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This course gives you a reliable model for preparing and delivering effective presentations. In business, in school, and in public life, we are often called upon to “make a few comments.” Often, people tasked with such speeches become flummoxed. They might not know what to talk about, or ramble without making a point, or simply be confusing to listen to. This course is designed to help you shine where others falter. We’ll learn how organize talks clearly, write them memorably, and deliver them confidently. By the end of the course, you should be able to significantly reduce your fear of public speaking, use rehearsal techniques to develop a strong, vibrant speaking voice, and perform speeches with dynamic movement and gestures. The speech model that we’ll practice is useful for briefings, elevator talks, interviews, and even as a structure for hour-long presentations. If you’re a beginner, this course will help you quickly master the fundamentals of speaking. If you’re a seasoned speaker, this course will help you better understand public speaking and push you to the next level....

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27 févr. 2017

This course is great. You simply learn a lot in an easy way. The teacher is really good and knows how to teach and engage you in the lessons. I am looking forward to next courses in the specialization


5 juin 2020

Excellent course for who are starting to speak in public or who are already a public speaker, no matter you join this course to get more tools & ideas to make your speech interesting to the audience.

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par Ginamarie Z C

21 déc. 2020

Professor McGarrity demonstrated great energy and I really enjoyed his use of humor throughout the course. The course materials are some of the best I have seen...easy to follow, comprehensive, smaller video segments to keep the viewer engaged. Summaries were helpful in preparing for the quizzes. Lots of optional pieces and definitely worth completing for the full experience. I look forward to putting into practice the skills I learned from this course. Definitely recommend this course if you are aspiring to be a better public speaker or just interested in public speaking.

par Iveren I

17 déc. 2021

Quite a valuable and practical introductory course to Public Speaking. Prof. Matt is engaging and knowledge and builds well upon past lecture skills. I am looking forward to taking the other courses in this specialization. The only downer are the Peer Reviews - no valuable feedback is given by most persons and thus makes the whole process quite shallow. The great thing though is that this is the only Coursera course I've taken where I got feedback from the instructor - shows an uncommon level of dedication to his work. Thank you Matt!

par Oscar C

11 août 2017

Throughout all of high school, I attacked public speaking class as an unnecessary class, but I did so because I actually feared it a bit. However, this course, after being a bit hesitant to take it at first, was incredible. Although it was only an introduction to public speaking, it gave me valuable insight into what it really is and practical skills that I put to use immediately (I noticed results instantly in the way people listened to me). I plan on taking the rest of the courses that come after this one!


27 août 2020

The course is very helpful for all of us that have no idea of how to speak in front of the public. Very useful technics and well taught by the professor in order to strategically speak and organize not only the speech itself but also other activities. My deep thankfulness to Professor Matt McGarrity, to the University of Washington and of course to Coursera for this MOOC and for allowing us to learn by this way. Now I'm engaged with the topic and I'm sure I'm going to take the other courses related to.

par Megan S

23 juin 2022

I enjoyed this course and learned a lot of information on how to be a better speaker. Professor McGarrity provides many different tools to be more effective in front of an audience or group of peers. He explains the steps to take to best prepare for a speech on the front end and also provides guidance on how to improve your skill set when performing the actual speech. I found the class very helpful for my professional development and look forward to learning more in his other courses.


23 mai 2020

A long hand salute to the Professor.Dr. Matt Mcgarrity for just training me in Public speaking and its essential canons like Invention, Arrangement, Style and Delivery .This course made me evaluate where i am doing wrong since years in most of my speeches and debates. Peer graded assignments were really helpful and hard to evaluate and mark some of the really good fellow orators around the world. Thank you University of Washington. Eternal Sagacious Learner - Bhanu Siva Krishna

par Padmeswar D

7 juil. 2020

To be very honest, my experience in this course was highly enriching. Professor Matt McGarrity is simply great to listen to. Looking forward to do few more courses in future for Public Speaking under him. The only thing I think I should reveal is that the feedback from the peers mayn't be that great; so, whoever joins this course need not feel disheartened on receiving an unanticipated feedback. Therefore,tiding over peer group reviews are exciting as well as challenging.

par Caroline N W

16 avr. 2021

This is a very informative and leadership role preparation Course. I am advantaged as a Trainer in my Profession to have had a chance to be in this class. Special thanks to Dr. Matt McGarrity for taking us through the Course. You are passionate and talented in your role and I have learned most of my Public Speaking Skills from your presentation and delivery style. I highly recommend this Course for personalities, who want to deliver their content with professionalism.

par Хегай М В

8 mars 2021

Very nice course in order to get the basic knowledge of public speaking. There is the right amount of materials, presented by a quite knowlegeable lecturer, which make the course vibrant, possible to accomplish while working or studying at the same time. Besides that, you not only get theoretic knowledge on the topic but you can also see the example videos and grade them along with getting ready to present your own key point speech. Thank you!

par Juan D R G

9 juil. 2020

Very good course. In my case, I never took a course in PS before, neither in high school nor in university, so this was a great chance to learn about it. I learned very good things about the KeyPoint speech, that I consider very helpful when preparing a speech. The professor also provides us with tips on how to deliver the speech, how to use gestures, breath control, and so on. The peer-reviewed assignments are also helpful!


24 août 2020

A great great start for public speaking! I never thought public speaking has so many elements. Learning about each element really made me self-aware of how to avoid certain mistakes. Analyzing others speech also really gave great insights. And the professor Matt Sir, he is amazing! So lively and also sometimes funny. Overall a course you should definitely take if you want to do public speaking. Here, you learn by doing :)

par Himanshu S

26 mai 2020

I would totally recommend this course to anyone who even slightly feel like he or she wants to public speak. I am glad I took this course and Professor Matt is just amazing , he has become my idol now in many ways and I would take more of his MOOCs which are offered on Coursera.Also the structure of this course is pretty nice and easy to follow along.I am anyone would enjoy this course and its assignments and quizzes.

par Ru A C

27 avr. 2020

The course provides basic tips on improving public speaking abilities. I think the best part of the course design was that it had the right amount of concepts and weekly syllable build up to actually make sure you remember and can apply the material practically (assuming you participate in the lessons and assignments). Instructor is great. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their public speaking abilities.

par Hassan A

18 mai 2021

Very well structured course . it is my first attempt to get formal training in speech and I really loved it . It has already impacted on the way i preparation and conduction of any presentation at work . As a medical practitioner it is really vital as i need that a lot during my daily interaction and regular seminar . I am intended to go further with the next course ( probably about persuasive speech ).

par Corliss W

15 avr. 2020

Overall the Public Speaking Course was Great! The teacher Matt McGarrity is Awesome! He know the material. He breaks the different subjects down in such a clear way. I can now take what I learn from this and build on it from here and go Up! I can be a lot confident when I am standing in front of my New Audience when I'm going giving speeches. Thank you!!

par Dimitrije S

3 sept. 2021

This course really helped me develop my public speaking skills. It boosted my confidence, taught me some essential writing and speaking skills, and proved useful in several other sections. I would encourage everyone who has apprehensiveness of public speaking to start this one, because it ended up to be one of the best courses I have ever taken.

par Zhu Y

19 juin 2017

Professor Matt is excellent, best online course teacher I've ever come across! I've learnt so much from him, gained more confidence and organizational abilities with regards to speaking and maybe even developed a liking for public speaking! Thanks so much Prof, you're really engaging, your course is excellent and I'm very much inspired!

par Aviral P

4 mai 2020

I think this is a great introductory course on public speaking and touches on the basic aspects. Plus Prof. McGarrity is a good teacher not only as a speaker obviously but also keeps the lectures fun by introducing jokes and humour. I had a great time learning about public speaking and intend to continue with the specialisation.

par Celinda P

20 juin 2017

Professor was excellent; engaging, clever and clear to understand and follow. His presentations were visual and interesting as he incorporated a range of elements from images to video examples of other public speaking scenarios. I signed up for the Public Speaking specialization and am looking forward to taking my next class.

par Yuka O

15 juin 2020

I highly recommend this class if you are planning or thinking to move up/want to do something by yourself in the future because no matter what public speaking is a key to success. You can study this class to learn how to talk, how to build/write your story and gain confidence even in speaking English as a second language.

par Mary M

29 mars 2018

Great course for those that need some confidence with their speech skills. The most amazing thing about this class is that you learn to deliver concisely, addressing key issues and leaving out the jargon. This class has given me the tools to continue practicing how to stand and deliver without fear.

I highly recommend it.

par Hafiz A H

17 févr. 2022

This course is an outstanding course which theoratically as well as practically polishes individual's speaking skills. My respected Professor Dr Matt established it's contents gradually which leaves a grate impression on listeners. Thanks you my Professor. I become your fan in Pakistan, I want to join you again...

par Kim M

6 mai 2022

I've read many books about Public Speaking, but most of them just add few adjectives about who you should speak.

This course has given a good structure and process to prepare an speech. Now, it's me, that I've to use this knowledge and practice, practice and practice.

Thanks Matt for sharing all these knowledge.

par Madhumeeta S

14 sept. 2018

Excellent course. I am an unemployed adult and have lots of passion for speaking and teaching but in this materialistic world only having passions are not have to be certified of what you a real pursuing.

Coursera helped me a lot and this course was indeed the best I can go for .

thanks a million.

par Simon L

7 oct. 2017

Excellent introduction to public speaking - to get the most value from it you need to put time into the optional speaking and assessment exercises and do some active learning - notes, practice etc. The investment in time is well worth it, but will end up taking longer than the quoted number of hours.