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This course is all about matrices, and concisely covers the linear algebra that an engineer should know. The mathematics in this course is presented at the level of an advanced high school student, but it is recommended that students take this course after completing a university-level single variable calculus course. There are no derivatives or integrals involved, but students are expected to have a basic level of mathematical maturity. Despite this, anyone interested in learning the basics of matrix algebra is welcome to join. The course consists of 38 concise lecture videos, each followed by a few problems to solve. After each major topic, there is a short practice quiz. Solutions to the problems and practice quizzes can be found in the instructor-provided lecture notes. The course spans four weeks, and at the end of each week, there is an assessed quiz. Download the lecture notes from the link And watch the promotional video from the link

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16 janv. 2022

With regards to my course and program, this was relevant. Although I was behind on some weeks, it was because some of the topics were not in concurrence with my course, but this course really helped.


4 août 2021

This is a carefully sequenced, content-rich introduction to Matrices; beware skimming over details: eg. the use of matrix formalism to solve the least squares problem is little short of magic.

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par Stefano L

16 sept. 2020


Very nice video lectures, with good explainations.

Not too much in depth, and everything that something seems confused it's later explained with a simple example.

That's it. You got your 2 stars.

Now to the Cons:

Too few exercises. I understand that I'll not be doing those things by hand in my work life, but the exercises are SO FEW AND SIMPLE THAT YOU CANNOT BE SURE TO KNOW THE TOPIC even after completing all of them. Especially in "weeks" 3 and 4 when things get a bit more complex. If the teacher alone cannot provide more exercises, it would be very appreciated if he could suggest for every topic some other ones from another online source.

Also, multiple choices questions for the quizzes are NOT able to evaluate my ability to do the calculations or apply the learnt algorithms, as I can just try the 4 different options and see which is the most probable actual result.

par Rajeev N

3 juil. 2019

This is a really good class to get started on to the world of Matrix Algebra. A little knowledge of vectors would help greatly but not necessary. Writing notes while Jeff explains , helps a great deal with quizzes.

Jeff explains the material well in a very patient way. The quizzes are challenging and at the same time not too easy or difficult. Quizzes are very well designed to reinforce the material being explained by Jeff before.

PS: Great Class.

par Kangxin L

20 avr. 2022

This is a quick introduction to matrix algebra.

I have learned linear algebra before, and I am familiar with dirac notion in quantum mechanics, but I still learn new things from this course. For example, the relation among null space, colomn space, row space, left null space.

Besides, the application in the linear regression impressed me a lot. I learned to understand linear regression as minimizing cost function or maximize likelihood and this course provides a new aspect of understanding linear regression.

Last but not least, there is accompanied course note and instructor is accessible and open for your questions about course contents. Cannot wait to learn the next course in the series!

par Brittany D

26 janv. 2022

5 stars for this course without a doubt. Professor Chasnov's lessons are clear, concise and very thorough. The course gets challenging at times but Prof presents the material in a way that is easy to understand. He walks you through it, provides helpful practice problems, and responds quickly to forum posts. I had taken another linear algebra class prior to this one and felt just as confused by the end of it as I was on day one. I had a feeling I would do well in the subject if I only had a professor who made more sense to me, so I decided to start over with this course - and I'm so glad I did. I finally feel comfortable with liner algebra. Highly recommend it!

par Evgeny K

13 janv. 2023

A great course providing a comprehensive , detailed and intuitive introduction into Matrix Algebra and covering its most important topics; the course is perfectly suited for students and practitioners aiming at learning, repeating and/or practical application of Linear Algebra.

The lecturer has a great presentation and pedagogical skills, thanks to which his lectures as well as the lecture notes are exceptionally easy to comprehend. The practical quizzes do also facilitate the consolidation of the knowledge gained.

Summary: an exceptionally great course (even for non-mathematicians)

par Mallikarjunadas C

24 oct. 2020

This a course that give you both the architectural as well as plumbing view of matrix algebra. While it's a hard grind to work through all the problems (and one may never do some of the calculations again as the computer would take care of it in the real world), it is beneficial. I have had several false starts in my attempts to learn linear algebra over the last couple of years. This was the first time I was able to reach the finish line. I think doing this very visceral course prepares me to tackle more abstract topics. Highly recommended!

par Rigel K S

12 avr. 2021

Thanks a lot for this this made me enough to learn something new as an engineering student of this course. I've been through a lot seems all of this will come to its place to be used someday in my future and last enough through my golden years. Wish my future children learn this so that they won't hesitate to fight along with others. Mathematics and another ideal for Engineers will be helped by this through a lot that hoping can be helpful in other as for the new features and future Engineers in this wide wide universe world to be explored.

par Katherine J B

17 sept. 2020

An excellent course. Very well organized and the notes were quite helpful. There was just the right amount of abstraction and he never failed to relate it to more concrete concepts. This stretched my understanding of the topic. The instructor replied promptly to my questions with useful feedback. The 'Readings' were actually more like homework problems and served to reinforce the material studied. They were straightforward and not overwhelming, as they easily could have been. I look forward to taking another course from Jeff again.

par Carlos R Á H

12 mars 2021

Absolutely great course. This is the third course I complete from Prof. Chaznov and it was well worth it. Even though I had some previous knowledge of vector algebra and matrices, this course helped me strengthen everything I knew and also helped me to learn a lot, lot more, like the more abstract concepts such as vector spaces which I was not very familiar with, and also eivenvector and eigenvalues. The course is very challenging, tests make you think a lot but it's overall a very fun and pleasant experience.

par Victor M

16 mai 2021

I've learnt so much in this course! Vector spaces and eigenvectors were rather difficult themes to learn. I still have a feeling that I can't see them in all perspectives. Some internal mechanics slips my mind. I'll need to study more learning materials describing the topics from different points of view and providing more examples. Anyway, it's a great course! And I'll come back to it to refresh my memory. Especially I liked the delivery on the video. It was real pleasure to listen to these explanations.

par Igor K

20 févr. 2022

The course is great! I studied linear algebra before, so I used this course as a refresher. All explanations were concise and clear. Instructor doesn't prove everything, but it's a good exercise to pause and prove the remaining parts yourself. Speech is somewhat slow so I watched videos at 1.75x speed (but again, I was familiar with linear algebra, so this speed was comfortable for me). I just wish it would be longer, more in-depth and with more topics covered such as SVD decomposition and others:)

par Chris L

16 mai 2019

This course gives a really good overview of matrix algebra. The practice problems and quizzes follow the lectures pretty closely and allowed me to directly apply the lecture topics. I'm using this course as a starting point for further linear algebra studies, and feel that this course has prepared me and has made me even more interested in the subject. This was a very enjoyable course for me. Professor Chasnov did an excellent job and I hope to take his other courses!

par Marlon B

10 juin 2021

The course is well structured and the practice problems force you to engage in independent thinking and research. It gives you a great foundation on how to approach problems in Linear Algebra from a theoretical point of view. I learned a lot about how to think mathematical and formulate ideas and concepts in this course. I now feel a like I have a much better understanding of what matrices are and what can be done with them. I highly recommend this course!

par Mohamed Y A I A

4 juil. 2021

The course will take you from basics through more advanced matrix techniques. You should set a weekly target for you to be bale to finish on due time. Keep attention to the reading assignments and the practice quiz as it is a main part of the learning process. Dr. Jeff style in teaching is very focused and attractive; keep alert to his wording as some of the quiz solutions are spelled between his words. Thank you Dr. Jeff for your keen teaching.

par Mario G A R

18 mars 2022

Un curso muy bien hecho en el aspecto que cada tema tiene un video muy bien explicado ademas de las pruebas que te fuerzan a tener el 100% es un metodo muy bueno de aprendizaje para que el alumno no se quede con lo minimo y no dar siempre lo mejor de cada quien para llegar a la excelencia eso es el punto que puedo puntuar de mejor manero con respecto a los temas del curso se enfocan en los temas de mayor deficultad dentro de la algebra lineal.

par Allaev S

1 avr. 2021

Some people learn matrices in 1 semester which is around half a year, but if you need to learn about matrices quick, and if you put enough effort and study 5-7 hours a day, here you can learn everything in 1 week ! Professor Chasnov explains difficult things very simply and after lesson you can try different kind of problems (both theoretical and practical) to remember it better. If you need to learn about matrices, this course is for you!

par KietQTHE163599

19 mai 2021

This course is exceptional. Mr.Chasnov is simply phenomenal at what he does and it shows. He makes the best effort at de-abstracting the information, teaching it and demonstrating it. The man is passionate and i've learned more in this course in a little more than a week than I did a whole semester in university. This course really comes to show how powerful a tool Coursera could be and I would be forever grateful that it all started here.

par Dr M

2 juin 2020

I would like to Thanks Jeffrey Chasnov for his valuable and informative short videos. I like the course structure as well. Topics like null space, row and column space is explained in a very interesting way. I would like to coursera for this wonderful initiative during the pandemic. But why this purchase certificate is coming as it's free for learners during the worldwide pandemic. Please provide the course completion certificate. Thanks

par Jesse M

7 sept. 2021

I really enjoyed Jeff's course, I like how he gives really good explainations of the material with many examples. He also provides you free access to his textbook, which really help me review the material and allows you to learn how to approach problems after attempting them. Overall, Jeff is a really good professor and his course can really help you, wheither taking linear algebra or reviewing the fundamentals for engineering courses.

par Syed H M

11 janv. 2023

Amazing instructor with great delivery of content. The topics were explained exceptionally well. At no point I felt doubtful or confused about any topic/ concept. The course was self contained with no need of xternal sources to understand the topics or assignments. So far, Prof Jeff is the best instructor I have encountered on the coursera platform for math related courses. Thank you professor! May u be in Allah's guidance.

par Pui C W

18 mars 2020

This course help me to learn a lot of matrix knowledge. The matrix basic talk about some compare of matrix, inverse matric and transpose. Also, there is Gaussian elimination to solve the unknown varible in matrix. Some vector in the vector space are having connection each other. And finally, eigenvalues and eigenvectors can show me the laplace expansion caclulate the det(A), Leibniz formula caclulate and power of matrix.

par Yimin Z

8 avr. 2020

Very well explained linear matrix algebra. Detailed procedure and hand by hand example. I took this course to pick up what I have learned before. The informative outline of this course not only helps me recall, but also reconstruct my system of matrix algebra. It could be better if more examples of matrix projection. I had a hard time and went through the materials again. Thanks again for providing this amazing course.

par Imonikhe D O

24 juin 2020

This is the first time I have attended a class in this format, and wondered how effective it would be. It was very effective, and therefore I would definitely be interested in attending other classes in the same format. The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided a wealth of information about this course I am grateful for all i have learnt so far and i say a big thank you to the Instructor, God bless you Sir.

par H D

11 sept. 2020

I'm an economist, not an engineer and I found this course very good. Bitesized videos and good accompanying materials make each lesson easily digestible, The videos are delivered very clearly and are focused on a clear learning outcome. The course omits the heavy proofs in linear algebra. I have read a couple of linear algebra text books and found this course helped to make everything clearer and more intuitive.

par Silas B d S

12 sept. 2020


Excellent course, excellent teacher with excellent material available for free. If you are a student of any engineering or computing, I sincerely advise you to take this course.

I can't believe it is already over. Thank you very much, prof. Chesnov. You may not know, but this course's made a very big impact in my academic life. Now, I'll take your other courses. Please, keep doing this great work!