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The proliferation of digital technology gives businesses a diverse new set of tools to reach, engage, monitor, and respond to consumers to an unprecedented degree. The aggregated and voluminous digital data can also be leveraged to better target specific consumer segments. Following the Digital Marketing Channels: The Landscape, this course aims to give you a deeper understanding of core processes of planning a digital marketing campaign and the role of various digital channels in an integrated marketing communication....

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30 août 2020

I think this course is much better than the Digital Media and Marketing Principles course. It gives us the opportunity to create our own digital marketing strategies and the reasons behind our choices

16 nov. 2020

I have learned tremendously from this course, which I was able to immediately apply to my work. Grateful for the informative insights, as well as the sharing from different industry practitioners.

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11 sept. 2020



7 août 2020


par Tanishka T

1 août 2020


par ome p p

31 juil. 2020


par Aryan K

29 juin 2020


par Nasif A S

24 juin 2020


par Chen S

29 mai 2020


par Manikandan E

8 déc. 2015


par Tomas B

23 sept. 2015



14 oct. 2020


par James G

11 nov. 2019


par Guilherme N

4 nov. 2019

O curso Digital Media and Marketing Strategies é um curso muito interessante e com conteúdos sólidos sobre o marketing digital. As aulas, o instrutor virtual, o material e todo conteúdo disponibilizado online permitem que o estudante tire maior proveito do curso, e que ao finalizar esteja em condições de: criar, gerir e avaliar a estratégia de marketing digital. As avaliações e a troca de experiência entre os colegas, e algo bastante interessante e positivo.

Para mim, que foi a minha primeira experiência numa formação pela internet, achei muito bom.

Percebi ao longo da formação que, quando se fala de digital media não se esta a falar exclusivamente, ou necessariamente de marketing de redes sociais, portanto o digital e abrangente, pelo que, se pretende aprender especificamente sobre marketing das redes sociais, recomendo que faça as duas formações: o digital media & marketing strategies e o marketing das redes sociais.

par Mehran F

25 juin 2020

Good course. The music is a waste of time, and bothersome to listen to every few minutes. I'm surprised a marketing course does not pay attention to it! I do like the instruction (Dr. Mike Yao) very much. It is obvious he has prepared very good course material. But so often feels he is reading from the notes, undermining my attention span. He is very easy to understand though. To really take full advantage of the course, you really need to read as much as the "optional" reading material as possible. The more the better.

par Puja A

9 mai 2020

The reason I did not rate this course 5/5 is the peer evaluation assignment. I felt that the assignment lacked the information that should have been provided. Other than that the course material and resources are great. If you have a marketing background like me, chances are that you'll already know the basics of most of the concepts discussed here but the course is a great way to brush up those concepts. Also, the cases discussed in the video and the reading materials provided are highly informational.

par Jordan B

3 avr. 2018

The text has some useful information in it and the assignments are useful in the sense that they make you communicate and summarize some key topics from the weekly material. The video lectures are essentially summaries of each chapter (I usually watched them at 2X speed). The weekly quizzes test trivial facts to prove that you read the material rather than against the modual's learning objectives.

par Sudeshna D

25 mai 2020

The course can be further organised and made concise.. The fourth module seemed repetitive on certain aspects. Some videos links in the fourth module extra readings are not working properly.

Overall, it was a good and informative learning module. Leaners who want a backdrop in Digital Media and Marketing, should definitely opt for this course.

par Bilqees K

23 févr. 2020

Since working in Marketing and transitioning to digital at a rapid pace, especially being in China, this course have provided a deeper understanding and perspective into applying the skills I presently have. Additionally, I've managed to gain new insights on platforms I have minimal knowledge about! Thanks Coursera, and University of Illinois!

par Shridevi J

8 févr. 2019

Great class. I learnt a lot about digital media strategies. But I feel, this course can be improved by using poll questions, quiz questions in between the class. so that student is attentive in class. Also, this class could be improved by adding some interesting interactive research insights. Overall, this course is useful to me.

par Ravi B

10 avr. 2016

This course is immensely helpful for any one who wants to get into the area of Digital Marketing. The lecture series along with the recommended course material gives a very good insight into the vast world of Digital Marketing. I am happy I find this course and could complete successfully as well.

par Eglė D

16 nov. 2020

The course is good - learned a lot of new things. Just it should be updated - the information, reading, and videos are from 2017, now a lot of things have changed now in 2020, so the course should be updated as well. All in all a good course and I would recommend checking it out!

par Hélène R

10 févr. 2019

Well explained, well structured and not only theorical. Covers main points to get a good overview an understanding of digital marketing trends, tools and challenges.

However it would have been interesting to get the professor or a profesionnal's feedback on the assignements.

par Phoebe A M

21 mai 2019

I didn't care for the way in which the slides and information were presented. it was a little choppy and could have had less slides and less videos and been put into longer lectures rather than 2-5 minute snips where you have to go to another video and watch the intro

par Thanh H P W

10 mai 2020

In general, it's a good course. However additional reading materials need to be updated. The courses propose some youtube videos or articles that are too old. With the digital marketing landscape that changing so fast, we can't afford staying in the past

par Luis F R T

9 oct. 2020

Overall good, informative and insightful. I would recomend tis course. The downside to it, which is the same to most online courses is that It was challenging having hardly any interaction with colleagues and no interaction at all with the instructors.

par Óscar B P

18 déc. 2017

Wide and concise course, suited for those who are taking the first steps into digital marketing, or maybe are coming back to this field with renewed curiosity. It offers the basics of planning, analysis and context for the digital industry.