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This is the fourth course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills needed to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. In this course, you’ll continue to build your understanding of data analytics and the concepts and tools that data analysts use in their work. You’ll learn how to check and clean your data using spreadsheets and SQL as well as how to verify and report your data cleaning results. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to do the following: - Learn how to check for data integrity. - Discover data cleaning techniques using spreadsheets. - Develop basic SQL queries for use on databases. - Apply basic SQL functions for cleaning and transforming data. - Gain an understanding of how to verify the results of cleaning data. - Explore the elements and importance of data cleaning reports....

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8 nov. 2021

Probably one of the more technical courses of the program developing your technical skill set and actually preparing you to become a data analyst by introducing more hands-on Excel and SQL exercises.

24 avr. 2021

Google makes great professional certifications. All the classes so far have been fantastic but getting our hands dirty with the data was fun and challenging. Look forward to completing this series.

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par Tiar S F

13 mai 2021


par Mike R

2 mai 2021


par Aakash B

24 avr. 2021


par Muhamad M R

24 déc. 2021


par Jean P V R M

16 sept. 2021


par Hamdy E

22 janv. 2022


par Mohamed L

27 nov. 2021


par Shubham S

16 oct. 2021


par Kumaaravelu T

10 août 2021


par Md. S I

12 juil. 2021


3 mai 2021


par lisa h

31 août 2021

It was my understanding that you could accomplish the course of data analyst without any background in this field and I do not find this to be true. There have been many times that I have had to venture out on my own to gain understanding of what is being taught to me and how to complete some of the assignments. This is a great course for someone that has some understanding of spreadsheets to start with. I do recommend this course and and enjoying the challenges in front of me. When I have received my certificate I will truly know how hard I worked to achieve it.

ADDENDUM: Apparently this course is over and I have earned my certificate. I feel like there is so much more for me to learn and I did keep hearing the instructors say there is more that we will get to ... but where and when? There isn't even anything directing me to more courses.

par Anna B

9 août 2021

E​ach course improves upon the last. I am enjoying this certificate. Thank you.

H​ere are some ideas that I think may add value to the course:

2. S​ince this course is about cleaning data, I feel providing a dataset to clean would be more valuable as a final course challenge than a multiple choice quiz. It would provide practice, encourage starting to make independent cleaning decisions and be a valuable learning too.

3. My next point is best made with a description. In the Hands On Activity, Week3, we are directed what to do. However, I do not know, for instance, when to decide to use the SELECT DISTINCT statement or the SELECT MIN/MAX statement. Activities like this have been really valuable and I think they would benefit if students could understand more about what to do rather than following instructions.

par Md. H

25 juin 2021

Clean data is essential for flawless data analysis. So, cleaning a dataset before analysis is one of the most important considerations. This course is designed to give basic idea of cleaning process. It has vague information about SQL data cleaning process and some terminologies. If anyone who is new at SQL will get some hard time dealing with it. It is understandable that there are some limitations to improve the content of SQL in this course. But it could be better. The instructor was great. Her method to interact was amiable.

par Andres C G

7 janv. 2022

It is an essential part of the program, where you are diving into real problems with real solutions.

You receive lot of tips about how to work with SQL and EXCEL.

Additionally, you are introduced to new communities, like Kaggle, plenty of options to increase your knowledge out of the formal program.

It helps you to create your own Curriculum Vitae and to point out those key elements important to achieve a position as junior analyst.

par Norman C L

24 août 2021

Quite useful and described the mechanics of cleaning data in detail, although more depth and examples would be useful, especially in SQL. Would also be nice to talk about survey designs or data collection that can minimize the effort in cleaning data (such as limiting codes to 5 spaces). Overall a nice course and hope that it can further expand a bit with more examples and useful commands/formulas

par Kassie C

27 avr. 2021

This is a pretty extensive course. I am already familiar with Excel, but I found that section particularly useful. I like the way the SQL QwikLabs are organized with the repetition of commands. Unfortunately, not all of the commands work (UPDATE and DELETE). The big picture with the stored data is also a mystery.

par Mattia B

15 nov. 2021

The SQL part may be organized better. I get that the technicalities are not taken as in other standard courses, but I feel like it's too dispersive. Some section was called "data cleaning with SQL" and there was literally no trace at all about data cleaning with SQL.

The section about the CV is simply GREAT.

par Susan E H

12 juin 2021

Great course in learning how to clean data on spreadsheets and datasets. I now have a good feel on how to approach data cleaning, documentation, and verification. My only suggestion is that during the online cleaning spreadsheet exercise you give a few more examples in Excel in addition to Google Sheets.

par Mark A F

26 déc. 2021

I found it quite good at walking through the steps and some helpful commands to use while cleaning data. It was also useful to see some common pitfalls that occur when processing data. I would have liked more real-world datasets to see just how messy data can be!

par Heli B

23 juin 2021

Course content is very informative

I am not able to practice the BigQuery part for QuickLabs as it is showing no permission warning.

Though i have started it for free it is not allowing me to create dataset hence i could not practice properly.

Please help.

par Jonathan B

9 janv. 2022

Good SQL skills, a little too much fluff though, but that may just be because I already have resume experience. Also, I feel like course challenge should be a little harder. But, good next step in continuing to get the certificate overall! 4/5.

par David S

12 août 2021

The material is good, but there were some frustrating technical glitches. The Google Sheets didn't match the UI for some of the data processing in the video and some of the quizzes didn't load all of the details for the questions.

par Fitrianingrum

7 août 2021

Some content can be explained in a bit more detail. For example, there's an explanation that SQL can track changes, but how?? Also, it would be best if some of the multiple questions can be checked again for accuracy.

par Grace Z

16 oct. 2021

I learned a lot, but I think it would be better if you made the quizzes/ course challenges more practical. Instead of asking what the learner should do in a particular scenario, make the learner actually do it.