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Not all programs are created equal.  In this course, we'll focus on writing quality code that runs correctly and efficiently.  We'll design, code and validate our programs and learn how to compare programs that are addressing the same task....

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12 juil. 2020

Solid course that dives deeper into the fundamentals of CS. Great instruction, attention to detail and the excercises are adequately challenging for beginners and lower-intermediate programmers.


9 juil. 2022

Jen and Paul provide thorough and understandable explanations of Python as a programming language. The assignments are challenging and test the student's knowledge of the subject well.

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par Alberto P

9 sept. 2018

The course was great, I enjoyed it less than the first part though. I feel there was way more support from the mentors and the forums in the first part, whereas in this edition there was almost nobody posting around and helping. Still, as the other one great teaching from both professors and great content. Thank you!

par Irina K

24 mars 2017

Quite simple course for those, who has already learned some python, but has some drawbacks in knowledge of unit testing, exceptions and classes. All examples are understandable and simple.

Although expected more about quality code crafting, some hints and best practices, that could help in real life of the developer.

par Li H Y

27 juin 2017

Overall it is a very great course. The material is well-structured and worth to learn.

This course worth 4 stars but not 5 because the instructors seldom answer questions in the forum. Fellow students need to help each other and sometimes there is no help from everyone.

par Daniel B

18 déc. 2021

Teachers have a great knowledge and explain the concepts in a plain view, easy to understand. However, they use propietary software (from Apple) and do not use a standarize docsting format.

par Greg D

1 juil. 2020

Mostly accurate per overview.

Using versions of Python no longer supported to auto-mark submissions, should be updated.

Otherwise, rigorous detail for the quality of crafting code.

par Andrew J M

23 mars 2022

The course was great but I didn't recieve any replies when I was asking for help on the extremely hard final assignment. But passing the final assignment felt sooooo good

par Balazs L

2 juin 2022

Besides TDD and proper comments, there wasn't much said about quality code.

The runner for the assignment is not working, which made the assignment pretty anti climactic.

par Branimir L

9 avr. 2017

It does not fulfills completely its title 'Crafting Quality Code'. Nevertheless, it does pay attention to unit testing and taking care of the design via design recipes.

par Kseniia S

30 sept. 2020

Generally good, but a bit worse than the first part. There were some inconsistencies in the tests and tasks and instructors didn't answer questions in the forum.

par Christian B M

20 mars 2017

Good course, especially the doc and unit testing parts. I had hoped for a more advanced implementations, but thank you for mentioning the exec function.

par Aiden S

19 nov. 2020

Course is good for knowledge but there are a lot of mistakes in certain quizzes and is a difficult without a mentor in the forums.

par Alejandro G Z

27 mai 2020

Very helpful concepts, clearly and thoroughly explained. I found the Testing chapter especially useful. Thanks!

par David A G

21 juil. 2020

Si completaste Learn to Program: The Fundamentals, recomiendo que sigas aprendiendo con este curso.

par vlady N

16 juin 2020

The end Assignment has been lacking instructions for an end-to-end testing and local implementation

par Emil L

17 juil. 2020

Very well structured. Good quiz and assignments. Builds a solid foundation.

par Tyson C

12 juin 2017

Look like not many people around, no one do peer review for my assignment

par Jbene M

21 août 2019

Very practical. I have learned a lot from this course.

par Ashwani k G

28 avr. 2017

Wonderful course. Got to learn many things.

par Benoit I

26 mars 2017

Very interresting course for Python lovers.

par Francisco B

4 nov. 2021

A good course, but a bit overdated.

par Xuetao H

12 juin 2017

very basic stuff and very easy.

par Daya_Jin

29 sept. 2018


par Seha I O

26 janv. 2018

Thank you!

par Rey O

1 juil. 2017

It would've been better that these very long read exercises be put into a programming exercise. Being presented with a couple of correct answers (but inefficient) takes a lot of time for us to figure it out. If you guys really insist on this kind of exercises, it's better to give us 3 or maybe 4 correct answers and we choose what we think is the most efficient one. That way, if we got the wrong answer, it's our job as why our chosen answer is not the most efficient one.

par Viktoriia T

29 avr. 2020

I took The fundamental course by the same lectors, and it was really nice. So I decided to proceed to the next course, that they have. But, it was not so good as the previous one.

It is no mentor on this course, so you will not get any support, if you will get some questions.

Also, materials in week 4 presented in bad quality. It is too fast and not clear at all.