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Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people who are interested in Chinese culture and language. And it is useful to know about the language when coming to China for travel or business. This is an ABC Chinese course for beginners, including introduction of phonetics and daily expressions. After taking this class, learners can have a basic understanding of Chinese Mandarin and make basic conversations of daily living such as exchanging personal information, talking about daily arrangements and food, asking about price, introducing the city and the weather, telling your hobbies etc. Selected topics and situations come from real life scenarios and can be used for everyday communications. In addition to the dialogues, the selection of reading materials and practice activities will make the content as rich and varied as possible, in order to stimulate the learners’ interests. This is an elementary course on Chinese speaking. The learners don’t need to study Chinese characters, so it is easier to follow and complete this course....

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24 avr. 2020

She teaching very well! Easy to understand, her accent is very clear to understand, lesson is very useful to and might can use it for real. Thank you for lovely teaching and lovely lesson

Thank you


16 sept. 2016

Thanks for this course. I like it and this language really so necessary for me and my job. My company in New Zealand - ESKA Ltd (, and we are work with aliens from China.

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19 juil. 2022

Creo es un muy buen curso, dinámico desde los videos, el comienzo fue difícil para mí, las letras, pero a medida que avanzas , entiendes y escuchas, y cada vez se hace menos difícil, puede ser rápido de terminar, aun así creo que es mejor con tiempo moderado y logras asimilar y retomar las materias, repasar. Me gustó mucho, lo terminé , y lo comprendí, eso es lo mejor la fonetica en este idoma. Y una excelente profesora. Gracias.

par Mario S G

3 avr. 2022

I think the course is good to become familiar with the sounds, and to learn basic vocabulary and expressions. Perhaps at the end is somehow overwhelming, but if you understand that this is an elementary course, it is okay. Quizzes are easy, and the extra material is helpful. Another good thing is that the videos are not very long, and that makes the path of the course smooth. I recommend the course as first contact with Chinese language.

par Althea O

2 févr. 2016

I really enjoyed this course. The presenter was lovely. She was easy to follow and very clear in her speaking. She taught me how to speak sentences and questions. And she presented me with a lot of new vocabulary which I know I will have to sit down and learn. It is a great refresher course if you have tried to learn Chinese before. There is nothing threatening about it. I hope a follow-up course will be created. I will definitely do it.

par Manjari R

14 sept. 2015

A wonderfull introduction for beginners in Chinese. This was my first Chinese lesson ever, and i really enjoyed it : easy to understand. The teacher speaks very slowly and repeats each word/sentence 2 times, so we have time to train our ears to the "chinese speaking music". :-)

This course focuses on oral chinese only (speaking and understanding), but you can go further and use other online ressources to learn reading/writing chinese too.

par Dustin D

10 janv. 2021

A good course for the basics of speaking and understanding chinese. Recommended for every person that is curious about the language and want to have some understanding before going into more extensive courses.

Buen curso para aprender lo basico del idioma. Se lo recomiendo a cualquiera persona que tenga un interes en aprender el idioma y le gustaria tener por lo menos una idea del idioma antes de comenzar con curso mas extenso.

par Daniel D

2 mars 2021

I really enjoyed completing this course. The teacher is very charming and explains the material very well. This was my first language course in Chinese and it was a very pleasant experience. Chinese will be the seventh language for me to learn and this course ignited my curiosity to explore and study it further and deeper, especially its calligraphy. It is a very tough path for an European but I am very motivated. Thank you!


21 avr. 2020

I love this course because I'll be trying to learn Chinese by my-self. For the first time, it quite difficult for me because I didn't learn Chinese before but after that, it will be better and I like it so much.

I would like to say thank you for the teacher on this course very much, she is a good teacher. She's explained to an easy way to understand and feel funny to learn.

I feel wonderful and very happy to get this course.


28 janv. 2021

It is a very interesting class because it push the student to add more vocabulary on the student own account. Once we can express our daily routine, likeness and dislikes, we are good to start, we just have to add some Chinese movies to watch daily so we don't lose what we have learned and review our notes daily. It will be nice to be able to continue with the next level of this Chinese classes. Lǎoshī, xièxiè. 再见


par Tina D

27 août 2020

Short Lectures and a quick test after each one really helped me to learn. If you're devoted, the course can be actually finished in way shorter time. Offers real knowledge on beginner's Chinese. Focuses more on the spoken than the written word, in order to make it easier for those that don't know how to read the Chinese alphabet, or are intimidated by it. In general, that was a great course, totally recommended! Xiexie!

par Muneeb A

13 déc. 2022

This course was meant for the learners who haven't had any prior knowledge of Chinese language , and honestly, i enjoyed it. Chinese for the beginners is essential for building up the foundation of Chinese language such as Pinyin and basic vocubulary words which will let you have really simple conversation. I will recommend all newbies to get started from here and build your way all the way to advanced material. 加油加油。

par Naylea E A M

22 mars 2016

I absolutely loved the course, it was tough at the beginning but the teacher gives you examples and makes observations on the pronounciations and repeatedly reminds you how to pronounce the words. So that really helps your ear to open to the different sounds and vowels, and you get better with every assignment. Also the extra exercises helps you to get a better understanding of the Chinese culture, weather, food, etc.

par Arn R

5 oct. 2021

I loved the approach of the instructor, in which she introduced the Chinese language from its most basic nuances (vowels/intonations) to its usage in actual conversation. The choice of topics in which each nuances were introduced was also A+, the laying out of information was gradual and not in-your-face. Overall, I enjoyed learning from Ms. Xiaoyu Liu. I will definitely be enrolling in the course's continuation.

par Jorfran H P C

20 juil. 2016

I loved this course , so good, now I have the basic notions to start a conversation in Chinese. Thanks to the creators of this course for giving me the opportunity to do it, I recommend it so muchi./Me encantó este curso, muy bueno, ahora ya tengo las nociones básica para entablar una conversación en chino. Gracias a los creadores de este curso por darme la oportunidad de poder realizarlo, lo recomiendo bastante.

par RiCha r S

16 janv. 2017

This course was dynamic and amazing. I found myself returning to the interface after class was completed to see if there was a second class to continue progress. I felt depleted to find there is no other course to continue the learning in this area. Thank so much. I really got a great deal out of this course and pray I can revisit it to practice off an on, while I am taking other Coursera courses for TESOL.

par Joerg W

23 janv. 2017

The course "Chinese for Beginners" is a good introduction for the "fresh meat" of those striving to learn the Chinese Language and has got all it takes to get you immersed into the language. You just have to find your individual method of staying in it. I will also do the Chinese character for Beginners course, which seems promising. As already mentioned, it all depends on your effort, time and motivation!

par Melissa

9 juil. 2018

Realmente es lo básico, por lo cual es importante dedicar tiempo a practicar y estudiar para aprender el vocabulario ya que es de uso cotidiano. Muchos dirán que es muy básico pero ya qusieran escuchar una conversación sencilla y entender. Recomiendo memorizar y practicar diario para no olvidar ya que es un vocabulario totalmente diferente al nuestro. ¡Ánimo, Sí se puede aprender muy bien en éste curso!

par Deleted A

28 avr. 2020

Language sounds, vocabulary, and grammar are the first steps in the language learning process, and this course focus right in these aspects in a very effective way. After taking some courses on Mandarin Chinese, I am pretty sure this is the most friendly and best choice for somebody that has never studied this language - or need / wish to improve ground concepts in pronunciation vocabulary and grammar.

par Jira H

19 avr. 2020

According to the current situation in the world, Chinese is gradually intervened into our life, so It is recommended to take this, for its lessons allow you to grab many useful and essential terms or idioms with regards to the Chinese language. The course and instruction is not that tricky, but it grants the learners for getting involved into the environment of the daily Chinese, which is very handful.

par Caleb A

4 juin 2020

Great beginner course! I think focusing on pinyin to start is a good idea, I feel like adding characters right away would have been too confusing. It's not super intensive, so even a really busy person should be able to squeeze in their work during the week. Overall, I definitely recommend it! Even if you forget lessons quickly, you'll come away with some basic phrases and how to pronounce pinyin.

par fiza i

8 juil. 2022

hello i'm fiza i have craze of learning other languages for meet different culture. Meet other cultural people bring joy and excitements in my life. coursera is one of the best platform at which everyone can learn that how to approach our goals without go anywhere. Miss xiaoliu is very excellent instructor. she guided me very well about basic Chinese. I hope she will always do betterfor learners.

par Alejandro

16 nov. 2016

Me encantó el alcance que toma el curso, supera las expectativas por mucho. Siento que la asimilación de conocimientos es cuantiosa, termino el curso con la sensación de leer muy bien y, con un poco de práctica podré hacerlo de igual manera al hablar y escribir.

Emocionado por terminar una meta más en mi camino de aprendizaje y agradecido con Xiao Liu por sus lecciones.

Saludos a todo el equipo!!!

par Cristina Z

28 sept. 2016

Excellent course. In my opinion, you will make more of it if you have previously studied basic Chinese. It's an excellent way to learn correct pronunciation of words (based on pinyin).

This is focused on basic every day conversations. The teacher talks very clearly and marks the tones. This is a crucial part of Chinese speaking, which by experience is the most difficult part.

Great experience.

par pornpisut s

20 mai 2020

this website is very helpful for me and for people who would like to learn what they are interested in. Moreover, I interested in Chinese but during this situation (Covid 19) I have to drop my plan, but my friend told me that this website has multi of programs I can learn and also it all for free. Eventually, I know some basic words and can speak Chinese that is my propose. thank you so much

par Carlos C

15 déc. 2018

Este ha sido el mejor curso de chino en la red que he visto. Son innumerables sus ventajas. Un profesora excelente, con pedagogía de alto nivel, buena pronunciación, grata de escuchar y aprender. Los temas son básicos y quedan rápidamente evidentes. Al final te ofrecen un resumen de todo lo que has hecho y lo puedes comparar con tus apuntes, ¡pues están en chino! Un curso muy recomendable.

par Joaquin R

3 mars 2019

Thanks to Xiaoyu Liu for an amazing class. It is very helpful to see and hear the unfamiliar sounds or phonetics of the Chinese Language from the Instructor, Xiaoyu Liu. This is better than Rosetta Stone which is very expensive and the disc set or software expires in two years. I will take an advance course in Chinese; also, will take a course in reading and writing Chinese characters.