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Learn to provide psychological first aid to people in an emergency by employing the RAPID model: Reflective listening, Assessment of needs, Prioritization, Intervention, and Disposition. Utilizing the RAPID model (Reflective listening, Assessment of needs, Prioritization, Intervention, and Disposition), this specialized course provides perspectives on injuries and trauma that are beyond those physical in nature. The RAPID model is readily applicable to public health settings, the workplace, the military, faith-based organizations, mass disaster venues, and even the demands of more commonplace critical events, e.g., dealing with the psychological aftermath of accidents, robberies, suicide, homicide, or community violence. In addition, the RAPID model has been found effective in promoting personal and community resilience. Participants will increase their abilities to: - Discuss key concepts related to PFA - Listen reflectively - Differentiate benign, non-incapacitating psychological/ behavioral crisis reactions from more severe, potentially incapacitating, crisis reactions - Prioritize (triage) psychological/ behavioral crisis reactions - Mitigate acute distress and dysfunction, as appropriate - Recognize when to facilitate access to further mental health support - Practice self-care Developed in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Open Education Lab....

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19 déc. 2019

Great structure and interactive format. Clear expectations and excellent materials. Subject was explained in an effective manner that was easily understood and applied. Very useful for any profession!

9 févr. 2017

A very helpful course and full of practical information for persons interfered with disaster relief and crisis intervention as this course has a well- planned syllabus and really informative vignettes

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par Suzanne M

15 avr. 2020

George was engaging and extremely knowledgeable. I was able to work at my own pace and complete the course fairly quickly. I would take an in-person course of his if I could!

Suzanne - Ottawa, ON

par Rene B L

28 janv. 2020

Wonderful course! Loved the instructor and the videos! Love the rich contact, description, explanations, and self-care tips. Good mix of equipping you for the services you are wanting to provide.

par Amorim M

28 juil. 2017

Simply clear, objective , pratic and very usefull. Maybe a list of organisations to contact to help people would have been a plus. But i enjoyed this course and will recommand it to my colleagues

par Elizabeth M C

10 mars 2017

Really good course that teaches how to respond after a disaster or crisis without being a trained mental health professional. Instructor is very experienced and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

par Samuel P

3 oct. 2020

This course was really interesting and opened my eyes to not only trauma response, but it allowed me to get more information that I could use in my workplace to create more reasonable practices.

par Sanjeevani J

7 août 2020

It definitely delivers what it promises in its description. The RAPID model is well-planned, well-explained, and easy to understand. Some of the teachings can be used in our daily lives as well.

par Lynnette L

21 mai 2020

Dr.Everly made the course not only informational but not in the least bit boring. I loved the similations that made the lectures clearer. I would definitely encourage others to take this course.

par dott. P M

22 avr. 2020

I think dott. George Everly is very professional teacher with a real experience in the field of PFA. The structure of the course is linear and interesting at the same time. Thanks for your work.

par Askar M

26 nov. 2020

Liked the course and happy to have a chance to be able to be of help for others in need. But sincerely, hope that disasters will be avoided. And special thanks for self-care part of the course.

par Eun K ( C

26 juil. 2020

Thank you so much Dr. Everly! It was such a helpful course not only for my future career in helping field but for myself as well. The course content was well developed, organized and delivered.

par John P S

2 juin 2020

The course is really informative and helpful for us counselors who also want to help people who experienced crisis. This gave us background on how to deliver Psychological First Aid. Thank you!

par Daniela L D

26 mai 2020

it is a course very well syntetized, presented and information was very applied to crisis intervention. i like simulations (good and flawed). Please, take my kindest regards, dr. George Everly!

par Paolo P

22 mai 2020

Really good content, a lot of good information and concise e precise "how to" directions! I highly recommend this course to anyone trying to understand e help with psychological first response!

par Maria C

17 janv. 2021

Comprehensive, provides a good balance between more technical knowledge and practical application. Good intro course for those interested in getting an introduction to Psychological First Aid.

par Margaret d J

25 avr. 2020

I think this course is more an important now than ever before. As a psychiatric nursing student, I will be recommending this course to all my classmates. I will use this in my future practice.

par Prompiriya P

10 avr. 2020

Very insightful, detailed and comprehensible course. It would be great if there is more example footages to see some other variations to how Psychological First Aid model RAPID can be applied.

par Shumaila

26 sept. 2018

i think its one of the best course for psychology or mental health students because it gives us complete picture of first aid that how can we start and how we can give psychological first aid.

par Mauricio A

31 déc. 2017

It is our responsibility to look after the members of our communities. This course provides us with very useful tools to proactively respond to difficult situations our communities might face.

par Tehseen A

28 nov. 2016

Great course. It provided me with in depth knowledge and skills to really grasp the concepts of empathy, compassion and what it means to have a true desire to help people in crisis situations.

par Essra M

11 janv. 2021

This was an excellent course and Dr. Everly made the lectures very interesting to listen to. I especially liked the videos on how to implement what he was saying and how NOT to implement PFA.

par Raquel J

6 déc. 2020

It's been a magnificent course! I enjoyed every lesson to the fullest, especially the Self-care module. I highly recommend taking this course, you'll be surprised of everything you can learn.

par Mary H B

4 oct. 2020

The course was very simple and concise and gave a very helpful background on PFA. I appreciate the vignettes used in this course because they facilitate learning on how PFA could be improved.

par Dr. P C

10 avr. 2020

The PFA course modules are clearly outlined with excellent explanations, and I particularly loved the case vignettes, with the 'wrong' and 'right' ways of conducting psychological interviews.

par Amina S

18 août 2019

This was an amazing course. I am a student of Psychology and this course helped me distinguish and draw a line between PFA and psychology. I have learned a lot through this course! Thank you!

par Arnold S

28 août 2017

I liked this course very much!. highly recommended for those health workers, emergency responders, as well as the community who are interested in helping people and community during disaster.