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This course is intended to be an introduction to machine learning for non-technical business professionals. There is a lot of hype around machine learning and many people are concerned that in order to use machine learning in business, you need to have a technical background. For reasons that are covered in this course, that's not the case. In actuality, your knowledge of your business is far more important than your ability to build an ML model from scratch. By the end of this course, you will have learned how to: • Formulate machine learning solutions to real-world problems • Identify whether the data you have is sufficient for ML • Carry a project through various ML phases including training, evaluation, and deployment • Perform AI responsibly and avoid reinforcing existing bias • Discover ML use cases • Be successful at ML You'll need a desktop web browser to run this course's interactive labs via Qwiklabs and Google Cloud Platform. >>> By enrolling in this course you agree to the Qwiklabs Terms of Service as set out in the FAQ and located at: <<<...

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Aug 28, 2019

Meticulously planned course. Since it is Google developed training so will be helpful for improving the application of ML with Google technologies. I like the QwikLabs to give some hands on.


Aug 29, 2019

The Course aptly covers the overall ML know how. The information in this course will certainly help anyone to make right decisions for customers going through Digital transformation.

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par Parthiban D

Nov 02, 2019

Good and interesting

par Abhishek S

Nov 01, 2019

Absolutely loved the way it was presented. 10/10

par William G

Oct 18, 2019

Very good initial learning to start with ML

par Darshan K S

Nov 08, 2019

Excellent course for anyone who want get started with AI & ML. This is apt for business professionals who would like to sound intelligently on informed on AI & ML. Thank you trainers and Google for this course.

par Andreas L

Nov 27, 2019

Great course! I liked the practical exercises on Google Cloud very much!

par Nuria L

Nov 30, 2019

Genial, practico y que proporciona una visión global para saber qué y como hacer machine learning. El donde, en tu negocio

par Bhasker K

Nov 25, 2019

Extremely Useful course, for a Manager who has to overview and build a deliverable case on ML/AI for Business. This course helped me to build a high level understanding of lots of Jargon s and how to road map a project of ML/Al

par nipun a

Aug 20, 2019

I had no idea about the subject before i started this program. But when i finished, i feel i need to more. I am more excited, enthusiastic to learn more about AI, ML & DL. These will be the future of business and must learn for each business guy.

Most importantly, i now know, why i couldnt crack the 2 important interviews i gave in past 2 months. :)

par Marcelo C d A

Aug 23, 2019

Excellent course to give us an idea of how machine learning works, how to set up machine learning teams within your company, how to identify potential use cases in your business and the importance of sensitive data governance. I feel much more comfortable with machine learning concepts now and ready to pursue a more technical course. Highly recommended!

par Federico N

Aug 23, 2019

I really like the course, I have suggested some minor updates and I believe the Bias should be explained more since they can be a bit tricky to understand, but it was the course that I was looking for years since most of them are either too technical or the lack of certain statistical or mathematical information in my case, it made impossible to jump on it! But now, I'm thinking how to use ML for a PhD.

par Prof(Dr) S R

Aug 22, 2019


par Steven D

Dec 08, 2019

Solid overview covering most of the basics. It might be interesting to include a module on concepts to deploy/productionalize and maintain projects as business leaders need to have some idea this is the most challenging part!

par Majid M

Dec 09, 2019

Great overview of ML.

par Manash C

Aug 28, 2019

Meticulously planned course. Since it is Google developed training so will be helpful for improving the application of ML with Google technologies. I like the QwikLabs to give some hands on.

par Bassem M Y

Dec 13, 2019

It was great experience to study this course, the level of information is suitable for non technical users and it can be base for future learning in ML

par Juan C T

Sep 23, 2019

fun, immersive and rewarding

par Juan A

Aug 21, 2019

Excelent Course. Highly recommended for Tech Lead Managers and AI Business Professionals

par Arunkumar M

Aug 20, 2019

Good Course on ML for Non technical professionals to understand the world of Machine Language.

par Daniel V

Oct 08, 2019

Very well put together with clear explanations of machine learning technology and how it should be used. The tools and practices (like creating a chatbox) are easy to use and show you how we already interact with ML regularly and how it can be put into practice. Very worth it overall.

par Yang D

Apr 19, 2019

Great courses ! I will keep on this courses !

par Honggan S

Aug 02, 2019

This is great for me to understand the concept of the Machine Learning.

The use cases are eye-opening, but a few of them are too general (yes, the Fast Retailing).

The first lab (pizza robot) is very fun, not so much in the next two. The reason was that I do not quite understand how does the photo recolonization and big query work, so the lab experience felt like following guide and clicking the button. I will, however, redo those exercises once I have more acknowledge about technical side of ML.

The quiz about identifying proper business problem for ML does not provided any explanation, and it did not help me learning.

Last but not least, the sections about bias and fairness are fantastic! It really makes me think about our responsibility when using ML.

Wonderful materials for non-technical users like me.

Thank you!

par Som D

Aug 05, 2019

Preety Decent start to learn about Machine Learning Fundamentals.

par Suresh R

Aug 07, 2019

The course was interesting and helped me get a basic introduction to machine learning. I found the course material interesting and the presenters did their best to be engaged with the viewers. The quizzes could have been more rigorous. They did not serve the purpose of testing your understanding of the principles.

par Pravin P

Oct 29, 2019

Absolute pleasure in learning this course. Highly recommended for all the business professionals who want to get a flavour of the ML world.

par Duncan B

Oct 20, 2019

a good overview of ML and how it can be used and deployed ;