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Hello, We are reaching out to let you know that the Control of Mobile Robots course will close for new learner enrollment on August 17th, 2020. Since you have already enrolled, you will continue to see it on your Coursera Dashboard as long as you remain enrolled in the course. If you are interested in earning a Course Certificate for this course, please upgrade or apply for Financial Aid by August 16th, 2020, if you have not already done so. If you are a Coursera for Business learner, you can continue to use your sponsored credit. In order to earn a Course Certificate, you will need to complete all graded assignments, including peer reviews, by February 17th, 2020. After that point, no new assignment submissions will be accepted for Certificate credit. While we hope that you will be able to complete the course, you can find more information about requesting a refund ( or unenrolling from a course ( in our Learner Help Center. Original Course Description: Control of Mobile Robots is a course that focuses on the application of modern control theory to the problem of making robots move around in safe and effective ways. The structure of this class is somewhat unusual since it involves many moving parts - to do robotics right, one has to go from basic theory all the way to an actual robot moving around in the real world, which is the challenge we have set out to address through the different pieces in the course....

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May 04, 2020

This course is by far the best I've taken in this platform! Prof. Egerstedt and his team have brilliantly explained the concepts and I definitely encourage more people to enroll for this course!


Jun 17, 2016

Amazing coursework. Very important for individuals looking for a control theory based approach to Robotics.\n\nProf Magnus engages the classes in a very intuitive and enjoyable manner .

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par Akash k c

Feb 01, 2018

It is a very good for beginners in robotics those have very basic knowledge of control. Programming assignments are very good. It bridges the gap between the theory and the practice.

par Ying W

Aug 24, 2017

This is a great course where theory and practice are combined perfectly. There are always examples that help people put the math into a real application.

par Elena S

Feb 27, 2016

The course content is super helpful! Also will be great to make the programming assignments not optional, maybe? But nevertheless, this course is a very satisfactory experience.

par Arnold R B J

Nov 20, 2017

Excellent course in the fundamentals of Control Theory that covers topics like closed loop feedback, PID control & its implementation, state space form of systems, and plenty of models, models, models! However, the course learning curve gets steep when you dive into state space form with linear algebra, differential equations, and a lot of math theory.

par James G L

Oct 20, 2017

This course is put together very well. The professor does a great job constantly tying back to why each step along the way is important - you always know what you're doing and why you're doing it. Additionally, he teaches in a clear and concise manner. The supporting staff do a great job as well, with relevant programming assignments and review lectures. There are slight things that could be changed, but definitely a 5/5 class. I have, and will, be recommending it to a number colleagues.

par 刘宇轩

Oct 26, 2017

The part of Control Theory shocks me. The lecturer talks about this part in a way that I have never seen in textbooks in Chinese Mainland and it's extremely clear. Sometimes I just can't stop myself from watching the next video in the module to have a drink because the videos are linked so well that any time gaps I waste between the videos are disrespectful to the brilliant arrangement.

par Abhinuv N P

Jun 17, 2016

Amazing coursework. Very important for individuals looking for a control theory based approach to Robotics.

Prof Magnus engages the classes in a very intuitive and enjoyable manner .

par Nischal N

Feb 10, 2019

I have learned to systematically approach robotics through this course.

par Biplab R

Jun 29, 2018

Well presented course. got to learn a lot of new things and control of differential drive robots

par Rishabh K S

Nov 15, 2016

This is my first course on Coursera and I have actually become a fan of it. I must say the way professor Magnus Egerstedt has taught, his punchlines, bananas, quotes, practicals, and all the simulations and glue lectures by the assistants, all were awesome. For any student, trying to seek a career in Robotics and lacking the basic knowledge or not getting how to begin, then this is a must course for him. I really want to thank coursera and all the teaching staff for their efforts and for making providing me knowledge about Robotics in such a filtered and structured teaching way. I finished the course three weeks early. It was actually interesting.

par Rohan K

May 04, 2020

This course is by far the best I've taken in this platform! Prof. Egerstedt and his team have brilliantly explained the concepts and I definitely encourage more people to enroll for this course!

par salvador c

Jun 27, 2016

Cursory course on Modern control and linear systems touching on other aspects of robotics and control. Programing is optional and includes a 2D two wheel differential navigation robot.


Aug 08, 2019

A very good course for beginners.

par david h

Feb 06, 2020

Dr Egerstedt's presentation style is very accessible and engaging. I enjoyed the course. This course is the equivalent of a basic introduction. It doesn't make you an expert. But it gives you the tools to go forward. The math expects you have some basic calculus, physics and linear algebra. Most of the math you actually have to do is simple linear algebra. The course provides a student license for Matlab which does the heavy lifting.

The optional programming assignments (in matlab) are fun and not too difficult. When I took the course the programming assignments weren't graded, which is either a plus or minus depending on how you feel about it. I was happy with getting them to work without the pressure of being graded.

My only complaint is that I took the course in 1st quarter 2020 and apparently there were no staff assigned to answer questions in the discussion forums.

This course would be a good springboard to the U or Toronto Self Driving Car curriculum offered by Coursera. that course goes into a bit more depth.

par u p a

Feb 06, 2017

A very good blend of theory and practice ! The course is well structured and helps the student increase his/her general understanding of the Control Theory and Robotics, particularly, about Differential Drive Mobile Robots. Dr. Egerstedt's style of presentation of the subject matter keeps the student motivated and helps eliminate the boredom and procrastination tendency generally observed while taking online courses.

The weekly quizzes and the optional programming assignments are moderately challenging but awfully interesting and helps get a clear idea of the concepts covered in that weeks lectures.

A good course to take if you are interested to look around your world from a control engineer's perspective. Truly, this course not just covers the theory required to control mobile robots, but also many fundamental concepts of control theory. Moreover, it uncovers a broad spectrum of topics like AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision etc to take up after this course. Just go for it!

par Jeremy W

May 24, 2020

Great introductory course to control theory. The professor and TAs are excellent in the lectures. They are all very thorough, clear, and easy to follow with the topics presented. What I enjoyed the most about this course were the "Glue Lectures" at the end of each week which was a lecture given by the TAs to wrap up and apply what you learned in lecture. It very much felt like I was back in university. Hats off to a well organized course. One thing I wish was still supported are the coding assignments. You can attempt them by yourself (if you have Matlab), but it would have been nice to haveconsistent help from a TA . However, I understand it must not be easy to sustain given the nature of an online platform and coursera. Thanks for the knowledge and inspiring me to learn more!


Apr 17, 2020

The course has been great for me personally. It has not only laid the foundations for control of mobile robots, but also instilled a great deal of confidence in me regarding working and playing around with robots. The simulation exercises have certainly helped me in understanding the algorithms discussed throughout the course. Professor Magnus Egerstedt has been phenomenal in his method of teaching. He knows how to keep the attention of his students intact during the entire duration of his lectures. Moreover, his equally flawless sense of humour adds an extra bit of glamour to his lectures. He explains even the highest levels of concepts in a simple, comprehensible fashion. I will certainly recommend this course to whoever wants to get started with robotics and their control.

par Bianca D

May 07, 2019

I absolutely loved this course. It tackles a difficult, tedious subject and yet it always had me eager to return to the lectures.

I loved the concept, the approaches (you have theory, explained thoroughly; there's glue lectures at the end, revisiting the entire week of course and covering concepts more in-depth; there's weekly programming assignments to also learn the hands-on implementation in MATLAB).

The teaching is enthusiastic, fun and light-hearted, very enjoyable, from all the speakers involved.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I'd love to see more from the same team, it's been a real pleasure.

par Siddhant Y

Jan 27, 2019

Very well-designed course. The chronological order of topics covered facilitates easy learning. Professor Egerstedt is precise and descriptive. The practical videos of different robots scattered in the middle of different important conceptual topics assists in the understanding of these topics. The glue lectures provide important clarity of ideas and derivations before the quiz. Great Job by the entire team. Thank you Professor Egerstedt for this wonderful course- for someone looking to hone their ideas of control systems with application to robotics - this course was a lot of fun.

par Dat N

Nov 26, 2019

I really like this course and I think I have learned quite a lot about control of mobile robots from this course. The instructor teaches everything slowly in an informal style which makes it easy to apprehend the lectures. I also appreciate the glue lectures taught by grad students which reviews the concepts learned that week and also gives more examples to demonstrate things. The programming assignments are fun and doable and most importantly they help me apply the theory I learned in code and watching the robot running is a very satisfying experience.

par Chen G

Apr 30, 2017

It's quite a challenge to instill life in the mathematical dryness that is "Control Theory", yet somehow Magnus does it. Simply put the lecturer is awesome and that was the main reason I came back week after week. As to how much the taught material be actually useful for my career and robotic hobbyist aspirations still remains to be seen. The main reason I took this course was that my CS studies didn't provide me with any foundation in Control and Estimation and this course definitely helped to fill some problematic gaps in my education.

par Karthik M

Sep 06, 2016

Currently working on week 6 material but I can say this for certain, Dr. Egerstedt is a fantastic professor, and the course as a whole is great for anyone with an interest in robotics. I had taken an advanced controls course in my undergraduate program which also covered state space systems. However, it was mostly theory based. So, when Dr. Egerstedt described state space systems with applications to robots, everything I had learned previously made sense! This course is a must take. Thanks Georgia Tech and Dr. Egerstedt!

par Christos P

Nov 08, 2016

This course helped me refresh some basic concepts of control theory, which I had encountered in my ECE studies, as well as see how control fits the big picture of robotics. I wanted to get the basic concepts of control in my software-engineer-structured mind, and this course really helped me do it, although it has (almost) nothing to do with software. Most importantly, the course made me feel that I really have things to give in this field, and persuaded me to keep educating myself on the subject.

par Sara S

Jun 09, 2017

The professor is really good, explains complicated things in a simple way. The only drawbacks are the glue lectures (sometimes the girl talks really fast, and should improve her hand writing), the programming assignments are in Matlab (although I found this open source python code that almost follows the course, and the hardware classes are really bad with no explanation of the steps. Other than these minor details, I would recommend this course.

par Nimantha P D

Mar 25, 2020

This course is amazing. The teaching technique is the thing I'm love the most about this course. It is so interactive and the teachers explains everything with so many good examples. It goes smoothly starting from simple theories up to more advanced ones. It is so fantastic how intuition is given to the students. I gained so much from this course which will be so much important for my practical stuff like building mobile robots and theoretical stuff like designing new control systems.