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There are many considerations that play a part in engineering a new product. Regardless of what that product is, there are fundamentals such as form, fit, and function when it comes to digital modeling. In this course, we lay the foundation to create any design and dive deep into topics about the control of the design. From assembly joints and joint limits to complex shapes using forms, rest assured that your design will be rock solid. After completing this course you'll be able to: - Create and drive a mechanical gear assembly. - Create and modify a form-based design. - Use design tools for molded parts. - Demonstrate proficiency in the setup and creation of a design....

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12 mars 2021

This is an amazing course. It helped me in understanding the whole process of design and modeling in Fusion 360. For me, most interesting topic is 'Creating complex designs with form tools'.

13 mai 2021

This is an excellent course for learning Fusion 360 modeling, including form modeling. The functionality is extensively explained, with downloadable materials available for your convenience.

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par Amukun J

10 mars 2020

A lot of ground was covered here, and I sincerely feel like I have learned a lot more than I was expecting ( I didn't know what the hell a draft was or why it was necessary, for example ) . All this for a small fee ? Unbelievable !


21 mai 2020

It was great experience to complete this course. Almost everything related to modelling and design was covered. I liked the projects that were chosen for illustration during course. Nice point to point explanation.

par Tekur N S N M

14 avr. 2020

this course made me to learn all the aspects of cad through fusion 360 due to been teached by directly an autodesk it gives breaf and detil info about this soft wear

par John C

6 oct. 2020

Car Hood Model for Week 4 is not included. Kindly include it.


13 mai 2020

The course is a big achievement on its own. If you are an enthusiastic learner then this is the perfect course. It asks you the whole dedication to work fluently.

par Visweswaran B

23 mai 2020

nice course will cover almost all the tools and they will also explain how to use them as well

par shubham k

19 mai 2020

This course really help me in my journey of learning modeling and design

par Y S M S

4 juin 2020


par Shri H

6 mai 2020

Excellent course for gaining knowledge about modeling and designing that we need to know.

par Mallikarjun G

31 juil. 2020

This course helped me understand the various aspects of CAD through Fusion 360. The videos were thorough and well-paced, giving clear instructions on how to move ahead with our Gear Reduction model and how to apply these techniques to other models. I'm especially thankful for the weekly assignments, having a consolidated assignment at the end of the week greatly helped me retain my knowledge. I would recommend this course to anyone who is enthusiastic about CAD but is unsure where to start.

par Janis A A

20 mars 2020

This is a fantastic course to learn modeling in Fusion 360, including form modeling. Functionality is explained thoroughly, and downloadable material is included so that you can follow along.


8 sept. 2020

Excellent course!! Lots of basic concepts nicely illustrated through examples and provided design files. Several new concepts introduced so easily. Thanks @Autodesk for bringing such series


9 sept. 2020

The course is very well structured and teaches each tool and function present in detail. It is of intermediate difficulty and challenges you in ways to improve your skill in 3D modeling.

par Soham S B

5 sept. 2020

These specialization course of Fusion are really awesome helped me to model and render the parts along with assemblies, all the videos are enough to cover all the commands in fusion 360

par Muhammad N K

12 sept. 2020

This course truly gives insight of modeling and design which is very helpful for mechanical engineers. Thanks Autodesk and Coursera for this course and for this opportunity.

par Arun K S

28 juin 2020

this course from Autodesk explained me most of the features that are necessary for using fusion 360..... great work from autodesk and thanks to coursera :)

par Shanmukha S C

16 juil. 2020

A systematic course that elucidates the learner with a deeper understanding and new approach to the project that come in fore. Best course to learn.


17 janv. 2021

My Sincere thanks to Coursera and Autodesk for providing a world class course with renowned tutors.

par Muhammad J Z

9 mai 2020

In week 4, there are some missing materials in the supplied file.

par Manoj S

23 août 2020

I Personally really gained a depth knowledge with the hands on video tutorial how modeling and each and ever interfaces works in fusion 360 really a best skill gained best instructor for teaching over all.And the specialization course will make a complete proffesional knowledge which we cant gain in institutions if we pay for specific software to learn with.

par mfehlers

6 juil. 2020

Great course for exposure to topics that are beyond the normal beginner/intermediate levels. Course covers topics like simulation and toolpath generation that are difficult to find info on. The final section on form modeling is unique - a lot of info to digest in a couple videos, but this type of info simply isn't available anywhere else.

par Pui M

11 oct. 2020

Screen resolution not very good, difficult to see the menus on the screen. It would be better if the mouse icon got a highlight. It will be easier for us to follow where the mouse is clicking. Over the few seconds when the narrator say click on this icon and we have to quickly look for that icon over the whole screen.

par Sebastián R

20 déc. 2020

It is a course where the different modules of 3D modeling with fusion 360 are presented where the most important tools are explained.

I think it is necessary to go more in depth about sheet metal because only a very short video of this topic was seen.

par Omkar M

25 sept. 2020

Instructor did it very slowly and very interesting. There were few files which were to be supplied MISSING in Week 4 which made it a bit difficult to practice the exercises. The hood of the toy car and Box Blend- PE was missing in the supplied files.

par Yuvaraj B

16 août 2020

What an amazing oppurtunity to learn new things...!!!

This was a very good and detailed course... Really liked it a lot, looking forward to do more of these and build skills...

Thanks Coursera! and thanks BMSCE!