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Starting from a history of machine learning, we discuss why neural networks today perform so well in a variety of data science problems. We then discuss how to set up a supervised learning problem and find a good solution using gradient descent. This involves creating datasets that permit generalization; we talk about methods of doing so in a repeatable way that supports experimentation. Course Objectives: Identify why deep learning is currently popular Optimize and evaluate models using loss functions and performance metrics Mitigate common problems that arise in machine learning Create repeatable and scalable training, evaluation, and test datasets...

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30 mai 2020

Amazing course. For a beginner like me, it was a shot in the arm. Excellent presentation very lively and engaging. Hope to see the instructor soon in a another course. Thanks so much. I learned a lot.

1 déc. 2018

This is an awesome module. It will open up so much inside story of ML process which is core of the topic with such a simplicity. It greatly increases my interest into this topic and this course :)

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par Tom

21 août 2018

The course is ok. Several complicated concepts are expected to be known, other very easy ones are explained in detail. However in some phases too high level, I am definitely missing some course resources to work with.

Was hoping for more hands-on experience.

par Venkata S S G

10 août 2019

good course. but it is just like an intro regarding how to use google cloud platform. but theory part was decent. can give it a try. but lectures were really indulging

par Matthew R

14 nov. 2018

Some good material here, but at times it feels like an ad for GCP. And the labs are not very inventive. You just run a python notebook with canned stuff in them.

par Anand H

7 oct. 2018

While the concepts covered were good and very valuable, I didn't like the lab sessions. Just having to walk through code is not a good way to get hands-on.

par José C L A

17 avr. 2020

Too much content for just one week. Exercises solved and not made for students to resolve them. Suggesting more complicated tasks is not teaching.

par Anupam S

29 nov. 2019

I could only sustain it because I have completed basic ML courses earlier. Too many tech concepts & jargons overloaded in a very short time.

par David N

14 juin 2019

Learning the approach was very valuable. The exercises were just copy and paste of a bunch of code that it isn't expect we understand.

par Nour L

29 août 2018

It felt too hard. I liked because it gives a very good idea but the concept was too hard especially with the math involved

par Cooper C

15 janv. 2020

This course is just ok. It is not interactive and I don't feel that I learned much when compared with other ML courses.

par Nils W

28 sept. 2019

The course is good, but I missed the hands on part. You really do not need to code. That should be changed.

par Pravin A J D

5 janv. 2019

not enough practical content such as types of machine learning and different algorithms to be used etc

par Srinivasan D

27 juil. 2020

In the labs, I kept getting disconnected from the Jupyter notebooks, and had to keep reloading them.

par Jon B

11 juin 2018

Course includes good presentation material which unfortunately is not available to download.

par Aseem B

23 août 2018

If you already know ML there isn't much in this course that will be value addition for you.

par Fabrizio F

29 juil. 2018

The course is very well explained, but I was already aware of most subjects.

par Kevin C

15 juil. 2018

There is a little more content here than in the 1st course.

par Prateek D

11 août 2018

Please add more content, don't make it just intro types

par Manuele I

29 avr. 2020

Talked too much...more practical example step by step

par Shawn W

19 sept. 2019

A bit difficult when introducing the ML history

par vishnu p T

23 mai 2020

quiet difficult to undertand

par Saurav K

21 juil. 2019

It's not much helpful

par Vinit K

22 janv. 2019

Very Basic again

par KimNamho

12 avr. 2019

thank you

par Edward H

3 mars 2020

The course content is fine. My big beef is with the last lab. Does not, will not run on loading the data. I experienced so much trouble that I looked into some guidance with the answer video. A character by character exact copy of the solution will not run to load the data. Total waste of time.

Yes, I realize that I was "cheating" by using the solution as my input to the lab. But after having tried (and failing miserably) to get the answer on my own, and not even being able to get past the very first hurdle, I had to try to get something working. I soon found that it wasn't just my lack of experience, since the provided solution did not work either.

par Brennon B

28 mai 2018

Google has clearly put a great deal of effort into constructing and polishing this course. However, the certificate is really nothing more than a participation trophy. I understand that putting the course materials (videos, demos, etc.) are time-consuming. An exceptional course, though, needs to actually test that the learner has, indeed, learned. When all of the labs/assignments require nothing more than clicking through them, they fall far short in this respect.