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Welcome to our next course in the School Health specialization: Managing ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities, and Concussion in School. In this course, you will about the most common developmental and behavioral disorders affecting children such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, learning disorders, and concussions. We will focus on how schools can support children by recognizing common symptoms and understanding the diagnosis process. You’ll be introduced to scenarios that provide firsthand clinician experience working with children with ADHD. We will walk through management options for the most common developmental and behavioral disorders. Next, we’ll go through two interview modules that discuss autism and learning disorders. Finally, we’ll discuss what concussions are, symptoms, and management Prepare yourself to learn about the most common development and behavioral disorders affecting children....

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31 déc. 2020

This course is manageable and in depth with the mental challenges that children face in the classrooms and how to manage them. I recommend this course to anyone interested in working with children.


2 mars 2021

This is the course that could be an avenue for making a difference in the lives of learners with difficulty. Applying what has learned form the course is a great opportunity to serve with a heart.

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16 juin 2020


par Sergiu-Mihai R

22 juil. 2020

Great course! Information is presented well, however I feel that the quizzes sometimes focus on niche, or less-important information from the lessons. For example, the "learning disabilities" quiz felt as if not much thought was put into it, and it seemed to test everything else other than symptoms of, and ways to manage the said disabilities.


10 août 2020

thank you DOST Caraga Philippines and Provincial Government of Dinagat Islands for this opportunity..thank you also coursera anf University of Colorado for a simple, brief, concise and understandable context of discussions for these topics 😊

par David H

2 mai 2020

Very good grounding for school based staff. One or two spelling errors and one of the test questions had ADHD substituted for LAI but otherwise great!

par Kaanchan B

12 juin 2019


par Swasti S

9 sept. 2020

The course contains quite basic information and the tests are also easily solvable.

par Sonia V

25 juin 2020

Good course for understanding the disabilities

par Susan E C

20 juin 2020

This course is for school nurses--two sections did not address the school nurse role at all, and a third touched on it only as an afterthought. The information was good, though, if repetitive. The tests are not completely written in standard English, and several times correct answers are marked to be incorrect.

par Lucia M

25 avr. 2020

i think it could provide some cientifique information and more information off managing this kids at school.

par Mulki G K

14 mai 2020

Course was too brief. Would have liked it to be longer and with more details

par Ghulam S

21 juil. 2020

Thanks a lot for making me aware of the subject of assessing and managing various issues faced by kids at school and enhancing /grooming my knowledge of these subjects.

I am feeling more confident in approaching and managing these subjects.

I am grateful for these practical learnings.

This course was a great help in bringing one step closer to a confident student in life.

Hope my learning can make my skills serve the community and provide the benefits i learned from this teachings.

Stay blessed and regards for my teacher and mentors.

Thanks u again

par Sandra. L

21 août 2021

I am currently working as an instructional assistant with children K-5, I took the course to enrich my knowledge due to my job and my friends who are suffering with ADHD, I encouraged young adults to be part of the course, one of them said "some parents don't believe kids can be suffering mentally because of how they provide food and shelter for the child."

The same Young adult said " It's important to know how they are doing mentally, not just feed them, cloth them and that's it, their mental health is very important."

par Sarah H

9 sept. 2020

Having a BSc in Psychology (Special) and undertaking a Masters in Education with the psychology of education being the primary focus, this course was a joy to learn. To be able to explore every content area associated with the course, along with becoming more aware and educated on the relevant topic areas has indeed enhance my desires to learn and know more. In an effort to possess the knowledge and skills that would be key in helping students on a more advanced level. This course was captivating and insightful.

par Boglárka L T

6 août 2020

I'm a teacher and I'm learning special education. I would liked to find a course, which encompasse my learnings so far but give me new knowledge. Luckily I found teh perfect one! This course was very useful, comprehensive. I learnt about a lot these themes before, but every course gave me new line of sight and challenge. I'm grateful took part in it. Thank you so much all professor from Colorado University!

par Javiera S

9 févr. 2022

I learnt a lot about different disorders and injuries from the brain in educational setting. As a future teacher, I helped me to be prepared to assist any student who needs special curricular adjustments, how to manage this phenomena, among other skills and knowledge. In addition, the teachers were clear with the explanations and it was easy to understand, the materials available were enriching as well.

par Jessel P

9 mai 2021

I've learned so many things in this course, including the proper process in diagnosing ADHD, ASD, Learning Disorders, and Concussion. These lessons help me to be well knowledgeable about helping my students with the same conditions. The educational plan suited for their conditions and how to become effective and efficient for them.

par Raven S N N

23 sept. 2020

This course helped me to understand and be prepared when I encounter students having mental health or psychological problems. I learned a lot and enjoyed learning more about how to manage students with these kinds of problems in school. Will surely apply the skills that i’ve learned not just at my work but also in my everyday life.

par Irene B O

29 mars 2021

Estoy estudiando Terapia Ocupacional y este curso es genial para aprender en detalle los temas tratados. Me ha resultado muy interesante, ameno...los videos son muy claros e interactivos,. Además, como lo escuchaba y leía en inglés he aprendido multitud de vocabulario muy específico y muy útil de cara al mi futuro profesional.

par Masami Y

25 févr. 2022

I am a science teacher in schools for years, and recently, I have encountered teaching childrens with ADHD, ASD, and LD. I have learned a lot from this course, and I am sure that this course is very helpful, more helpful than I expected. I will try to finish all couses in the specialization!

par Resmi S

30 juin 2020

Being a child counsellor, this course helped me to gain more knowledge about Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Concussion among children. Well structured portions and knowledgeable videos and readings! Thanking Coursera, PSMO college and the Faculty too!

par AnnaChrista ( M

11 mars 2021

I thought this course was great for someone like myself who wanted a basic overview of learning disabilities, with specific information on ADHD and Autism. I am not using this as a career builder, but am a new parent to a neuro divergent child so this has been very helpful.


30 oct. 2020

The lessons were very informative, easily understood and the presentations were attractive. I would be much grateful for all the lectures and support staff, for their endless endeavours to make this course a success. Thank you so much.

par Avon L T O

20 déc. 2020

I like this class so much. It explained ADHD, autism, and learning disability concussion in a very simple yet detailed way. If you are planning to have special education as your career path, this course is definitely for you!

par Grisel A

23 mai 2022

IThis is a great course, because teach basic theory and use basic vocabulary to understand everything for special people as me that English is a second language. Also, it helps to professionals who want change their fiel...

par Anupama L

1 sept. 2019

I enjoyed doing this course and it added more to my knowledge of ADHD, LD, Autism and Concussion. I am sure it will help me identify and understand these disorders better in my workplace and real life.