. I am now going to take the Data Science with Python Course, after completing the capstone for this certification! Thanks again Dr. Chuck, and hope to meet you in an office hours when you visit Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada!

par Koh E A

Sep 19, 2019

Prof Chuck did an excellent job introducing this course. It may not be explained in detail, and students are not expected to understand every single line of code but that's OK because as he mentioned previously, this course is just a beginning, a stepping stone to learning Python better in future.

Take further courses and look up information on the Internet. Keep learning and all the best!

par Joe W

Jul 03, 2017

Would have liked a bit more hands-on with the code in this section, plus some material felt a bit forced here because there was nowhere else for it to go. The course changed from Python 2 to 3 while I was doing it, which I think could have been handled better.

That said - it's enough to start using Python in a real-world context, and I have respect for anyone who gets through these courses.

par Mritunjay S

Aug 04, 2019

It was awesome experience to developed database skill using python programming language and i would like to say thanks to Dr. Chuck, you really make it simple by the way you taught.

So, i highly recommend this course who like to go with the beginning of the database skill with python programming. In fact, i recommend to go with all the previous course in python for everyone specialization.

par Alexander G

Apr 05, 2020

The course is well-structured, nicely presented by Dr. Charles Russell Severance and has a lot of interesting additional materials such as interviews with the top names from the world of computer science (Andrew Tanenbaum, Niklaus Wirth, etc.) and selfie-like meetings with the course students. Though I expected this course to be a little bit more challenging, I have really enjoyed it.

par Umut S

Nov 22, 2019

Great course to get your step into the database world with Python. Professor Severance shares some nice code applications and examples that you can help you understand basic database solutions. Fundamentals of databases are also quickly and nicely elaborated. This is not a deep course by any means but it's a great way to start if you don't want to spend too much time with theories.

par Melissa G

Jan 27, 2016

This course was awesome, as were the rest of the courses in this set by Dr. Chuck. He does a really good job of explaining the content so it's understandable. I found that I REALLY like working with database programming, so now I'm off to find more database programming courses to learn more. :-) Thank you so much for this course set, Dr. Chuck! Can't wait to see more from you! :-)