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In this course, you will dive into the concepts of rationality and irrationality and understand how they impact our investment decisions and what the consequences can be at the market level. You will first explore the different biases that we, as humans, are subjected to when facing investment decisions and how they may impact the outcomes of these decisions. Moreover, you will see how emotions and ethical concerns such as honesty and trust influence market participants. When they are considered as a group rather than individually, you will discover how rationality and irrationality can drive asset prices to and away from their fair value. Finally, you will be presented with different portfolio construction methodologies and investment styles that make up the landscape of today's portfolio management industry. At key points throughout the course, you will benefit from the practical knowledge of experts from our corporate partner, UBS, in how to build and manage clients' portfolios....

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22 nov. 2016

I heartily thank everyone participate in this course . this course gave me a comprehensive knowledge about different types of investment styles and the optimum way to build an investment portfolio .


4 déc. 2016

One of the best courses I've found about investment strategies and styles. It was also very interesting the impact of emotions and cognitive biases in our investment decisions. Highly recommended.

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par Marta A M

25 nov. 2017

The course is wonderful and the contents are very well explained. But the average time is not real, you have to spend much more time each week (almost the double or triple) for seeing the videos and trying to understand all the complex content.

par Ashot B

30 juil. 2020

This course is extremely interesting, based on huge practice and experience, delivered by the perfect lecturer and supported by the unique expertise of the invited experts. Highly recommended for all who is interested in financial markets.

par Felipe C

11 nov. 2019

This second course of the specialization Investment Management is really great. It's pretty well explained, the key concepts are clear and the lecturers have deep konwledge. I recommend it to all who want to improve in the financial field

par Mircea N S

13 juin 2016

Plenty to learn from this module as it was from the previous ones. Kudos to all teachers and thank you Coursera for making this available to all people who share a passion for learning and trying to better themselves. Much appreciated.

par Wilson D J

25 mars 2018

I like the course because it provided me a lot of information about the topic that are useful to everyone, clients and sales. It did not only touch on finance concepts but it also gave me a different perspective by featuring psycholog

par William M

15 août 2016

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very well thought out and presented in an informative and very engaging manner. Brought to life many subjects I was aware of but lacked in depth understanding. Now I can say I am more enlightened.

par Aaron K

2 oct. 2017

A very well-rounded module, which I took great pleasure from! Ranging from the many biases that we, as investors, face to portfolio construction and investor styles, I have learnt a great deal in these four weeks :)

par Paolo N

23 nov. 2018

Both courses I took from the University of Geneva are excellent. The only drawback is that they do not god deep with examples and explanations so you will have to look up some examples and definition on the web.

par Vlado P

27 juil. 2018

Learned a lot of new things and seems the course is in sync with practice, not focused on theory only. Great improvement in my thinking and ability to make better financial decisions after finishing this course.

par Marcelo S

26 juil. 2017

The quality of this specialization in Investment Management, including the Meeting Investor's Goals module, was fantastic. I would say that it may be better than presential classes. Congrats to the professor

par Melanie A

31 août 2016

Learned so much. Great course - good mix of video instruction, mini quizzes & questions, graded quizzes etc. to keep your attention. Also, the information is current and practical. Definitely recommend.

par lax N

4 août 2019

Good course to learn about different investment strategies. Top down/ Bottom up. Value vs Momentum. Contrarian vs Momentum. Core/Satellite. Also very interesting insight to various biases during investing.

par Sanskar V

18 déc. 2020

Amazing course for the people who do not belong to an economic or finance based stream! the lectures are easy to understand and the language is simple! And Professor Michel Girardin was amazing as usual!!

par Sanket M

23 avr. 2020

Quality information being presented by the instructor based on biases that drive our financial information. Along with that, great insights on portfolio construction and investment styles. Great course !!

par Matteo E

19 juin 2017

A great follow on from the Introduction to Financial Markets course. Valid, timely and clear concepts for anyone interested in taking care of their own finances (which I guess it should mean everyone...).

par Mohamed S F B

23 nov. 2016

I heartily thank everyone participate in this course . this course gave me a comprehensive knowledge about different types of investment styles and the optimum way to build an investment portfolio .

par Messias U

23 oct. 2016

I love this course because I was planning to start investing in the Bovespa (Sao Paulo, Brazil) following only the guides of sensational analysts. This course recommends being cautious. Thank you.

par Panagiotis M

17 oct. 2020

Truly remarkable course. In-depth teaching of different investment portfolio styles, constructions, approaches, etc. Absolutely recommended and look forward to progressing in this specialization!

par Sachin P X

5 mars 2019

Excellent coverage of topics. Personal favorite was the behavioral aspects in investing- the biases. Great practical industry insights from the UBS team as well. Highly recommended course.

par Marita B

27 avr. 2020

Very interesting topics and above all the material is structured and prepared in a easy to follow manner and great delivery by all tutors. Thank you very much for the great experience.

par Philipp S

26 avr. 2020

Nicely organized and well prepared information. I would recommend this course to everyone who would like to go deeper into the psychological and theoretical side of investments.

par Farhod K

7 mai 2019

It was very productive course. I've gained a lot of efficient, useful knowledge. Now I have a quite blurry picture of what investment is. Special thanks to Prof. Michel Girardin

par Albert A D

16 juil. 2017

this is a very good course. I couldn't have learnt much anywhere else. The practical examples and assignment help you get a grip on how to apply your skills to the real world.

par Tùng D

8 mars 2019

Its really helpful for me to understand process to construct a portfolio with various investment style, structure and distinguish exactly characteristic of value and growth

par Richard N

3 nov. 2017

extremely good, the information is accurate and correct, I could learn a lot and get a much more global vision of the construction of portfolios and the styles of investors