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Economics, psychology, and neuroscience are converging today into a unified discipline of Neuroeconomics with the ultimate aim of creating a single, general theory of human decision-making. Neuroeconomics provides biologists, economists, psychologists and social scientists with a deeper understanding of how they make their own decisions and how others decide. Neuroscience, when allied with psychology and economics, creates powerful new models to explain why we make decisions. Neurobiological mechanisms of decision-making, decisions under risk, trust and cooperation will be central issues in this course. You will be provided with the most recent evidence from brain-imaging techniques (fMRI, TMS, etc.) and introduced to the explanatory models behind them. The course does not require any prior study of economics and neuroscience; however, it might require you to study novel interdisciplinary materials. The course provides an introduction to the methodology, assumptions, and main findings of Neuroeconomics. Our students have different backgrounds; therefore, I have adapted and simplified the course to allow all students to understand the interdisciplinary content. This course will help you to start your progress in the field of Neuroeconomics and to further develop your skills during other more advanced courses and trainings in the future. For some topics, the course will also provide supplementary videos to reveal the opinions of leading experts in the field. Each module provides optional reading material. The course structure is as follows: During each video, you will have to answer some relevant questions. Your answers will not affect your final grade. At the end of each module, you must complete a quiz consisting of 15 questions. To pass the course, you must reach a satisfactory standard in all the course modules by completing all graded quizzes and the final exam. In addition to watching video lectures and taking quizzes, you will receive an invitation to join our forum. We plan to join the discussions in the forum on a weekly basis. Welcome to Neuroeconomics World! Do you have technical problems? Write to us:

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11 févr. 2017

Very interesting stuff :) I couldn't wait to get started with new lessons. Would love to see a follow up course discussing more advance and complex neuroeconomics papers in the future.

28 janv. 2016

fantastic new topic. Despite his accent, Professor Klucharov has taught this difficult topic very nicely.\n\nEnjoyed every moment of it and learnt so much despite being a Neurologist.

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par Michel M

29 mars 2020

Both lectures and online tests include a multitude of grammar mistakes and are hard to follow. Some questions are not correctly formulated. The lecturer seems biased, and even guest lecturers correct him in some points. During the very first week he already says neuroeconomics could replace psychology in the future, which indicates no respect or regard for the importance of other people's studies that are highly specific and made for other purposes. This course has caused a lot of confusion in me and was not very successful at helping me maintain information I received. Would not recommend.

par Martina L

17 déc. 2015

A great course: well-structured, challenging and enjoyable. I especially appreciated the numeroud descriptions to important studies in the field, and the fact that the teacher managed to balance the economic, neuroscientific and psychological aspects of the topic to provide an appropriate overview for people focussing on either of the three. The quizzes and final exam were also conducive of learning and the length of the course was just right.

The only thing that l didn't like was that it seems like no Statement of Accomplishment will be provided to those of us choosing not to study towards a Verified Certificate.

par Omar C A

28 oct. 2015

I have taken 3 weeks of this course already, and the content and rhythm of the course is excellent. I had read mainly about neuromarketing in the past, buy this introduction to neuroeconomics seems so far much more scientifically based than the commercial approach taken by most of neuromarketing experts. If you are looking for scientific evidence about the neuroscience behind decision making, take this course. The instructor’s Russian accent in English is a little disturbing at the beginning, but once you get used to it you just forget all about it and get immersed in this extremely exciting field.

par juan c z f

20 janv. 2016

Please we all have accents but i can not understand some words and makes it more difficult.

par Svetlana K

17 juin 2021

T​his is a very interesting introduction course. I studied cognitive & neuro psychology as a part of my university programme, but it seemed very difficult and boring subject to me (probably because my professors never bothered themselves to make their lectures interesting). If you want to learn some complicated subject (like neuroscience), you'd better start with a simplified course like that. Once you're done with the basics, you can go on and read research papers and books to deepen your knowledge. This course really inspired me to learn more about neuroscience in general, not only neuroeconomics.

A​s for the accent and grammar mistakes that some people like to complain about, this is normal, because the professor is not a native English speaker. We should be thankful for the knowledge he shares, not focus on his mistakes. In the end, where will you get 9 weeks of lectures for the price you pay here?

P​eer graded assignments are not very useful, because you never know who rates your essay, I mean what is their level of expertise in the topic you are writing about.

Overall, I would recommend this course, even if you are not into psychology or economics.

P​.S. After this course, I often catch myself thinking: "Hmm, this discount / offer/ bonus was unfair....I should reject it"::)))

par Eni L H

29 juil. 2020

Challenging but extremely interesting and fairly detailed, considering it is only one course on such a complex topic. I personally work in the field of behavioral economics/finance, so I have come across many concepts, however I have never studied it in such detail, which is where this course provided me great value. The lecturer, Vasily Klucharev, contributes immensely to the quality of this program, so do not shy away from this course, as he will elaborate all the materials into detail, making the lectures easy to follow. Absolutely recommend for everyone hungry for some contemporary and interesting knowledge!


2 sept. 2020

I found this course to be very interesting. English is my first language so I had no problem at all with Professor Vasily Klucharev's accent or occasional grammar/wrong word errors, and if you are not sure about something you can always stop the video and check the written script. However, if you are looking for an easy course, this is not it, there are many assessments and some of the quizzes can be tricky. You really need to be paying attention to all the material to get a top result in the assessments.

par Marcel D S

10 juil. 2017

Extremely comprehensive course with an adequate difficulty. The material was presented very clearly and the quizzes were challenging enough to make me revisit the material. Especially the final quiz (30 questions) makes it apparent whether you've really learned the material or not.

I strongly recommend this course for anyone interested in decision making.

par sudhir k

29 janv. 2016

fantastic new topic. Despite his accent, Professor Klucharov has taught this difficult topic very nicely.

Enjoyed every moment of it and learnt so much despite being a Neurologist.


4 mai 2020

very much lengthy and overload done by extra peer review task. in peer review generally peers not give good rating. so in grading system peer review assignment should to be abolish. in quiz system questions should to be maximum 10.

thanks. i love to do study these types of course. but leaving this course due to aforesaid problems. thanks

par baptiste

29 sept. 2016

Complete idiot. He doesn't have any critical view of his field (which is unfortunately full of crappy studies). Also, I hope he didn't choose the logo from his university. It's a good metaphor for the course though, shiny but absolutely ridiculous.

par Puja R

8 juil. 2020

This is a new area, a very interesting one. A interdisciplinary take on decision making combining neuroscience, psychology and economics. This very interesting and a rather short course will pique your interests off the roofs. But that's the very reason we need another course, intermediary one or a continuation of this which takes our understanding further. Would really appreciate if that is added.

I love the peer grading assignment questions because they actually need you to think about the study matter, something slightly outside the video, but can be done if you had been listening carefully. Unlike quizzes, where you can get 100% without knowing much, this pushes the students to delve into the subject.

A really amazing course. Must take for anyone who finds the description vaguely interesting.

par Alex

3 avr. 2021

This cource mostly not about economit, but about fundamental research about brain decision making. This basic data dont used on the today market on system level. Folowing reseach, mentioned on this course, society should have to rebuild economic of everiday market, wich has not be so manipulative as it become. Honestly, listenig of this course i mostly sow evidence of manipulative bias and no conclusion. Plenty of facts it is not knoledge yet. But by the way cource receive 5 star for wide review of deсision making reserch, free availiability, and good level of concepts abstraction by the author! Has to be tought, but counclusion is all by you.

par Carlos

10 juin 2018

Fantastic introduction to Neuroeconomics. Professor Klucharev adeptly explains the relevant theories, supporting evidence, methodologies, and experimental details to truly help students develop an understanding and appreciation of the field. His course is all the more remarkable for admirably covering such a broad range of areas and topics within the ambitious scope of Neuroeconomics. I hope he will consider creating additional courses that dive deeper into some of the sub-topics covered in this course.


17 juil. 2017

The course has given amazing overview into workings of decisions in the brain. Not only this, the course gave a very rich insight with very simple lessons to explain economic and neuroscientific constructs. I am amazed how the course overcame the complicated part of the study with easy to grasp concepts around weekly lessons. This course has certainly accelerated my intent to have an academic deep dive into this submit. Thank a lot to coursera, the school and Professor Vasily such an insightful effort.

par Zenón D M Q

25 févr. 2019

Gran curso que resume los avances e investigaciones sobre la neuroeconomía. En algunas clases, se usa una cantidad considerable de términos neurocientíficos; sin embargo, no son tan difíciles de entender, pues se recomiendan lecturas complementarias. Siendo estudiante de economía, esa fue la única parte en la que tuve que dedicarle más tiempo al curso.

Finalizado el curso, uno puede entender la imagen general de la neuroeconomía. Así que, el curso cumple con ese importante objetivo.

par Adelaida M B

29 juin 2020

This is a very complete course to understand not only what external factors drive our decisions but how we handle them internally to reach a final decision on a specific situation. I really enjoyed learning about the neurobiology involved during the decision making process. Given my economics and psychology background, this was brand new information that complemented perfectly my previous understanding on decision making and how is the process taking place in our brains.

par Zsuzsanna K

5 mars 2020

For me, this course was an intellectual challenge and a very rewarding experience. I enjoyed this unique blend of neurology and economics. The lectures were very high level and at the same time understandable and fascinating. The professor is a great lecturer, the material is highly useful for me in my teaching. I can recommend this course to all, who like challenges and who are interested in the future development of this subject. It was great! Thank you!

par Alex H

4 août 2020

I enjoyed this course tremendously as I feel that it is the dimension that traditional economics has failed to address for the longest time. Understanding more about neuroscience has exposed many assumptions that traditionally trained economists have taken for granted and with further investigations can open up a new world of behavioural economics and neuroeconomics study. If there are further modules or courses in neuroscience it will be great. Thank you.

par James W

31 mai 2017

Interesting course introduces a new field of neuroscience, Prof Klucharev does a good job explaining the content in an accessible way, the readings are appropriate - challenging without being obtuse - and the course is long enough to cover the basics then tunnel down into a deeper understanding of the concepts. The tests can be a little tricksy (a few too many double-negatively phrased multi choice questions) but no biggie really. Would recommend.

par Viktoryia K

1 mars 2017

Cannot say enough to thank HSE and Professor for such an amazing course on Neuroeconomics. It made me think a lot on the things I want to research more. Also, now I look at traditional Economics from absolutely different perspective, thanks to the lectures at the week 9. If you do more courses on Neuroscience I will definitely join them. Many-many thanks for these knowlegde I have got during the course. And positive emotions!

par Rishik D

20 mars 2017

I loved the course particularly for the ease with which I was able to consume it, which in my opinion says a lot about how well it was disseminated. Thanks for bringing it to Coursera and teaching some great insight in this field of research. I have already recommended it to my network on Linkedin and I would recommend it to anyone that is even remotely curious about human decision making abilities.

par Dr. K S J

22 nov. 2015

Its an amazing course. I am a PhD student in Neurosciences and this is an exciting field for the future. I like the way Dr. Vasily Klucharev puts completed things in a slow and efficient way. That way one doesn't get overburdened with lots of information in a short time. Also, he revisits previously taught concepts to facilitate learning of new concepts which is an amazing thing to do.

par Megan

21 janv. 2017

This was an excellent course. The material was quite dense and technical, but presented in an digestible manner. The content of the course was very interesting. I had some background on the psychology of decisions, so some of the studies were familiar to me. Hearing the neurological evidence and extrapolation of those theories was very interesting. I would reccomend this course.

par SSS

25 févr. 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about Neuroeconomics. I may be biased because I am already deeply fascinated by this field, and relish any chance to learn about it, but I believe even in more objective terms, the course was well-done, and certainly served to provide an initial understanding of the field and lay the groundwork for future study.